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Transcript: Tedy Bruschi Interview - 12/6/2010

Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi addresses the media during an interview on December 6, 2010. Bruschi was honored during a half-time ceremony at Gillette Stadium.

TB: I'm very appreciative of Mr. [Robert] Kraft and having the night here. A lot of family is in town, everyone's excited. It's an honor for me.

Q: You wanted snow, will the flurries do?

TB: It'll do. Yes, it worked didn't it? Hopefully they play well with the weather. As soon as we open the mini van door and the gust went into my car my five year old didn't want to come out. We got him in here.

Q: (On his halftime speech and people he plans to thank...)

TB: I don't have anything written. My family, a lot of my teammates I've thanked personally, but to be here to thank the fans and of course Mr. Kraft, my coach, some of my teammates, mainly the fans. It's going to be off the top of my head.

Q: When you retired was there ever the sense that you may want to come back?

TB: No. Once I retired I really didn't have any will to want to come back. I had played for so long and I had accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish so I was ready to move on.

Q: Are you looking at what the next chapter of your life will be?

TB: I jumped into the next chapter pretty quickly, and that's my job at ESPN as an analyst. It's something that I very much enjoy. It still keeps me in the game and I get to watch the game still with interest. It's fun for me.

Q: It's been about two years now and you see 'Bruschi' jerseys in every other row. What's that like?

TB: I've always said that was the biggest compliment fans ever gave me, to wear my jersey on their back and my name on their back. I still see them once in a while and it's very flattering. It's a great honor to see that.

Q: It's got to be a lot of fun to be a part of this, I imagine.

TB: I've always considered myself having a special relationship with the fans. I sort of grew with the organization. My career, my abilities as a player grew with the organization becoming more successful.

Q: You think you're going to be able to get through a speech with them cheering for you?

TB: I don't know. This is so new to me doing this. I'm used to seeing Tip (Andre Tippett) or Sam 'the Bam' Cunningham do it. I guess I'm sort of venturing into that phase. That's who you become after you retire and you get older, but it's something that I've looked forward to doing.

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