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Transcript: Malcolm Williams Conference Call

Patriots seventh round draft pick Malcolm Williams addresses the media during his conference call on Saturday, April 30, 2011.

Q: How surprised were you to get this phone call today?

MW: It surprised me a lot. This is a dream come true, I have been waiting on this since I was seven years old and it surprised me a whole lot.

Q: Did you expect to get drafted?

MW: Not really. I can honestly say, I wasn't expecting to get drafted but when I got that phone call from Belichick, I was really excited.

Q: What message did Belichick and the Patriots deliver to you about what they liked about your game?

MW: We haven't had much conversation besides this one here, that I got drafted but they were like 'Welcome to the family,' that's pretty much all they said and I'm proud to be a Patriot.

Q: Were you at the very least expecting to be signed as a rookie free agent?

MW: Yes sir I was.

Q: We haven't found a ton of information about you, can you just tell us about your game? What you played mostly?

MW: What do you mean what I played mostly?

Q: What position? Did you play special teams, defense?

MW: I'm a DB, corner or safety, either or. I play special teams. I can return. I can block. It doesn't really matter. I'm just going to play wherever I'm put at than that's what I'm going to play.

Q: On special teams, what specific roles did you have, if you can give me some examples on some of the units?

MW: Well, of course I did kickoffs, at TCU I did kickoffs, I did kickoffs for returns, I was a block on that, I was a gunner on punt. At my junior college, I returned kicks, punts and kickoffs so I can do a little bit of both.

Q: Are you encouraged by the fact that this team has taken players who haven't really had a long resume of starting...guys like Matt Cassel, Matthew Slater and they've made the team and actually contributed?

MW: Yeah, I'm hoping that I can fill those shoes to be one of those big contributors.

Q: The Patriots took one of your teammates, Marcus Cannon, earlier in the draft. Can you tell us about him?

MW: Marcus Cannon - I'm glad I'm going to get to play with him some more years. That was a pretty good draft pick by them, I can honestly say. Cannon's, he's....I'm a little nervous. I'm still shaking right now because I'm so happy about this going down. But Cannon and I have a real history. I remember when I first got to TCU, we were going at it at practice a little bit and he put a watermelon inside my locker and said 'I'm going to kill you, rookie' or whatever he was telling me when I first got to TCU, so that was how me and Marcus Canon first met and we've been cool ever since. I'm happy to be able to play with him again.

Q: All in a joking way, I assume?

MW: Yeah, yeah all in a joking way. Cannon is a big jokester. You'll know about it more sooner or later, I promise you.

Q: What are some other jokes that he's pulled?

MW: Cannon, he's real creative. He likes to go in the training room and he'll get a whole bunch of used tape and he'll make little swords and weapons out of tape. He's a real creative person - that's one thing about him.

Q: Are you aware of what he's going through now with his illness?

MW: No, I haven't talked to Cannon in a long time. I haven't seen Cannon since the Pro Day actually.

Q: He's been diagnosed with cancer and he's undergoing treatment now.

MW: Oh, man, I didn't even know that. I hadn't heard any word of that.

Q: The prognosis is good though.

MW: Ok, I'll be sure to give him a call right after I get off the phone with you.

Q: Did you sign with Oklahoma out of high school and how did you go the junior college route?

MW: Yes, it's a funny story. After my sophomore season I had committed to Texas A&M and I was committed to them for a little bit and somehow [Bob] Stoops ended up talking me into signing over to OU and I signed with OU out of high school. I ended up not making it because we have this thing down here in Texas called the Texas TAKS. It's five questions and I failed the science part of it, so I ended up having to sit out my freshman year and go to junior college in 2007. I played two years there and I had many different offers coming out of junior college of where I wanted to go to school and catch up my career. And I had a little girl - I was blessed with a little girl in 2008 and I'm from Dallas, so I was like 'I'll stay here at TCU. Nowhere better for me to go [than here so] she's around her family.' And we stayed down here.

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