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Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference - 11/15/2010

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addresses the media during his postgame press conference on Monday, November 15, 2010.

RE: Brady's animation on the sidelines towards his team
I was exhausted. There's only one way to play the game, and it's an emotional game. I think part of being a quarterback is making sure that everyone's into it and there's a level of concentration and focus that you need on the road. The crowd gets noisy and there are plenty of plays that we didn't make, that we probably should have made, especially in the first half. Getting the ball down on the four-yard line and they call us for a chop-block, then not making plays on the next drive, and just not executing great. I thought all the guys played really hard and stayed focus. It was an exciting win for all of us. We haven't been this happy in a long time.

Did the players get your message when you were lighting up?
I really have respect for this team. The Steelers are a classy organization. It's always a battle when we play. When you're playing them, you have to play well. They take advantage of every bad play you make. They're the best at "Sack-the-Quarterback" football. Troy (Polamula) is one of the best in the game. Ike Taylor is a great player. We knew we had to come out and counter it. Everybody was up for the challenge.

RE: This game showing what they're all about, what is that?
Well we're pretty good when we play and execute the right way, do the right thing, and when everyone's doing their job. We got off to a fast start tonight, played from ahead the whole game, and that's a big difference. Anything can happen each week, and we're 7-2 with a lot of football left. We've got another great opponent coming into our stadium this week, so like I said it's an emotional win, everyone, especially me has to get some rest and be ready to come back Wednesday.

RE: This past week of practice compared to the week before the Cleveland Browns' game
It was a better week, but (Colt) McCoy comes to execute on gameday, and I've had good weeks of practice where I thought we'd come out and win and bad weeks where I thought we'd come out and lose, so you have to learn from practice. If it's good, you have to keep it that way, and if it's bad then you know you have to improve it. We had a good week of practice this week. Our guys made some great plays, and I think that's the exciting part.

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