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Troy Brown Post-Game Press Conference 09-22-2002

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Q: Troy, it's supposed to be easier than this when you score so many points.

TROY BROWN: That's what they say. It's supposed to be easier but, you know, it's a 60-minute game. They gave us a tough fight today and we didn't play real well in the beginning of the game and it cost us a chance to put the game away. We had some chances to put the game away in the second quarter too. We just didn't play well enough. We had a lot of breakdowns today. You have to give them credit, Man, they are a tough football team. The Chiefs are definitely for real.

Q: Did you realize how many catches and yards were piling up?

TROY BROWN: I mean a couple guys kept telling me but, you know, I guess I missed it every time it came on the screen too. You know, it was one of those days. You got in the groove. Man, it started off like I wasn't in the groove. I had a rough one, but then we got it back together and started making some plays and just got in the groove and I was feeling pretty good.

Q: Once you and Brady get hot together, everything settled down, the other guys were saying, Boy, now we're all right, basically those two guys are having a good time. Did you feel the same way, that things were settled down?

TROY BROWN: Yes. I felt like once we got rolling, you know, that it would be pretty hard to slow us down once we got everybody going. You know, like a said, I mean Brady had his eyes on me for most of the third quarter and fourth quarter. I just felt like any time we were going to do something to take me out of the game and that's when I knew Dave and those guys would step up. And then in the fourth quarter, Dave made some big plays and Deion (Branch) and David Patten made some big plays. And the tight ends, you know, it is so great to have tight ends on this football team, I can't even explain that, but it is good to have all the players playing.

Q: Troy, we saw you get hurt earlier in the game. What exactly is your injury and are you all right?

TROY BROWN: I hope I'm all right. You know, I have just got to go and check with the doctor to see what happened.

Q: What happened, ankle, knee, what?

TROY BROWN: Something happened to the knee, you know, and I can't go past that, you know, I can't tell you because someone knows how to describe their knee, you know, I probably couldn't --

Q: But Troy, you came back, you came back on the field after you got hurt and you came back and you, I think, had a catch or two and then you weren't out for overtime. So did it just tighten up?

TROY BROWN: It got real stiff on me, you know, and they decided to hold me out and send the others in. And you know, it was good to see that. We knew we had some guys that would step up and play, and that is what they did in no time.

Q: Troy, did this surprise even you how much you were able to do today despite the fact that everybody knows that they're going to go to you?

TROY BROWN: Well, that is the luxury of our team. Everybody doesn't know that. And you know, we had other guys stepping up making plays, and we had guys playing well all day.

Q: Did you have a heads up that they were going to go to you or did it just kind of evolve?

TROY BROWN: It just kind of happened that way. We kind of got in the groove. It seemed like every time you turned around I was open. You know, it is definitely a good groove. You can start catching passes.

Q: Is that consistent with Charlie's game calling, the way he calls the game?

TROY BROWN: I think he felt it too because a lot of calls were, you know, he kind of read me like the first read and I think he kind of felt it too and he just kept running it. That is what you've got to do sometimes. You've got a guy that is going well, they ain't stopping it, you go to that guy.

Q: Can you talk about the chemistry between you and Brady?

TROY BROWN: All right. I mean it is definitely a luxury right now. My season, you know, I am in my second season with him, he is still learning me some and I am still learning him some. And the chemistry. Has definitely gotten better even over the past year; and hopefully, we can keep going with this thing, keep building on it. And I just, I mean it is just not me, you know, like I have got to keep stressing, Man, we've got some guys that can play. He has been able to find those guys too and get these guys in position and throw them a catch. It is paying off a little. Tight ends, backs, he has hit many, it's not just me. It is Tom, he's doing a good fine job finding guys.

Q: I talked to Deion Branch, Brady throws him a hitch, throwing him anything, what record is he talking about, Terrell Owens' record?

TROY BROWN: I guess he is was talking about the single game catch. And like I said, I didn't even really know what the record was about at the time. Ty Law came out a few times and he said you've got to get back out there and catch a few more balls. And at the time I was just hoping we could get some first downs, keep the clock moving and get these guys out of here. They were just killing us the whole game and I didn't really want to get into overtime. We had a hard time stopping them. You know, the record, we won the game so that is even better.

Q: Did you put the drop behind you immediately?

TROY BROWN: Again, I mean, you know, hopefully those things won't happen all the time. But it happened and, you know, part of being a pretty good professional player is you have got to be able to read those things out pretty fast because, you know, you sit there and you put your head down and think about it; and before you know it, nine times out of ten it is going to happen in the next plays you go back out there. So you have got to forget about that.

Q: Did you know you just had a lot of green grass in front of you when you caught it?

TROY BROWN: Well, I looked up, I knew I had at least the first down, you know. So like I said, it was just one of the things that happened, man, and I just didn't watch the ball then.

Q: Normally, Troy, your defense comes through for you. Are you surprised your defense gave up so many points today?

TROY BROWN: We knew this team was going to be awfully tough. Priest Holmes, you can't say enough about that guy. Man, he just put those guys on his back and he just keeps pounding and pounding and pounding. And he is not the biggest guy in the world. And if he's not the best back in the league, he is not far behind. But you have got to give a guy like that a lot of credit because he just wore us out and wore us out and wore us out. You know, thank God we don't have to play him again. So this football team is definitely for real.

Q: What does this game tell you about the Patriots, the penalties in the first half?

TROY BROWN: It was just playing sound football. It was just the things that Bill stressed. It can cost you the game. We were fortunate to come out at half time being down 10-6. We were fortunate. I mean we had just about everything we could think of pretty much go wrong in that first half, I think trying the fake field goal there for the extra point and that put us down by four instead of three. We got four, got a two-point conversion. We had plenty of good kickoff returns. You know, a lot of things that can cost you the football game happened to us. And you know, we were fortunate we were able to respond in the second half and get some points, you know, the first couple drives. And we needed them. They just wore our defense out.

Q: You got 31 points in the first three games, a record pace for you personally. Is that because of the kind of year you are having or is it this offense leading to that kind of production?

TROY BROWN: Well, you know, we have been throwing the ball quite a bit. You know, when you catch them all, it's pretty fast. You know, I am impressed, you know, considering what we got in the press, these guys have got some catches too and some big plays. But you know, that stuff is great. You open up the fact books, you know, about 20 years from now nobody really cares about what you did. But right now I am just concerned about winning these games week to week. And you know, if you catch ten balls a week, that is great with me, man. You know, you catch and the team is losing, it is not a great feeling at all.

Q: Are you waiting for teams to try something new defensively to try to take you out of the game? It seems that no one is able to take you out of the game.

TROY BROWN: Well, like I said, it is more difficult to do that now than it had been in the past. You know, we have got guys who can play. You know, I don't know how many times I have to stress that. We have got guys that can play that get me open so, you know, you have to pick who you are going to stop. You know, and Tom, like I said, he has been doing a great job. So I mean it is just not about, you know, taking Troy Brown out of the football game. They are trying to stop what we do good.

Q: Troy, your first two games are blowouts. Is a game like this it for you guys? You have got San Diego next week. Does this bring you guys in your game with San Diego back down to earth?

TROY BROWN: No. You play for your heart. I think it is good because it builds your team. It gets you ready for things that happen later in the season. I mean I wish it would have been a lot different than what it was but, you know, this is what NFL Football is going to be like. We've got weeks that it will be like this and we'll have weeks that it is definitely teaching us how to win close games and not closing up. Like I said, the team is just a good football team. And today showed us that we can win a close game when we need to.

Q: And people want to know what's up with the hat.

TROY BROWN: I guess everybody knows I didn't have my braids today so I have to put something on. I figured I would get a good looking hat and put it on me. Thank you

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