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Tom Brady Locker Room Interview

Tom Brady addressed the media after sunday's practice at Gillette Stadium.  

Q: Are you ready to go?

TB: We're getting there. We've been looking forward to this game for a while. It's nice to be in a regular game week mode. So I'm excited. I was really excited yesterday.

Q: What problems do the Raiders pose?

TB: They have a terrific core group of guys. Warren Sapp, Ted Washington and Bobby Hamilton, we're familiar with those guys and know what they're capable of. I played with Charles Woodson for a while. He's probably one of the best or the best in the league at his position. They're challenging on all fronts. They have active linebackers, a very strong secondary and their defensive line really rushes the quarterback. We're going to need to go out there and do our best and really play our best in order to move the ball.

Q: Were you running scout team against Charles Woodson at Michigan?

TB: I don't think so. No.

Q: So you didn't get to face him?

TB: I faced him. We competed against the defense a lot.

Q: Are you a little bit afraid to throw to his side at all?

TB: Well you always have to be aware of what he's doing because he is very capable. The one thing that I always loved about him is when we put him at receiver. He'd always really go and get the ball. He's that way on defense. Whenever you throw the ball up in the air, he's always quick to go track it down.

Q: Are you disappointed that David Terrell did not make the team?

TB: I'm lucky I don't have to make those decisions. I love David as a person and a player. We spent a lot of great times together. It's always a tough time of the year for everybody because you develop relationships with people and it's hard to see them go. Especially someone you have a history with.

Q: With a guy as good as David is, what does that say about your depth and talent at wide receiver?

TB: Well, that's exactly what it says. There is depth and talent. Hopefully the guys we have here can really go out and contribute. I know what Deion [Branch], David Givens, Troy [Brown], Bethel [Johnson], Tim [Dwight] and Andre' [Johnson] are capable of. It's a strong group. We really have to work hard to be the best this year that we can really be. There is really no excuse for us not to be because we have been together this long. We really have to start trying to cut out all the mistakes and really try to get extremely efficient as a passing offense.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Raiders defense?

TB: Well, they look pretty good this year. Certain guys like Charles Woodson were hurt last year and he's really a key to that defense. He really allows them to do some things that maybe they weren't able to accomplish in all the games he was out last year. The have some pretty good safeties in [Scott] Schweigert and [Derrick] Gibson. They have some rookies in there that can play. They can rush the passer. Tommy Kelly is a great player. It's very challenging. I think this year they are really getting to the style they want to play. They really attack the quarterback and force the ball out.

Q: With Rob [Ryan] there, are you looking for something that will be a little bit familiar?

TB: I think to a degree. Ultimately, it always revolves around the players you have. The things that we ran here and were successful with, maybe sometimes you try to implement those but it doesn't end up being the same. Whatever they're doing now and we're trying to get a pretty good idea of what they're doing. They're doing it pretty well. Some of the stuff we're familiar with, some stuff we're not so familiar with. The tough part about opening game is they can really run whatever they want. They have been working on stuff for a long time and a lot of the new stuff they're probably hiding. So that's probably what they're thinking.

Q: Is it special playing Oakland on opening night being from that part of the country?

TB: No. Not for those reasons. It's special because it's opening night and we're playing one of the top teams. Not so much because I was born out there.

Q: They were in L.A. when you were growing up anyway right?

TB: At times, yeah. They were back and forth.

Q: What are some of the memories you have playing against the Raiders?

TB: The snow game. That was one of the most fun games we have been a part of. The reason was because we won. One of the toughest defeats we had was going there the next year and really getting our butts kicked. They gave it to us good that day. It's a tough place to play, going to the black hole. That's the most recent memory unfortunately. Hopefully we can go out there and play a lot better than we did that night.

Q: What is it about this place that makes it so tough for teams to come in here and win?

TB: I don't know. You have to ask the teams that have lost. We have been on the winning side. We like playing in front of the home crowd. It's always nice playing at home. You always feel like you have an advantage.

Q: Did you watch the Notre Dame game last night?

TB: I did. I saw parts of it.

Q: Are you happy for Charlie [Weis]?

TB: Yeah, very happy. I know he was excited to play. It was the opening game and he really wanted to go out and play well. It was good to see him win.

Q: How have things developed with Charlie being gone?

TB: What I'm most concerned with is the way I'm playing and the way I'm leading the team and I always think that could be better. It's hard enough worrying about myself and trying to worry about getting myself to do the right thing. That's really what I'm focusing on.

Q: How do the veterans help the younger guys?

TB: You try to help them out as much as you can. You try to be available for their questions and try to add insight to things they're learning. We can all go back to when we were younger and learning systems and the types of things we would do to help with memorization. It's hard a lot of the times when you're not getting a lot of the reps. But at the same time you have to do the best you can and try to learn from your coaches.

Q: How do deal with Michigan and Notre Dame this week?

TB: Michigan. No doubt who I'm pulling for.

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