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Tom Brady Post Game Interview

TB: How are we doing, guys?Q: How are you ?TB: Good.Q: A little wet out there?TB: Started to be, didn't it? Great weather.Q: Tom, first of all, can you talk a little bit about whether you were anxious to get out there and hit somebody else?TB: Yes, definitely.

TB: How are we doing, guys?

**Q: How are you ?

TB:** Good.

**Q: A little wet out there?

TB:** Started to be, didn't it? Great weather.

**Q: Tom, first of all, can you talk a little bit about whether you were anxious to get out there and hit somebody else?

TB:** Yes, definitely. I think to get out to a good start like that instead of to get out there, you know, to get out there at home and after two and a half weeks of practicing with really no -- you really can't simulate the tempo of that out there or the situation. So it is just good to get out and play another team and go out and have some fun because all that practice, although it is definitely needed, you still like to come out and play these games.

**Q: How did you deal with that, from the get go?

TB:** Yes, I mean it is like you are only playing a quarter so. You don't, you know, I didn't really have too many drop back passes tonight or get into those type of timing routes and developing some timing with some of the other receivers other than Troy (Brown) and the usual suspects. But I think as the preseason goes along, hopefully, get more time in there and try to develop some more rhythm with the offensive line. You know, there are some new guys in there and some new running backs, you know, just developing some cohesiveness with those guys.

**Q: (On Rosevelt Colvin setting the tone in the beginning of the game)

TB:** Yes. He has been kind of terrorizing our offense all training camp. He is quick off the ball. And we played Chicago last year and going into that game it was really focused around stopping Rosevelt because he is really explosive off the edge there. So any time he is off the ball, he is just a really savvy football player too. He knocks the ball out. He kind of goes for those strip sacks so hopefully he will just keep it up. Hopefully, we will continue to keep the pressure on the QB because I know it is tough to play QB while you are always under heat, and those QB's were certainly under heat tonight.

**Q: (Thoughts on first preseason game)

TB:** Yes. I mean we definitely were running, you know, some of our more detailed plays out there, some checks and doing some stuff that I think we, you know, in my, you know, going in my fourth year now, we are definitely farther along I think at this point than we were, than we have before, just because Coach has been here for four years and Charlie (Weis) has been here for four years and everyone that has been here knows the system, and now you can start doing some things that maybe we weren't able to do last year. So you know, it is kind of exciting for the quarterback to be in there and seeing these new things. And we're going now, Wow, you know, we can kind of ad lib here and really make some plays and put some pressure on the defense and really force them to stop off five of our receivers and to run some different formations out there.

**Q: Are you satisfied with that foundation as really being laid here for a different kind of offense for this year?

TB:** Well, I think you look at a game and you look at the final score and I mean 26 points, is that what it was, I mean that is a good amount of points. But I think it should have been more and I think that is the things you look at. And when we watch our tape, we had some great opportunities on offense to score and we really didn't take advantage of them. So obviously, you want to win the game and obviously you want to play well. But there are always mistakes. And you know, I think we are going to have to convert more on third downs as usual, and be more efficient in the red zone as an offense if we want to do -- you know, you can't turn the ball over, playing in some wet conditions, and always running the ball, setting up our play action game.

**Q: You scored within minutes of the game. It looked so easy. Was that as easy as you made it look?

TB:** I think we just got them in a good coverage and we found a coverage that we were hoping for. And Troy (Brown) slipped behind their linebacker and I just dropped it in there to him. And you know, you put the ball up there for him and he is going to make that catch every time. So because as a player, you want to stand there as long as you can until the coach takes you out, and it would have been nice to play a few more quarters in there. You know, establish some more touchdown passes like that.

**Q: (On Rohan Davey)

TB:** I thought Ro, you know, he has had a great camp and he has really shown that improvement that coaches talked about and that I experienced my first year or second year. I mean it is a big jump because it is not so much about figuring out what you are doing anymore. It is about really making some plays and Rohan has got some great ability. He throws the ball, he has got a rocket for an arm. He is a smart player and he played big time college, he played some big time games so he is used to the pressure in game situations and I think it was evident tonight. I thought all the quarterbacks did a great job.

**Q: Tom, when you connected for Troy with that touchdown were you kind of saying 'Okay, we are back, it is on?'

TB:** Yes. I think over the course of the entire off season, you know, you don't make the playoffs and you watch all these other teams play in the playoffs. And coming from where we did and starting off so well last season, it was just quite a letdown. So we are back and I think there is a great attitude. I talked about it a little bit during one day at training camp. But it was almost like an attitude last year of, Oh, don't worry, we'll figure it out, we'll get it done because we had proved it. And now it is like we haven't proved anything. You know, it is a new year and we have added some guys that can really come in and play some ball. And hopefully, the young guys can establish a role for themselves and we can play more consistent. Because you know, as we saw last year, nine and seven, a pretty average football team, I mean it is not going to do anything. And you really want to be one of those top teams and do that, that you have to play at high level every week, you have to play consistent, you have to play tough and you have to play discipline, all those things that our coach stresses.

**Q: Tom, how about the defense getting you the ball back quickly though at the start of the game, that has got to be a good feeling.

TB:** Yes. Those guys, we played against that defense every day on offense and they have got some speed guys coming off the edge, rushing the passer. And Ty (Law) didn't play tonight and Otis (Smith) didn't play tonight and Willie (McGinest) didn't play tonight. And it is encouraging to see, well, the intensity and I think even for a preseason, it was our first preseason game and not a lot of people put a lot into that, but this team did. It is like we are going to go out there and we are going to play well and we are going to play hard and I think that is always fun for me.

**Q: Tom, walking around the locker room the last few minutes, it seems like the rookies don't have much to say. Could you maybe comment on some of their performances tonight?

TB:** Yes. All those guys, I think, are like I said before, as a rookie, you come in and there is so much to learn. Everything is new. It is a new lifestyle. It is new, you know, you have so many more responsibilities, not only as a rookie in the NFL but also as a 22 year old who is out
of college who has really got to start life for yourself. So I don't think coach wanted to say too much. I think he just kind of wanted them to shut their mouths and get ready for practice on Saturday.

**Q: (On Dan Klecko)

TB:** I think he played a bunch of different positions too. I mean they are really working him out at some different spots and see what he is able to do. I mean he has really taken advantage of all these opportunities and he did it in college, you know, he played at a very high level and you got off to a real nice start tonight. I am sure he is happy too.

**Q: Tom, how do you feel about the idea of possibly of a platoon at running back?

TB:** Well, I mean it is really as a quarterback I don't think I feel a whole lot toward that. You know, it is just one way or another I am handing off to someone, so hopefully whoever is in there, they do a great job. And Antowain (Smith) has done a great job since I have been here. Kevin (Faulk) has done a great job since I have been here. Freddy McCrary had a nice game tonight. Larry Centers had a nice game. All of our running backs have really had a real nice training camp and I think tonight they all ran well. And I guess, like I said, no matter who is in there, they can all do the job so I am real comfortable with all those guys.

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