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Tom Brady Post Game Press Conf. Transcript

Brady: It’s the first time we’ve faced adversity in six weeks as a team and we have to rebound.

**Q: Was that as bad as your team has played since you've been here?

TB:** There was just nothing good that came out of that game. It's back to the drawing board. It's the first time we've faced adversity in six weeks as a team and we have to rebound. From the opening kickoff to the last play of the game, it was all one-sided. That's not us. We have to be better and we will be better. There's confidence that we're a different team than that.

**Q: From the start you seemed emotionally out of whack. Was what happened with Lawyer on Tuesday on people's minds?

TB:** We definitely tried to move on past it. I don't think that played into it much. We came out and played a team that was fired up and ready to play and they made all the plays. We didn't make any plays. When you allow a good team like that with a lot of athletes and playmakers on defense to do what they want with you, then that's the outcome you're going to get. You won't score any points. Offensively, they have a good team and they put it on us today.

**Q: What sort of boost do you think [Milloy] gave them beyond the sack and production?

TB:** He's a Pro Bowl player so anytime you can add a guy like that ... he makes a lot of plays. You have to be aware of where he is. For this team, it's going to be about correcting what we did wrong and moving past it and trying to forget about it. The first game of the year, it's important, but it's one game and we have a lot more to play and there's a lot of improvement to be made if we want to be the team we think we can be.

**Q: How much of an adjustment was it going in knowing they have all these new faces on defense and then midweek having them throw Lawyer in there as well?

TB:** I don't think their scheme changed much and that's what we prepared for. He's a playmaker out there and he made some plays — he sacked me once — and he had a good all-around game.

**Q: How much did their speed on defense take you by surprise?

TB:** They definitely have good speed. Takeo Spikes is a great player. London Fletcher is good. They have a couple of good corners, good safeties, good pass rush. They're a good team. To beat a good team you have to play well and like I said there weren't any good parts to the game today.

**Q: Do you get a sense that the guys want to get right back out there and play tomorrow?

TB:** I think that's a big part of it, getting out there and making the corrections. We don't practice like we played out there today. That's the hard thing — you come into the game and you've been practicing well and playing well in the preseason and then it doesn't show up when it really counts. Maybe part of that is overconfidence and thinking we're going to show up and continue doing the things we've been doing, but when you play a team that's fired up and ready to play and it's their first home game, they have a lot of new faces on defense and they're trying to make a statement, they just out-played us in every phase of the game.

**Q: How many of those interceptions were bad decisions and how many were bad throws?

TB:** A screen pass for an interception, that just can't happen. Then we threw another one with the defensive line caught it, those types of things [can't happen]. The last one got stuck in between throwing it away and trying to make a play. That doesn't work as a quarterback, you can't get stuck in between. You have to be more careful with the ball and more conscious of protecting the ball and that's what I'm going to try to do.

**Q: How surprised were you with the way you guys played?

TB:** I was very surprised. A lot of times you have a game like this and the first thing is everyone goes in the tank. But that's not the way it's going to work because it just can't. In my career as a pro football player, two years ago we were 1-3 at the start and last year we were 3-0. It's important to win those games but it's also important that when you do lose early you have to come back. You have to realize where the problems lie and you have to correct them.

**Q: Was this team in the tank today?

TB:** From the start? I don't think so. I think we were ready to play. I just think they played at a different speed than us and I think they had it all going. They made a lot of plays and we didn't make any. When you play a defense that was really intent on making a statement — and they did — and we didn't counter it, [you're in trouble].

**Q: How long did it take you to figure out that this was going to be real bad?

TB:** We ran three plays in the first quarter and as an offense you make it tough on your defense. We try to throw a screen on the third play of the game and they read it and they tackle us for a 3-yard loss and we punt. They possess the ball and they're rolling at that point. They're at home and their fans are going crazy and you can't hear — when you play on the road you have to try to get ahead and try to keep the crowd out of the game and make plays and we just didn't have that. It seemed like from the first play on it was Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo on all those important plays.

**Q: Subconsciously because Lawyer was such an important part of the team could that have been the reason you just didn't have it?

TB:** I don't think so. I'd hate to use that as an excuse because I think we did put it out [of our minds]. I think we were ready to play, I just don't think we played well. I think they were fired up since the beginning of training camp. Everything we've heard about from Takeo Spikes to London Fletcher to Pat Williams to Sam Adams was that they were intent on making the plays and they did, and we didn't. We can sit there and say it was this or that, but the fact of the matter is we lost 31-0 and we didn't anticipate that. We didn't get anything going early and then you're forced into throwing the ball on every play with one running back sets and it's tough to come back on the road.

**Q: Is there a level of embarrassment that creeps in when you see zero at the end of the game and you threw four picks? Does that happen?

TB:** Sure. It's only happened one other time in my career, throwing four picks and that was the Denver game a couple of years ago. It's just not the way I should play. We don't have any chance if that happens. But we just have to get over it because there are lot of other games left and a lot more football to be played.

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