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Tom Brady Conference Call Transcript - 10/17/2012

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addresses the New York media during his conference call on Wednesday, October 17, 2012.


On the Jets/Patriots rivalry
It's a great rivalry. It's been that way since before I got here. We've had so many meaningful games against the Jets. Playoff games are really important and division games. I have a lot of respect for the team and their attitude and the way they play. It feels like every game is tight. We're both 3-3 so it's an important game for both of our teams and hopefully we'll be able to go out there and play our best on Sunday.

On if it's easy to tune out outside comments
I think it's something that we talk about. We talk about focusing on our job. Our job isn't really to listen to our friends, our family members, our parents, or what people may say on television. Really, those end up being distractions. If your mom thinks you played a great game, then great, but the reality is the person who you should really care about thinks how you played is your coach and the players you play with. Those are the guys that you really have to satisfy. That's done through hard work and preparation and ultimately performance. We're in a performance based business. If you don't win, then there's going to be someone else out there that's itching to do your job. The best thing for all of us to do is focus on what we need to do better individually, so that collectively we can be better as a team. Ultimately, the results take care of themselves.

On whether if his family and friends are picking on him this week
That's the problem. (laughing) Sometimes they think you're the best thing in the world. They kind of ride the roller coaster as well. It's probably harder on them sometimes then it is on the players.

On Aaron Hernandez being back
He played last week. He's always been an important part of our offense. He's played some different roles for us. We'll see what he's able to do this week. It's really just a matter of how well we practice and how comfortable everyone feels with him being out there.

On if he ever gets surprised by something in a game
I think that definitely happens. Maybe not shocked, it's just more adjusting that you need to do. We played Arizona, for example, in the second week of the year, and up to that point in the season there was one game and they had played all of their preseason games and they blitzed probably half the time. Then we played them and the first half of the game they didn't blitz at all. At some point you have to make adjustments and say, 'Ok, we're expecting one thing and we didn't get it. What are we going to do now?' I think I've played enough games to know that teams are going to come up with game plan type of schemes and so forth that are trying to slow us down. It's really how quickly you can adjust to those things so that you're able to move the ball and score points.

On Stevan Ridley, Danny Woodhead, and Brandon Lloyd
They've all added some different things to our offense. Hopefully we're improving as the season goes along. I think every team searches for what they do best at this point in the year and ultimately you have to get to the things that you're consistently doing well in practice and in the games. Every week that goes by is more important than the previous. You really have to, at some point, go to those players that you depend on and remain consistent and that you need to count on to make those big plays in the game.

On if he's starting to feel older
Not so much. (laughing) I think it's more of a mentality. I still feel like a young player out there trying to earn my spot.

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