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Robert Kraft on Patriots QB Mac Jones: "I'm a Strong Believer in Him and His Development"

Patriots owner Robert Kraft appeared on Fox Business to discuss Tom Brady's retirement, his support for quarterback Mac Jones, and more. 

Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft talks with quarterback Mac Jones (10).
Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft talks with quarterback Mac Jones (10).

The entire Patriots organization is preparing ways to honor former quarterback Tom Brady after the seven-time Super Bowl champion announced his retirement from the NFL earlier this month.

Speaking to host Neil Cavuto on Cavuto: Coast to Coast on the Fox Business channel, Kraft spoke glowingly of Brady's career and time with the Patriots while also putting his support behind current quarterback Mac Jones and the team's hiring of offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien.

"He's a New England Patriot. He will always be," Kraft said. "It's whatever Tommy wants. In the end, we hope to have him back for many years in the future. I know all of our fans want to thank him and celebrate the greatness he brought to our franchise for two decades."

With the Patriots owner in Arizona for Super Bowl LVII, Kraft also mentioned that he has spoken to Brady a few times since the quarterback announced his retirement, including an in-person interaction this week.

"I've had an opportunity to speak with him a few times since then. We actually were together yesterday. He's just one of the most outstanding people I've ever met in my life. We were lucky to have 20 years together," Kraft told Cavuto.

The Fox Business host then pressed Kraft on if the Patriots would've made a run in free agency at reuniting with Brady if the legendary quarterback decided to keep playing rather than retire. Although Kraft believes Brady could still play at a high level, he put his support behind current quarterback Mac Jones.

"We are blessed to have a great young quarterback in Mac Jones as our quarterback. I'm a strong believer in him and his development," he responded to Cavuto's question.

One of the reasons that Kraft is confident in Jones's future as a franchise quarterback is New England's decision to hire veteran offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien. Kraft shared that he met privately with head coach Bill Belichick after the season to discuss the team's direction.

"If things aren't going the way I'd like, we meet in private, have our discussions, and make changes. It's something we've done this year. I'm very happy that we were able to bring in a new offensive coordinator to help develop our young quarterback. I think bringing in Bill O'Brien has been a big plus for our franchise. That was done with full cooperation with coach Belichick, and I'm very excited for our team for next year."

In an informal breakfast with local reporters attending Super Bowl LVII, Kraft echoed a similar sentiment about his excitement for O'Brien's return to run the Patriots offense.

"I think he was an excellent choice. He has a learning-curve experience of our system. He knows Mac Jones. He knows how to build a great offense, and I'm excited to see what happens next year," Kraft said of O'Brien via NBC Sports Boston's Phil Perry.

Lastly, Cavuto asked Kraft if he has ever considered selling the Patriots. The longtime owner reassured fans that the organization would be in the hands of the Kraft family for generations.

"After my family, the New England Patriots is the most important thing in my life. It's not a business, it's really part of my family. It's part of the community. If we do well, it makes the whole region better. I love being in the locker room, being around the players. I just pinch myself that I've been so privileged to own a franchise in my hometown. I'm never selling it. We've set it up so it hopefully stays in the family for many decades to come," Kraft said.

Although the organization wants to pay tribute to Tom Brady's extraordinary career, after a disappointing 2022 season saw the Patriots miss the playoffs, Kraft's focus is on getting his team back to the postseason, starting with the hiring of O'Brien to bolster the offense.

The time will come to honor Brady at some point now that the quarterback is officially retiring, but returning to winning championships is the organization's top priority.

Watch the full interview of Patriots owner Robert Kraft on Fox Business Channel here.

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