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Tom Brady Post-Practice Interview Transcript

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addressed the media after the morning practice on day one of Patriots mini camp.

Q: How is Chad Jackson so far?

TB: I like him a lot. He's a smart kid. He's really willing to learn. He's excited. He had a great, productive college career. He's coming in and he's really working hard, which I think everybody is impressed by-his work ethic. I wish I had gotten him the ball a little bit more today. I was walking off the field realizing I've got to start getting him the football. I'm excited about him, and I know he's excited about being here.

Q: Do you take comfort in the fact that Deion [Branch] is always prepared when he does come in?

TB: Yeah. He's the guy I'm least concerned about. I'm less concerned about him than I am about myself. It's something that is totally out of my control. I need to work on hitting the guys that are open out here, which I didn't do today.

Q: When something like this happens, do you see both sides of the story?

TB: Sure. Everybody's been in those situations. Everyone who's been here has been in contract negotiations. Its just part of the business. We all wish he was here. I know he wishes he was here. But, ya know, 'blank' happens.


Q: How about working with the new receivers? How long does it take to break them in?

TB: It takes a while. It takes a while because there is so much to our offense that you need to learn. There are a lot of new positions, there's new terminology, getting used to different guys throwing you the ball. It's a tough position in our offense, because you need a lot of flexibility within that group. It's challenging. I think over the last few weeks we've made some improvement, but we're still a long way away from where we need to be. And that's okay because ... we'd love for it to be perfect, but the reality is we have six weeks until training camp starts and then a long training camp. We have a lot of time to make improvements. We're trying to make it as quickly as it can because we need to, but it takes time; it takes work.

Q: Is it weird not seeing Adam [Vinatieri], Willie [McGinest], and David [Givens] out there?

TB: Yeah it is. It's difficult and I know every team deals with it. Things happen fast around here, whether it be the offseason or a day like yesterday with Ben [Roethlisberger's accident] in Pittsburgh. You just can't take anything for granted. It's truly a privilege to play this game and to play in the NFL. You can't take it for granted. You have to worry about yourself and worry about taking care of your own business because certain guys leave and you just have to realize that that's the turnover each year, whether it be coaches or players, and we've had a significant amount of that in the last few years.

Q: Did Corey [Dillon] look different out there to you? Is this the first time you've seen him this offseason?

TB: He's been here some, so we've seen him.

Q: Did he look more giddy-up-ish?

TB: Corey always looks good to me. He's a big powerful man. I'd hate to be on the other side of the ball with him coming at me. I'm not worried about Corey. Corey's got a great attitude and he's working hard and that's what we expect; that's what we expect from all the veterans, to really lead the younger guys and come in here and set the example.

Q: You're not worried about Corey [Dillon] and you're not worried about Deion [Branch]. Who are you worried about?

TB: Myself. I told you that. [Laughter]. All those incompletions out there today. Today was like fingertip day. Every ball was off the fingertips. It means we weren't really as accurate as we need to be. With that, we have to come out this afternoon and be a lot better. That said, there's a lot of things you work on as a quarterback. We have to become more accurate and read the field better and try and eliminate some of the interceptions- there weren't any interceptions today or turnovers, but certainly not enough completions.

Q: How much does it help to have familiarity with that group of guys?

TB: That's part of getting to know the new guys. Like even just now in the two-minute drill, just walking through that at the end of the practice. Before it would be Troy [Brown] and [David Givens] and Deion [Branch] and now it's Reche [Caldwell] and John Stone and Troy. So just trying to get used to those new guys and get those guys accustomed to what we're doing. Over the years you develop a rapport with guys and that's just through throwing a lot of passes. There are certain ways I look at Deion and read his body language coming out of routes where I can really throw the ball early and anticipate it. Until you really throw enough of those passes where you can start understanding that you're always hesitating a little bit. Part of that, like I said, is just getting used to the new guys and trying to really get them up to speed to where we're at so we don't take too many steps backwards.

Q: Is this the first time that you and Deion haven't been together in the offseason? You've always tended to do stuff together, routes and timing?

TB: Yeah, we always would, and it's not going to take long with him because I know him so well. When he gets here it's not going to take any time at all. He'll come out here and you'll think he didn't miss a day.

Q: Did you talk to him?

TB: Yeah. I talked to Deion last week. He's doing good. He's in shape and he's looks good. As usual, he's going to have a great year.

Q: What do you guys hope to accomplish this week?

TB: This is the only preparation you have for training camp. The start of training camp there is a depth chart. I think everyone comes out here looking for a role. I'm competing too. I competing everyday against every other quarterback that steps on the field. I'm trying to be the best one out here. I think it goes for each position. Receiver same way. Guys are really stepping up and trying to establish a spot for themselves on the team so they can be depended on when they get to training camp. That's the most important part of minicamp. You see what someone can do and hopefully you gain some momentum and that really goes to the end of the offseason program and then into training camp.

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