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Transcript: Tedy Bruschi Halftime Ceremony

RK: We knew when we drafted him that a player named Bruschi would be a fan favorite, but we didn't know is that for 13 years no one would play with more heart and more love for the game than Tedy. In pursuit of enemy ball carriers he was full tilt, full time. An undersized linebacker who fought to become a star on three Super Bowl-winning teams, he later captured our collective imaginations by returning to the field just eight months after a stroke. For more than a decade he was the heart and soul of the Patriots' defense. Tonight, we say thank you. But he looks a little out of uniform tonight. Do we want to see him don that 54 one more time? ... He is one of your all-time favorites; he's one of my personal favorites, he's the ultimate team player, Tedy Bruschi.

TB: This is an incredible night for my family. Thank you Mr. Kraft and your family for being so supportive to me. To building this franchise to a franchise that wins Championships ... Thank you. Listen, there is a pretty good coach that works that sideline behind me. I am proud to say that I've played for Coach Bill Belichick. There is another thing I am proud of and that is over my entire career, I only played for one team and that was the New England Patriots. When you play football for the New England Patriots it's about winning Championships and hanging banners. When you look at those banners, when you remember those teams, I want you to remember all the players that played for those three teams. Players like Troy Brown, Kevin Faulk, Joe Andruzzi, Ty Law, Lawyer Malloy, Rodney Harrison, Willie McGinest, Mike Vrabel, Ted Johnson, Roman Phifer, give it up for Larry Izzo, Richard Seymour and so many more. Remember all of those players when you look at those banners. When I look at those banners I will remember all of you. We needed your support, we felt your passion; you are the best fans in the world. My family is here tonight and we would like to thank you together for all of the support you gave me through the good times and bad throughout my entire career. I wasn't raised here but after playing here for 13 years, I call myself a New Englander. Thank you very much. I love you.

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