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Tedy Bruschi Post Practice Interview

Tedy Bruschi addressed the media after his first day of practice at Gillette Stadium.

Q: Tedy, what is your immediate reaction to coming off the field following your first practice in over eight months?

TB: I had a good amount of nerves. If you haven't done something in a long time, you always have some nerves the first time back. I had some good reads and had some bad reads. All of that comes with [this] being the first day [back]. I think I made some progress out there today. We did some conditioning after practice. I feel good with my conditioning level. It's where it needs to be, I think. Game shape is another thing, but we'll cross that road when we come to it. I thought it was a good day.

Q: Was there much contact out there? If so, was there any temptation to hold back on your part or on your teammates' part?

TB: We didn't have contact today, but I sense none of that. None from me and none from my teammates. They responded to me in the huddle and in getting our communication down once again. Hopefully I can bring my communication [skills] to the defensive plays and help them out a little bit with that. I sense no tentativeness whatsoever.

Q: What was the most encouraging thing out there? On the other hand, was there anything discouraging?

TB: Nothing discouraging. I think the encouraging thing was that I'm still seeing things right. I'm still getting my reads and on pretty much every snap I was in there and had the right read that I should have had for that offensive play. There were maybe some false steps here and there, but I think that comes with the first day.

Q: Did it feel like the first day of training camp for you?

TB: No. I think that training camp is such a good atmosphere with the fans and the heat and a lot of other things that come with it. It didn't feel like that. Those guys are already in midseason form, and I'm just trying to join them.

Q: Obviously, it's not training camp and we're kind of on a compressed schedule here, with six games having been played. Do you see yourself in any way being ready to play on Sunday [Oct. 30] against the Bills?

TB: I'm going to try. I'm going to try. Today was the first step in my attempt. I felt good out there, like I was saying, but I'm not going to make any guarantees or promises [other than] that I'm going to give it my best shot.

Q: Do you have any pain or discomfort at all?

TB: No.

Q: This is uncharted territory, obviously. What continues to make you believe that you can be the guy that comes back from such a devastating thing as what you went through?

TB: First of all, I just have confidence in my doctors and what they've told me. Everyone has been positive about what I can do and has been clear about it. It's up to me whether I want to play football or not. They say I can, so I think that having them say that to me gives me confidence that I can do it.

Q: This is a big step forward. Is there a sense of relief now that this is behind you and the first practice is over?

TB: It's a relief that I got the first day under my belt. It is. I won't lie to you. I'll be honest with you. I've still got a long way to go. I've got a long way to go in which I've still got other steps to take in terms of games and physical contact, but I think I'll be ready for that.

Q: You mentioned taking other steps. What is the next step?

TB: I'd say the next step is tomorrow's practice. Whatever we do, it's still another day to me. I'm living life one day at a time right now. I'm very fortunate that I'm still able to play the game that I love. I'm going to go home and sleep and then wake up tomorrow and do it again.

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