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Richard Seymour Conference Call Transcript

Patriots defensive lineman Richard Seymour addresses the Jacksonville media during his conference call on Wednesday, December 20.

*(What is the mindset of the team?)
*"We just look at the next game, you can't look back over spilled milk because that is the past. This is a football team that tries to get better as the season moves forward and obviously it was a disappointing loss at Miami but we did a good job of bouncing back next week. We definitely are going to be ready to go; it is a big game for us, and Jacksonville as well. Both teams are big physical teams and may the best team win."

*(Were you guys as good as it was a couple of years ago when you were in the Super Bowl?)
*"Those teams won a Super Bowl so it is hard to say are we as good. Obviously, we have lost some pieces and gained some pieces. At the running back position, we are little more explosive with the two headed monster of Corey Dillon and Laurence Maroney and each of them has done a good job for us. I think this is really when the season begins, a lot of guys are banged up but the best teams and best players step up at this point of the season and try to make plays for their team. That is what we have been doing over the last several years and we have the confidence that we can go out and do it again but talking isn't going to get it done, so we have to continue to take it one game at a time and I know it sounds like a cliché but it is definitely the truth. It is a big game for us this week so it is going to be our first step."

*(Do you think most people understand how tough it is to do what you guys have done with the three titles in a row and possibly a fourth division title in a row?)
*"I think you have to give the players and the coaches a lot of credit because they are out there on the football field working and not being complacent and continuing to climb up the ladder because human nature is once you have done it, you take a few things for granted and you don't keep working and you are not as hungry as you were in previous years, but I think our coach has an uncanny ability to keep us focused and we also have a lot of great veteran leadership to lead us in the right direction. I think a combination of all of those things, with talented players, we are ready to go."

*(How does he keep you guys focused?)
*"I think it is a combination of a lot of things. We have a lot of great veteran leadership that leads us in the right direction. During my six years in the league, I have had a lot of guys lead my in the right direction and taught me what it was to be a pro. I also just think coach Belichick is one of the best at getting the most out of his players. It isn't something that you can really put your finger on, he doesn't have a whole lot of weaknesses, he covers all of his basis and has the football teams really prepared to play. I think a lot has to go to the players for taking that in and going out on the football field and making plays on Sundays."

*(What have you seen from Jacksonville's running game?)
*"They do a lot, they have a good offensive line and exceptional backs. You think of Fred Taylor and you think of a piece of history, because we have respect for him and he is definitely a piece of work, you have to wear your mouth piece playing against Freddy T. He is one of the guys we focus in on during the week and the other young guy that they have in there (Maurice Jones-Drew) is a powerful guy that has a low center of gravity and runs hard. So we are going to have our work cut out for us, everyone is at the point of attack, they can run the ball anywhere. It is just a big week for us because they do a really good job running the football and are probably the best running team we have faced all year."

*(Did you vote for Fred Taylor for the Pro Bowl or Willie Parker?)
*"I am a Fred guy, there is no question. I think that it is a shame that he has not been to the Pro Bowl. In my eyes he is much more than a Pro Bowl player, he is an All-Pro player. He runs hard, he runs tough, he make all the runs, he is a home run threat, and he can run inside the tackles, what more can you ask for from a back. He is definitely a guy that we concentrate on up here in New England."

*(What do you see from David Garrard and how much different are the Jaguars with him under center?)
*"I think he has the ability to adlib, taking a broken play and turning it in for a touchdown or keeping plays alive. I think he is the guy that is mobile in the pocket, can move around, can make a lot of throws. We are definitely aware of him in the pocket and what he can do and our defensive backs are as well, so it will take a total team effort to handle this offense. They have the ability to do a lot of things well and I think we just have to be aware, as a defense, of all of the things they can do."

*(Is the containment aspect of him a big deal?)
*"Of course it is, I think throughout the week it is something we have in our game plan to be aware of where he is. Everybody just being on top of their game and to be in control when rushing the passer. It is one of those things where you want to slow down trying to rush him. You definitely have to be aware of the things and ability he has in the pocket so our work is cut out for us this week. It is a big game and may the best team win."

*(Tom Brady said last week that the players have to listen to the coach more, do you think player in general were not listening?)
*"I have no idea, Tom (Brady) is definitely a leader on this football team, when he talks guys listen. I am not sure what he was getting at, I think he knows. It was good for all us to get a win, we came out after a loss last week and played good football. We tried to do a good job in all areas, offense, special teams and defense. We are going to need that same effort this week as we try to get a win down in Jacksonville."

*(You won a Super Bowl in Jacksonville, any memories or it doesn't make much difference?)
*"You have memories of the places you played and I went to the University of Georgia so we always had a cocktail party down in Jacksonville playing the Gators and that wasn't to successful for me, but having the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl in Jacksonville and win it. I have played in that stadium a few times and it is a nice atmosphere, a great stadium and we are definitely excited to come and play."

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