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Tom Brady Press Conf. Transcript - 9/10/2003

Brady: I think we learned from the problems we had in the game and we are moving on.

**Q: Have you put everything behind you from last week?

TB:** That's what we are doing.

**Q: Is that easy to do? How do you do it?

TB:** I think we learned from the problems we had in the game and we are moving on. Maybe some of the things we saw last week might come up again and hopefully we are better prepared to handle them and move on and realize what happened and go out and play a good game on Sunday.

**Q: The Eagles are in kind of the same situation as you guys. They were shut out and they are still waiting for their first points of the season.

TB:** Yeah, very similar.

**Q: They are going to be hungry just like you guys.

TB:** Yeah, their offense … They have a great offense. We are going to have to as an offense go out and expect to score some points because that is what we are going to have to do if we want to win. We are going to put everything we can into it this week. One good point Coach made this morning is he said you can't win the game today so that you can prepare to win. We are going to go out there and have a good day of practice.

**Q: Of what you saw of the film for the Eagles versus what you saw in the preseason, did preseason help you in facing this team or is it completely different?

TB:** Yeah, it does help you. It helps you in a sense that you know who you are playing against and you know their techniques. You know the speed and those types of things. The schemes and how much they will be different, that remains to be seen. I think we will prepare for everything. We will prepare for what we saw against Tampa Bay and what we saw against us and all of the other teams we saw in the preseason.

**Q: What is the one thing that jumps out at you defensively about them?

TB:** They are very experienced. Over the past three years, they have led the league in points against and red zone and third down. They are up there in sacks. They kind of have it all going. We have a tough challenge, but I think we will be ready for it.

**Q: Tom, you seem to hide it pretty well, but do you still have a bitter taste?

TB:** You never forget. We lost a tough game on the road. What did we learn from it? We learn that we have to go out and play tough and play prepared and you have to play good to beat a good team, especially a division team. This week is going to be no different. They are very talented and they are playing at home. We have to deal with crowd noise and kind of the whole works.

**Q: You take another hit in the locker room, a different kind of hit that being Ted (Johnson's) surgery this morning. How do you react to that and having another leader down?

TB:** He is still around. He is still giving us as much help and information as he can. We won't see him on the field obviously, but other guys will hopefully be able to step in and fill that role. When someone leaves, those other people have to step up. That is another thing that we have learned. We are going to have to step up and rally this team and get it going in the right direction. I really feel that we have a heck of a lot of talent in this locker room. There are a lot of guys who have been through a lot of winning seasons and have been around here and know the attitude of the team and the coach. We are all behind each other. It is us against everyone else. That is kind of how we like it.

**Q: How important is it not to fall behind the eight ball, like by 21 points?

TB:** It is real important. When you are down 21-0, that game plan gets real small. For Charlie (Weis) to call plays, we put him in a tough spot. You are out of a lot of the stuff you work on all week, and they are into a lot of things that they do well and they start seeing routes repeated. We like to be the ones that get up that type of score and be able to run our entire offense and make them react to everything we do.

**Q: How much would you like to throw a deep ball soon?

TB:** I'm always looking for those. I'm always looking to score some points. We failed at that last week. It is something that we haven't failed on in the previous four games in the preseason. It is going to be a big point of emphasis to go and really execute.

**Q: If coach asked you to give a pre-game pep talk to the troops before the game against Philly, what would you say to the team?

TB:** I don't know. I'm not sure. I will have to think about it. Get back to me later in the week. I'm sure everyone has something to say. Everyone does have something to say when you lose by 31 points. This team knows how to win games. We know how to go out and prepare and practice. Hopefully that will transfer onto the field on Sunday.

**Q: Did you get a chance to watch Philly on Monday night?

TB:** I saw a little bit of it. They are tough. Tampa Bay is a tough offense to face because they hit you with so many different formations, motions and shifts and routes. They have quite a lot of talent on offense too. The Philly defense played pretty well and they only scored 17 points.

**Q: Can mistakes happen when teams are pushing too hard?

TB:** Mistakes always happen. Mistakes happen when you are 1-0 and 0-1. There will be mistakes, but it about overcoming them and playing well.

**Q: Do you ever recall having a game like that and how did you rebound from it?

TB:** Yeah. We have lost games in the past here, I think. You believe in the things that your coach is teaching you and you believe in the things you do and you get out there and you go at again. It's not like you fold the tent and say, 'everything we tried sucks and we are going from a ball-control offense to throwing it on every down.' That is not the way to approach it. It is believe in what you are doing and believe that you are on the right path.

**Q: When you lost the type of game like Buffalo, how much do you take out of watching films of that game?I think you evaluate what happened and you try to fix the problem because if you don't fix them, you are going to see them again. Anytime a team looks at game and says, 'wow, 31-0, they must have held them pretty easy. Let's see what they did. You are going to have to figure out and figure how teams are going to try to attack you.

Q: Is there ever a situation where the coaching staff says let's put it out of our minds?

TB:** Normally when you lose no. Sometimes when you win those games, yeah. Some guys say that we won that game and move on, but not when you lose. Everyone is sure to tell you how screwed up you really are.

**Q: How important is it not to get too low after what is still one loss?

TB:** I think we still are going in the right direction. Not that it really showed itself on Sunday, but what we have done in preparation for last Sunday and what we are doing in preparation for this Sunday is going to be try to prepare to win and try to get ready to play a tough team on the road. That really didn't come out last Sunday, but we are going all we can and do everything we can to change that around.

**Q: How do you personally rebound from the loss?

TB:** The same way you rebound when it goes the other way. You just try to evaluate what happened and try to get better. You realize the mistakes that are made and you try not to error repeat. You try not to make the same mistakes twice?

**Q: What do you feel personally you need to do to get better than last week?

TB:** Complete more passes. That's a big part of it. And not throw it to them, not turn the ball over and not be careless with the ball. You make mistakes and you throw interceptions and you fumble the ball and you just try to evaluate what the problems were and you try to get better from them.

**Q: Is it easy to forget a game like that?

TB:** Well you hope to. You don't beat yourself up on Wednesday afternoon about what happened last Sunday because that really doesn't do anything for this Sunday. We evaluate and spent the last two days evaluating it. I think it is time to try to put those things we have learned to put them to good use next Sunday. It is not like we can wipe it all away with a magic wand. At the same time, you don't to beat yourself up because that just doesn't lead to … it will lead to another loss if you do that.

**Q: Is the whole Lawyer Milloy situation past this team now?

TB:** Sure.

**Q: Did you feel it was on Sunday?

TB:** Yeah.

**Q: How does the team overcome the loss two weeks in a row of two really big leaders on the team?

TB:** I think there are other guys that have to pick up the slack. There are 51 other guys on this team. There are a lot of coaches who I have been around. A lot of times we realize and we think that one player makes such a big difference, and sometimes it does and sometimes other guys fill the role and maybe you don't see it as much. I think there are guys that know how to lead and pick up the slack and hopefully those other linebackers will step in for Ted and do a heck of a job. I think they will. I really think they will. Whatever may happen week-to-week, it is different players.

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