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Tom Brady Post Game Press Conf. Transcript

Brady: Well, I think the way it worked out, it worked out pretty well. The plan going in was to get in there and try to score Quick.



**Q: You looked like you were eager to congratulate Troy [Brown] on that touchdown pass and then get off the field for the rest of the night.

TB:** Well, I think the way it worked out, it worked out pretty well. The plan going in was to get in there and try to score Quick. And Troy on that particular play did a great job of getting open. And when you go around him, he is always a sure a hand as anyone in the league so you know he is going to come down for it.

**Q: Did you know you were out of the game after that? Did you know that was as long as you were going to play?

TB:** I didn't know. I thought we were going to go until we scored so I kind of ran over and said that's it. I was good for -- all the other guys came in, Antowain [Smith] ran the ball great, Patrick Pass had another great night. So just a good all-around win.

**Q: Tom, do you feel like you were a little more crisp tonight?

TB:** I felt more comfortable out there. I think the preseason, I said last week, the things that you can practice in practice aren't necessarily the things that always come about in the game. The scrambling, you know, not the scrambling but kind of the stepping up in the pocket and throwing the ball in the end, that doesn't work like that in practice. Obviously, that tempo, getting hit and the pressures with people coming to hit you and getting rid of the ball, those types of things. I felt better tonight.

**Q: How would you evaluate your preseason performance? Your quarterback rating is great and you have no picks. You know, did you accomplish everything you wanted to coming in?

TB:** Yes. I think the goal is to get ready for that first real game. And it is a long preseason. I mean we started July 19th. The first game is September 7th. That is about a month and a half to work before you actually get to play. So it was inconsistent. You know, I would say that would be a word for us. Sometimes it looked pretty good and other times it didn't look so good. I mean the fumble last week wasn't very good and like getting quick and getting to the point where I really feel good in there, I feel like I have got a great rapport with those wideouts and it is coming. I mean it takes a lot of work though. I mean that is why I think they use the term midseason form. You know, you have got to knock off the roughs before the real booms start flying.

**Q: How is the shoulder holding up?

TB:** It feels good, it feels good.

**Q: Tom, the preseason is for building a foundation. In terms of what you found out as a team in this preseason, not in terms of records or numbers, but what does it tell you about what this team can accomplish?

TB:** Well, like I said, the preseason is probably not a great indicator of that. I think the preseason is about getting out and figuring out who is going to be on the team and the roles of certain people. The wins and losses don't mean much. I mean Coach said after the game, you know, now it is 0-0 and everyone is starting on the same playing field. Some teams after six weeks of preparation are going to be more prepared than others. That is why some teams start off well and other teams don't start so well. We have got a week and a half until we go up to Buffalo. It has got to be a good week so we are ready for a very good Bills team.

**Q: Are there things on this team that psych you in terms of what you think you can accomplish?

TB:** You know, I think it comes down to that consistency and it comes down to, speaking for myself, knowing which receivers are going to be out there each week and knowing what positions they are going to be in and knowing what routes they are going to run. And they get to work on those routes in practice, that is the idea. And at certain points last year it was tough because we were banged up and then I have got to put guys in different spots and you don't get to work on that timing and the working of the routes and then you can't work on the detailed parts of certain routes. So staying healthy and then staying consistent, and it is a long season and we are just barely starting. So, I am excited that we are starting in a week and a half. Another preseason game, I don't think too many guys would be happy about that, yours truly, I, A-number one, on that list.

**Q: So does the knowledge that the next game is going to count as it is for real, I mean, help you in this week's practice to really concentrate and work off that little bit extra?

TB:** Yes. Each time out, I think that the team realizes more and more what we need to work on. And the things that show up consistently over four games are the things that we need to get better in. And, tonight was, was another example. I mean we start off the game in a no huddle. I don't think they stayed in the regular defense. We had three receivers out there. They stayed with their regular free linebacker set and four plays and we are out of there. And then fortunately we came and made some plays on the next drive to score. But you know, that consistency of making the throws when they are open, making a good throw to the receiver so he can catch it and run with it, those are the type of things that I need to work on each week. And to get those reads quicker and anticipate things, I mean there is a lot of things that I am trying to get better at, even going on my fourth season. So each of these games help. But like I said, I think we are ready now. I mean we are at least mentally ready.

**Q: Tom, did you have fun in the second half watching guys like Patrick Pass and Dedric Ward get some more playing time there?

TB:** Sure, sure. I see those guys in practice every day. It is fun to see those guys get out and play. And Dedric has been doing that for a long time. He has played like this consistently for seven or eight years. Patrick Pass is another guy that has been on the team, we came in together, we are fellow sixth round picks or I think he is a seventh round pick, one of the few guys left from my class. But he runs hard and he is strong and quick and he is fast. He has done a great job on those kickoff returns. So hopefully, he will establish a role for himself.

**Q: What do you think has kept him from kind of taking that next step and being more of an impact player?

TB:** Well, he has been an impact player. I know a couple of years ago there was a big play in the Miami game where I hit him 30 yards in the flat and he ran for a touchdown. You probably need to ask him. But I think he has done a great job.

**Q: Tom, I know that you refrain from taking the job of picking the roster but --

TB:** Probably.

**Q: You mentioned the health of the receivers. Would you lobby for all six of the guys that have been here contributing?

TB:** I mean those guys, you know, these guys have been here for a short period of time and done some really good things. The hard part is I think it is a very talented team and the 65 that we have today are very talented and that is why they are here. It is up to Coach it get down to 53 and that is the tough part. When you develop kind of a certain camaraderie with a lot of guys over years or a year or weeks in some situations, it is tough to see guys go. It is the tough part about it.

**Q: No bugs in Charlie [Weis'] ear, though, to keep all six of these guys around?

TB:** If it were up to me, I certainly would keep them all, I would keep all seven because I think they are great players

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