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Tom Brady Postgame Quotes

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady offers comments on their 41-0 win over the Washington Redskins at Gillette Stadium.

(On 41-0 win)

Well you have to keep it in perspective. We did a few things better. I think we still have to do better in the red zone. As coach [Belichick] said after the game, 'It's just another step.' It really doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things. It's always better to win than to lose. I thought the defense played great, the receivers played well. We just have to do better in the red zone.

(On Dan Koppen's return)

It's fun. I miss having him out there. He's one of the closest buddies I have on the team and we spend a lot of time together. I know he was excited to be back. It's nice to have him back.

(On Benjamin Watson stepping up)

He's going to need to. He can be a really dynamic player for us. Everybody knows his skills. I think he's even getting better as a run blocker and as a guy who can really change the game as a pass catcher. He's the guy I'm looking for. He's done a great job. We have to build on tonight and hopefully it shows up during the regular season.

(On rapport with Benjamin Watson)

Through the passing camps, mini camps and training camps, he's a focal point of our offense. He's a dangerous weapon out there; he can really move. He cuts well, he's fast, he reads things well, and he's smart. He's done a really nice job.

(On Watson's biggest improvement)

His understanding of how to get open. He's really making moves on guys now and he sets defenders up. He just has a much better awareness of the coverage and who's trying to cover him and he's catching the ball well.

(On Deion Branch)

I've talked about it so much. I have no control over any of this. We just do the best we can with the guys we got. Hopefully he's here and hopefully he's here soon and I'll leave it at that.

(On Rodney Harrison's return)

We had a lot of guys playing. Rodney [Harrison], [Dan] Koppen, Junior [Seau's] first night playing, Richard [Seymour] really got some action. It helps. They aren't only emotional leaders but they're great players too. It's fun. Hopefully we stay out there and get better and we improve. We have high aspirations here so we need to continue to build on these types of performances and hope it looks as good in the regular season as it did tonight.

(On continuity of offensive line)

Every challenge that gets thrown at them, they take it. They're competitors. They fought hard tonight and the pass protection was great. We ran the ball pretty decently and it's nice to have the same group up there. Ryan [O'Callaghan] is doing a nice job at tackle, Steve [Neal] and Logan [Mankins] are so dependable, Matt [Light] has had a great camp. Russ [Hochstein] and "Kop" [Dan Koppen] are really solid in the middle. Hopefully, when Nick [Kaczur] gets back, he can provide some more stability. He had a great year last year and I'm sure he'd love to build on it. I love having those guys out there in front of me.

(On preparation)

We can definitely use the next few weeks. I think the reason we didn't play the last few years is because we had a Thursday night game. I don't know what we're going to do. We'll prepare to play like we always do and hopefully we go out and play well. It's all building toward that first game at Buffalo. All the preparation, whether it be practicing or playing, is for one reason and that's to have a successful season opener and build on that. I think we made some improvements tonight. It's a confident team because we have pretty good players. We just need to somehow bring it all together and over the course of the year you really build into something special. I like the effort and the toughness and I hope it shows up that way on the opening day.

(On performance)
I think I have plenty of things to still work on: getting used to my receivers and the operation at the line of scrimmage, being a little more efficient. It's going to be a challenging year because a lot of the teams we play, we haven't played in awhile. And even the teams we have played, like Miami, who's going to be terrific, and Buffalo's new coach and the Jet's new coach. It's going to be very challenging in terms of mentally preparing to play each week.

(On preseason length)

It's been a big debate and I think the preseason you really build depth. It really gives a chance to a guy like Matt Cassel who hasn't played much, to get out there and really play and see what he can do and gain some confidence. I just show up and play when they tell us to play. For me, I like playing. I'd rather play games than practice anyway.

(On Faulk's performance)

He plays with as much effort and toughness as anybody we have. He's one of those guys out there that can figure it all out. When he steps up and has to take somebody on, I'm very comfortable with him back there. He did a great job at that tonight and they weren't easy looks. This is a very challenging blitz pickup-type team. Laurence is going to have to do it when he's in there, Corey [Dillon] is going to have to do it and those running backs take a lot of pride in that.

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