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Transcript: Marcus Cannon Conference Call

OL Marcus Cannon talks to the media after being drafted by the Patriots in the fifth round (138th overall).

Q: What was your reaction to getting drafted by the Patriots?

MC: It was a blessing. Me and my family, we're pretty ecstatic. After all that we've figured out in the last couple of weeks, it's just a blessing to have this opportunity to play in the NFL.

Q: You mentioned the last couple of weeks. Can you take us through of what it has been like? I imagine it's been quite an emotional roller coaster for you and your family?

MC: We first figured out that I have lymphoma, and my parents came down here. It really hasn't been as emotional as you'd expect. God's kept us pretty settled, he's kept us pretty patient, so everything's been taken care of.

Q: What tipped you off that you first might be suffering from something or did it just come up in normal physical exams?

MC: At first it came, [when] they said [it] in an exam in the combine. One of the teams ordered a biopsy and the biopsy confirmed that something was wrong.

Q: Did they ask you before they had the biopsy done or did they say 'Hey Marcus, we're actually going to do a biopsy on this?'

MC: Yeah, they did.

Q: What was your reaction when you heard that? I imagine at your age and being an athlete, you must've been stumped?

MC: I had a biopsy done before in 2006, so I was okay with having it. Anything to show that I was going to be okay or to find out what was wrong with me, I was ready to do.

Q: Where do you go from here with your medical situation?

MC: I listen to whatever doctors tell me to do. I've started treatment. I just listen to them. I just do what they say and go to my treatment. That's all I can do.

Q: When did you start the treatment?

MC: I started a few days ago.

Q: Was it just this past Thursday?

MC: Yes, Thursday.

Q: How many more treatments do they say you'll need?

MC: I don't know. I'm just happy that I got picked up today by the Patriots. I'm just happy to be with my family. We're going to take this day by day.

Q: Is it at all disappointing or difficult? I mean, this a culmination of the amateur portion of your professional career, so is it hard for you to now have to sit on a conference call and talk about all this medical stuff. Is that disappointing or difficult for you?

MC: It's not disappointing. This is just something I have to go through. God wouldn't have put on my plate if it were something that I couldn't handle. I knew this was going to happen. I was going to have to talk about this the whole time. If that's what you all want to know, it's okay. Me and my family are here celebrating and we can care less about the other part. Right now we're just real happy that I'm going to be in the NFL.

Q: How did you emotionally prepare for this week, because at some point, it looked like you would go in the second round or even higher and now it's the fifth round? Did you know that your stock would slip a little bit? Did you have an idea that it would take until the third day?

MC: I knew my stock was going to slip a little bit. Me and my family just had faith and we knew that God's favor would show and that I'd get picked up somewhere. We were just sitting waiting patiently for a call and we finally got it.

Q: You're larger than the guards that the Patriots have on the roster. Can you tell us your attributes and what you think you can bring to the offensive line here?

MC: I think I bring a big frame that moves as fast as everybody else or faster, a lot of power, and I bring a good personality to the team.

Q: Have you ever played at guard before?

MC: No, I haven't.

Q: Was that part of the pre-draft process? Did certain teams tell you that you were a better fit at guard and others thought you were a tackle? Or are you set to move to guard? How has that gone for you?

MC: Every team had me at a different position. Half of the teams had me at guard, half of them had me at tackle. I really didn't care where they put me. I'll play at either one of them, but playing guard is going to be an awesome opportunity for me.

Q: Is that what the Patriots had worked you out then, guard?

MC: No, you had said guard so I was just commenting off what you said.

Q: Did you work out with the Patriots?

MC: Yes, I did have a pre-draft workout with them.

Q: Was that with Coach Dante Scarnecchia?

MC: You know, I've had so many workouts that I really can't remember way back then.

Q: Is it right that you were a power-lifter in high school and if that is true then do you have any stats for us?

MC: Yes, I did power lift in high school. Stats-wise, I don't really know. I got a couple of heavy lifts in the weight room. I do pretty good for my size.

Q: How are you feeling today, health wise? I mean you must be a little washed out?

MC: No, I feel awesome. God blessed me. I haven't had any of the symptoms of my treatment that I'm supposed to have. Everything's been feeling good.

Q: Do you think you can be ready for the start of the season, is there any chance, are they given you any indication?

MC: Well, if everything shows up don't know what's going to happen. Hopefully, that would be awesome, but I'm just taking my treatment day by day and whenever I'm done with my treatment is when I get to go play football.

Q: Do you know when you're supposed to be done with your treatment?

MC: I do not know.

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

MC: I like to hunt and I like to fish.

Q: You have a lot of new teammates who are also hunters.

MC: Oh yeah.

Q: It's going to be funny; you've got 6'8 Nate Solder, you've got 6'5, 358 pound you, and you've got 6'7 Ryan Mallet walking out together. You guys are going to catch a lot.

MC: I think we can catch something though.

Q: What was it like playing high school football in Odessa?

MC: The atmosphere in Odessa is awesome. Odessa is a big football town. Everybody there loves anybody who plays football. It's just awesome playing there. It really got me ready for college – playing in Odessa. It was pretty fun.

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