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Randy Moss Postgame Press Conference

Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, October 4, 2009.

Q:Was it nice to get your first touchdown of the season?

RM:I think this, overall, importantly, was about getting the victory. It was a hard-fought game. We heard all week about Baltimore's offense because historically we know about their defense, so we knew it was going to be a hard game and we're just glad we pulled it out. The defense made some key stops. We pulled it out. It was just a good job all the way around.

Q:How gratifying was it to make a connection in the red zone?

RM:Well, I think that our philosophy and [having not been] really executing, we put a point of emphasis just to go out there and execute because we've been shooting our own selves in the toes. I think Tommy Boy [Brady] started it off with that quarterback sneak on the first touchdown and that's what really got us started. We did some good things out there. I hope, what's his name, #71 [Jared Gaither], I hope he's alright. Anytime you see a guy get carried off the field, the stadium's quiet, guys weren't really into the game, so I hope he's all right. Most importantly, I think that today was really focused on ... We had a lot a lot of heavy hearts out there. What I mean by that, I mean, we had breast cancer awareness. Lot of guys had on pink, I'd really like to thank Reebok, for giving guys what they needed. On the other note, I'm speaking from what I saw, the guys wanted to wear pink. All week, [we heard] "macho guys don't wear pink, this and that..." but everybody wanted to wear pink. So the Reebok guys had their stuff, but the Nike guys didn't have their stuff. I had a question earlier from one of my friends about why am I wearing it [pink], and I think that when something occurs in your family, it doesn't really hit home until it happens to your family. I think that with breast cancer awareness that it really hit home because at any given moment it could hit anybody's house and I think I was talking to you Karen [Guregian of the Boston Herald], earlier that, to my knowledge, I don't have any woman in my family that ever went through that so before. A lot of people jump on board after the fact, but I think that guys were really feeling what today was about, playing with a heavy heart, we pulled it through and I think we can hang our hats on that. Keep rocking that pink.

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