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Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference - 12/26/2010

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addresses the media during his postgame press conference on Sunday, December 27, 2010. On how the team is not able to travel home tonight: We can't (make it home).

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addresses the media during his postgame press conference on Sunday, December 27, 2010.

On how the team is not able to travel home tonight:
We can't (make it home). We're not even stuck in Buffalo, we're stuck in Rochester I guess. We've got a little bus ride and we'll get in whenever we can get in. I think that was kind of coming down the pipeline pretty early this morning.

On if the travel issues were the only setback today:
I thought we got off to a good start. I think we were stressing out all week because you don't want to get into a dog fight with (Buffalo) at home. We've been in that too many times. I thought we really stressed that, made some plays early. It was a good lead at halftime and we got a big turnover. Turnovers were really the story for us offensively. We were fortunate to get quite a few short fields today and took advantage when we did. It was great by our defense with all the guys they had out and we just capitalized on some of their mistakes.

On the week leading up to the game and overcoming injuries and illnesses:
I think that happens and I think every team has those weeks where some guys are in and some guys are out. There are injuries and this week quite a few guys got sick. I think the guys fought through it and showed some mental toughness. That's been a big word for us this year. It led to a really big win for us today.

On setting the NFL record for consecutive passes without an interception:
What's my reaction, I'm glad I'm not throwing interceptions. I think our team has done a really good job this year of not turning the ball over in general. All the guys who have handled it this year are doing a good job taking care of it. I'm very fortunate, believe me. I've had plenty of plays that definitely could have gone to (the opposing defenses). It's a good trend for us to be on and hopefully it continues.

On winning eight division titles in 10 years and what this year's means to him:
It never gets old, I'll tell you that. We never get tired of winning, that's what we have been preparing for all offseason and training camp. To have a chance to do something pretty special today, in a tough division, we have the Bills twice in these conditions, the Jets, Miami with how difficult of a time that they give us. It's a good division and to come out victorious, obviously everyone is very proud of it. The season's not over yet. We've got a game against Miami this coming week that will definitely challenge us and it's great to to come in here and beat the Bills today. It was a great effort by the guys.

On if he has seen a Patriots team improve as much from spring to this point in the season:
I think that we've added a lot of different guys who have brought a lot of different elements to this team that allow us to be that way. The way the tight ends have played this year, a guy like Danny (Woodhead), a guy like BenJarvus (Green-Ellis) who really wasn't much of a part of our offense last year. The offensive line has really come together and with adding Deion (Branch) it's an entirely different team. Defensively, there have been just as many changes. Our coach is tough on us. As I said earlier in the week we take the coaching from him. He's a pretty smart coach. I think when we can understand what he is teaching us and the way that we need to do things it ends up turning out pretty good.

On how they have dealt with the uncertainty of new players on the team and their buy in to the system:
There are a lot of younger guys, and the expectation is for the position, not for the the player. If you're an outside linebacker on this team you're expected to play like Willie McGinest and Mike Vrabel. If you're a running back you're expected to play like Corey Dillon, Antowain Smith and Kevin Faulk. It's just the way it is. I think (Bill Belichick) rides us all day and all night to get the job done in that sense. Like I said, the guys need to be able to respond to those things and we've shown enough mental toughness throughout the year to respond.

On if there is a specific way to get the younger players to buy in:
There are quite a few rookies, but the rookies don't know anything. Really what you tell them is what they believe. They don't look two weeks ahead. They're just not smart enough or experienced enough to do that. (The veterans) are just like this is what you do and that's what they do. Having those guys like Aaron (Hernandez), Rob (Gronkowski) and Devin (McCourty), they just think this is just the way it is. They've really listened to the veterans, listened to the guys at their positions and listened to our coach.

On TE Rob Gronkowski's Performance:
(Gronkowski) had a great day today. He's had great days all season and he's been a great player for us. I just think when I was a rookie of how hard it was for me. And then to see Rob (Gronkowski) and what he's accomplished and to see what Aaron (Hernandez) has accomplished it's so impressive because it's so hard. It's so hard to understand what it takes to be successful at this level. They're doing it. They've got to keep doing it and they have a great role model in Alge (Crumpler) at their position. He is someone who they can always look to who made some huge plays today. That's a hell of a group for us.

On the running game:
I think we talked earlier in the week. One thing (Buffalo) has been struggling with has been against the run. We knew coming in that we had to establish it, get things going on the ground, possess the ball and we sure did. I think that takes a lot of pressure off the pass game when you can hand it off all the times that we did and gain those yards. It was a big effort by (Green-Ellis) and (Woodhead) almost had 100 yards. The offensive line blocked great and there were a lot of positive things.

On if he wants to play next week:
Yeah, I want to play. Whatever (Coach Belichick) asks us to do we're going to do. Miami is a good team. We struggled with them last time offensively, so hopefully we'll go out and play better.

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