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Tedy Bruschi Conference Call Transcript - 11/8/2006

New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi addresses the New York media during a conference call on November 8, 2006.

On the Jets' offense...

There's definitely the big play possibility, especially with Cotchery and Coles. They had a couple of big plays against us the last time we played, so we know that they have ability and we respect that ability for the big play. (They have) an offensive line that has a couple of great young players in Nick Mangold and (D'Brickashaw) Ferguson. We believe that they have the potential to put a lot of points on the board and the second half of our game, that last we played them, was indicative of them. Also we're looking at the things they were able to do the last time and we know the big play is something that they can definitely complete.

On what they were able to learn about the Jets after the second half of their previous game...

This team (the Jets) doesn't quit. This team will keep playing you for all four quarters, whether it is on special teams or offense or defense. They play the whole game in its entirety. We had a big lead on them and they were still able to make some plays that put them back in the game and in a position to win the football game at the end of the fourth quarter. We respect that. Eric Mangini is doing a great job of preparing his team, of instilling an attitude in his team, that if you just keep playing good, sound, solid football, good things can happen. Our last game with them was indicative of that, where they just kept playing and playing and made some big plays and all of a sudden it's a ball game.

On getting the sense that Coach Belichick was mad at Coach Mangini...

I'm not into all that drama. I don't get myself involved with it. I don't care to comment about it. How I feel about Eric Mangini is I believe he was a great coach when he was here and I'm going to leave it at that.

On the first-year adjustment to the 3-4 defense...

There are different techniques that you have to get used to. The one thing that players like (Jonathan) Vilma and (Eric) Barton have is a good coach that can really coach them up on the differences of the 4-3 to the 3-4 in Eric Mangini. He did a great job of that here, he wasn't just involved with the coverage aspects of our defense, he was involved with the front also and he did a great job of relaying information on how to play different defenses. I think he's doing the same thing there, that's why they're having a better year then in years past.

On being an undersized 3-4 linebacker...

I don't think size is an issue. If you have, first and foremost, a good front seven, it's not just one guy out there, if you have a good cast around you, a good defensive line and you trust the techniques that you're taught, there are variations you can use if you're a bigger guy or a little guy.

On the importance of defensive line in the 3-4...

(The defensive line) is the linebacker's best friend, especially in the 3-4 defense. There are a few that we have up front that really get the job done for us, in (Vince) Wilfork, (Richard) Seymour and (Ty) Warren. That's what we try to do, we try to play team defense across the line with the front seven and it starts with the guys upfront.

On Tom Brady being dangerous after a sub-par performance a week ago...

Everyone in this locker realizes the defeat we had last week and we want to get back on track. We've tried to overemphasis our focus this week on getting back on track and trying to get a victory within our division again.

On not having Rodney Harrison for this week's game...

Guys have to step up. We always pride ourselves on when one guys goes down, someone else has to come in and do the job. Losing Rodney is a big loss for us; he's a guy who did a lot of things for us. We have to move on and worry about the Jets right now and whoever is going to be in there for him, they have to do the job.

On Leon Washington...

He's doing a great job. He's a guy that is going to be difficult to tackle. He has nifty moves; he's really helped that offense out a lot.

On Jonathan Vilma studying him to learn the 3-4...

I haven't talked to Jonathan, but I've seen him on film. There isn't just one way to play it (the 3-4), there are different variations that you can play and he's developing his own style of playing inside on a 3-4. As you continue to play in the 3-4, you start to develop a familiarity of what you can do and what you can't and that something he's done a good job with.

On the inside linebacker position being the hardest to adjust to in the 3-4...

Eric Mangini did a good job when he was here, I'm sure he's helping them out, with communicating the differences from the 4-3 to the 3-4. Once that gets communicated, I think any linebacker can get it done. Time helps also, you have to get the reps, you have to see things differently and as time goes on you get better at it. That's the way my career has gone.

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