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Tedy Bruschi AFC Press Transcript




            **Q:  How much do you guys look forward to the challenge of trying to eliminate the hottest quarterbacks  ?? one of the hottest quarterbacks in playoff history?TB:**  

You got Peyton this week, Steve McNair last week, one MVP after the other. It is a challenge for us, and we step up to the challenge a little bit more knowing Peyton has been as hot as he is, eight touchdowns, 12 incompletions the last two weeks. I haven't seen a quarterback as hot as he has been. He is on fire.

That's something we sort of look forward to is we shut one down last week and hopefully we can shut another one down this week.

Q: Hey, Ted, having played Peyton before, how important is it for you guys to get on him early get in his face and take some time away from him?TB:

That's something you always want to do, put some pressure on him, but like we have seen on film, they have got a free run to the quarterback, and he has got such a quick read of defenses. He is able to get the ball out, so even though you get pressure on him, he is still able to make plays.

I think one of the things we are going to do is play good defense and let our four down linemen do a good job because we are going to need an extra guy to cover all those fast receivers.

Q: What things have you noticed different from the first time you played the Colts to what you have seen the last two games of video?TB:

I think they are operating just at a higher level. I mean, the first time I think we had success against them, yeah, and Peyton was struggling at times, but the last two games you don't see them struggling at all. They are more efficient, they are highly confident and the way they are able to move up and down the field the last two weeks is something that's totally different than the way we played them. I mean, not having punted in two games, that's ridiculous.

Q: They are calling the Colts the road warriors, and 8-1 on the road you guys are perfect at home. How much tougher is it to be able to do that on the road than to keep it perfect at home?TB:

As good as they have been on the road, we have been just as good at home, and something has got to give Sunday. Those questions will be answered Sunday because when you get two teams that are playing as well as they are and we are, a great home team and a great away team, it's going to be fun for the fans to watch.

Q: Not in terms of the ability two years ago this time versus this year's team, but in terms of the experience, is it easier to prepare this time around because of the experience of a couple years ago?TB:

Yeah. I mean, you saw us in the locker room last week. We had one key divisional game to get us to the AFC championship, and we weren't jumping for joy in there. It's because a lot of the guys have been there before and we know what the big goal is. The goal that we want to get to, the game we want to get to. Last week was just a step, and this week is going to be a huge step for us, also, and hopefully we can take it.

Q: Along the same lines, Ted, as far as a couple years ago, more than any other game the last three years, this game resembles the greatest show on turf against the Patriots defense. Does that past success mean anything to you guys or is it two years old?TB:

It's two years old. That's the way I feel about that. I think the Colts are hotter than the Rams were back then. I know the Rams had done some historic things, three years in a row scoring 500 points, but the last two weeks, in terms of playoff football, the success about putting points on the board, that's something the Rams couldn't even match last time.

Q: There has been so much talk about Peyton this week. How much do you think that motivates a player like Tom?TB:

Well, I will let you ask Tom that question, but I think Tom is a player that's motivated no matter what situation it is. But one thing off that, the one thing, you talk about Peyton, you talk about the receivers, I think a guy that's sort of been forgotten is Edgerin James. The success he has had the last two week, the way he was able to run the ball in Kansas City, he is a guy we want to stop first and foremost. He hasn't even been talked about.

Q: One of the defenses is the way you mix things up and show quarterbacks different looks and at times confuse them. Is it next to impossible against a guy like Manning, who is known as such a hard quarterback?TB:

I think that's going to be very difficult to do because of the intelligence level Peyton has. You hear about the film studio he has at his house, so to fool him is going to be very difficult, because half the time I think he is trying to fool us, too, fool us with all the audibles and all the changes at the line of scrimmage. You don't know what's real and what's fake, so we are going to see what he is doing and we are going to execute the defense we have called on that particular play and not worry about anything else.

Q: The kind of winning streak you guys are on it doesn't happen in this league anymore. Does that take you to any kind of new level of confidence?TB:

Well, what's it been, 13 in a row, It's been 13 in a row, but we don't look at it that way. We sort of look at it as one in a row 13 times. That's the way we see it. That's the focus we have had throughout the year, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, all the way down the line. We are just looking at not the next game, but the next day, let's work well today, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and don't worry about the streak but just worry about the team that we are playing that particular week.

Q: Do you think that the weather won't be a factor for a dome team?TB:

No, because it's something we both have to deal with. It's going to be just as cold on their sideline. You got the heated benches. Players wear things to keep warm, so that's something we don't consider an advantage or a disadvantage.

Q: On a personal level, being in this game, how is this experience different this time?TB:

Like I said, after the Tennessee game, your first victory in the playoffs is big, your second one you feel excited about, but we have been a successful program here ever since we have gotten here. We have been up and down and able to come back up. Our expectation levels are very high. When you have won a big game, you have won so many before, you sort of look at it as we want to get to the bigger one.

Q: What's the one thing you have enjoyed the most about playing in this atmosphere, playing in these big games. What's the one thing you really like about it?TB:

Just that if you win it, it puts you in the big one. That's it. You know, it's fun to play in, it's exciting. The area is excited, but you have to look at it just the way you have looked at every other game. You prepare the same, you focus the same, and it just so happens to be the AFC championship game, and if we win this, we will get to the big one. You don't want to magnify it too big where you get too stressed out or too excited or too anxious or anything like that. Just realize we will get it done

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