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Team bonds in Providence

The New York Giants were not shy during last year's Super Bowl week when they talked about the team's camaraderie . Their players talked about team functions that helped bring them together from a club that griped much of the year before to one that developed a definite closeness.

With those Giants slated to visit Bryant College next week, Bill Belichick got his team together out on the town last night for some team building of his own.

Belichick bussed the entire squad to the Providence Place Mall where the players slipped in and out a freight entrance virtually unnoticed and took in a viewing of Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure at the IMAX Theater. Not coincidentally, Belichick commented earlier in the week that he read that book, which is about survival, over the summer.

Coaches often get their teams together for these type of functions during this time of year because it offers players a break from the day-to-day grind that is training camp while promoting team unity.

Visits to bowling alleys or fishing trips are examples of trips teams sometimes take during camp, but with Providence sitting just minutes away from the Bryant College campus, the coach took his players to the IMAX Theater, which features state-of-the-art technology that presents films in a reality-type setting in more of a documentary format.

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