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Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference Transcript


On the win…**
I think we got a lot of turnovers that turned into scoring plays on defense and special teams. Those are huge anytime you get one of those. We got two of them this week. We got three of them last week. It was a great job coming in on a short week against a team that knows us really well and playing all four quarters.

On the team's third-down efficiency today…
I thought we did a real good job on third down. This is a team that's very good on third down defense. They challenge you in a lot of ways with their blitz schemes, but if you make a lot of conversions, you can beat schemes.

On the touchdown pass to Shane Vereen…
He had a wheel route and they carried Wes (Welker) and Brandon (Lloyd) on the outside. They (the Jet's defense) just carried them up the field and there was a lot of space. Once I threw it to him, he's so fast. He can outrun those guys. He caught it up the sideline and it was nice seeing the back of his jersey running all the way down the field. He opened it up and it was a great play.

On Bill Belichick's 200th win…
There's no coach I'd ever want to play for than him. He's so consistent and as a player, I think we really appreciate that. He's tough, he's disciplined and that's what we need. That's the way our program is run. He expects us to play at a high level every week. He has high expectations in practice every day. That's what you look for in a coach, someone that gets the best out of all the players that he coaches. He certainly does that.

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