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Rams Postgame Quotes

St. Louis Rams player comment on their 23-16 loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday, October 26, 2008.

Marc Bulger, Quarterback(On wide receiver Donnie Avery)
"I said it last week, the more and more time he gets, he gets a better feel for things. On his long touchdown today, he had an outside release, which isn't what we want, but he knows his landmarks and he is just going to get better and better."

(On the rhythm between he and Avery)
"I think he is starting to learn me and I am starting to learn what he does well and the things that suit him. Coach [Al] Saunders is going to find that out and he will keep growing. He could be really good. "

(On opportunities coming into today with the passing game)
"You never know. They do so many things. There are coverages where they can take everything away if they want. Once we burned them deep a couple of times, they kind of went to a two-man look and they loaded up on our receivers and got them some help back there. It was a good game plan. We probably should have ran a little better against it, but they did a great job."

(On the second-half defense and the missed opportunities)
"Sure, all those things are opportunities for us. It was good field position. It was one of those games where our defense was doing a good job of stopping them. Their defense was doing a good job of stopping us. You knew there were going to be some critical drives where one of us was going to score. Unfortunately, it was them and they made a big play."

(On wide receiver Keenan Burton)
"It's tough for a rookie to go in and play so many positions right now. Things will come as second nature to him soon. He will learn from it. It is one of those learning experiences when you have young guys in there and he'll get that corrected."

(On coming in with a go for broke attitude)
"That's his [Coach Haslett] style. That's not going to change. NFL games are won and lost by a couple of plays. You can't look in the mirror and be 100 percent disappointed. It was one or two plays. We prepared hard and played hard and we just didn't get it done."

Ron Bartell, Cornerback
(On the game)
"The big difference in the game is the play at the end. They just made more plays then us. "

(On defending Randy Moss)
"It is interesting. He is such a good receiver. He is so crafty and he has seen every possible defensive coverage out there. I thought we did a really good job of man to man; most of the balls he caught in man to man coverage were slants. You can live with that. I think they did a really good job of attacking us when we were in zone and in the middle of the field. They did some different things to free him up."

(On the play of Matt Cassell)
"He is poised and does a great job of running that offense. He has got a great ability to escape and was able to get away from our rush a couple of times. He does a good job of not putting them in bad situations. We got a couple of picks on him, but I think they were just greats plays by our defense. He does a good job of controlling the offense and I think they can win with him."

Will Witherspoon, Linebacker
(On the game)
"It was a really good game and there were some field position battles that we really didn't win, that we should have. Everything worked out, it was just one of those games. It was the flow of the game. It was who gets the ball last."

(On the onside kick and going for it on fourth and one)
"He [Coach Haslett] said, 'Hey guys, we are going to task some risks. And if they pay off, or if not, we have to go out and overcome the deficit.'"

(On getting pressure on Cassel)
"I think it's a situation where you have to feel him out, what their approach is going be be and how they are going to approach our defense. The first half was trying to feel those out, and in the second half, we did a great job getting at him. He still made some great throws. You can't do anything else about it. "

(On wide receiver Donnie Avery)
"He has done a great job growing up on the field and that's what you like to see. A guy who is making plays and making things happen, just like you want him to."

(On the three-man fronts and still getting pressure on Cassel in second half)
"Our D-line did a great job, getting some pressure and making those throws tough for him."

Chris Long, Defensive End
(On getting pressure on Matt Cassel)
"He had a nice game and that offensive line played pretty well. They did some good things to protect against us and they had a good game plan. They mixed up the protections and we came on strong late. We just had to do it more consistently."

(On the Patriots running backs and block schemes)
"They were mixing it up and we'll always have confidence. We thought we could just get it with straight rushes. We had to mix it up a little bit and that's when things started opening up. At first, they did a good job mixing it up with protections with tight ends and backs."

(On the team coming a long way and consolation in the loss)
"This was a team that a year ago was 18-0 at one point, a great team. I certainly respect the way they do things. For us to come in here and play a tough ball game, you can take some consolation. But we wanted to win the game. It's disappointing, but we lost to a good team. These guys in the locker room had a lot of good energy and we will be back next week to play hard."

(On him getting to the quarterback)
"You've got to keep chipping away. Matt Light is one of the best tackles I have faced, hands down. It was good to beat a player like that maybe once or twice."

Keenan Burton, Wide Receiver
(On getting more play time)
"I think I still have a lot to learn. I know myself. I made a few mistakes that I can't make."

(On learning with Tory Holt)
"I always look for confirmation from him, because he has done it so much and so well, at a high level for so long. It is great to be able to be around him."

(On his comfort level)
"I feel real comfortable, but there is still so much I have to learn still. I just have to dig deep into the play book and not make the same mistakes that I made this week."

(On Donnie Avery)
"I am always proud of him. Every time he does something good he makes us look good so I am just glad we are in this thing together."

Pisa Tinoisamoa, Linebacker
(On the focus of the team)
"This is a great team we played, and we knew we had to play perfect, and we didn't play perfect. We were still in it to the end so that attitude's not going to change throughout the year."

(On the last possession)
"I really felt like we were going to pull this one off again. It kind of felt reminiscent of the Washington game, and I thought we were going to pull it off. When you're going against a great team, it is only a matter of time. "

(On Kevin Faulk)
"He is a great back and that is why he has been in the system, and has been around for a long time."

Josh Brown, Kicker
(On the wind)
"It was a little thick out there at certain times. I think it was only when I kicked."

(On which way was tougher to kick.)
"Towards the open end, with the lighthouse. It was a little more difficult to kick that way."

(On the kicking game plan)
"We were doing all directional kicking today. Obviously, you always try to kick it as deep as possible, but today it was all about placing the ball, putting the ball on the numbers, outside the numbers."

(On the back and forth nature of this game)
"That is the nature of this game. It's a field position game. The Pats' kicker had a lot of points. I had 3 field goals."

Antonio Pittman, Running Back
(On the game coming down to field position)
"Yeah, that was the key to the game. When we were in the red zone we came away with field goals."

(On whether he was expecting to start)
"You've got to expect the unexpected. You know, when my number is called I've got to be ready. I've got to be ready every day. So, if I am the guy, it won't be a surprise."

(On how long before the game did he know he was going to start)
It really doesn't matter. It's just about going out there and doing the right thing."

(On having extended playing time)
"There were times when I had to catch my breath, but I was always ready. That's a sign of not being out of shape."

Donnie Avery, Wide Receiver
(On the game)
"The numbers don't count if you can't get the win. We need to go out next week and get it done. We are a team and everyone has to put in, that is what we did today. We just didn't get it done today."

(On his touchdown catch)
"It was a simple touchdown. It is the longest in my NFL career. The object is to get the ball and try to make something happen. After I got the ball in my hands, I tried to make something happen today."

(On what the Rams learned today as a team)
"They are a great team and we are a great team. They just came out better in the end. We don't stop until the clock runs out. Every week you are supposed to get better as a team. I just want to put myself in that team concept and get better with the team."

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