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Ty Law Player Journal

08/03/04 A few good years left at cornerback

It was a jolt to everybody when Milloy was released, and a real wake-up call to me. The bottom line was, 'Am I going to be a Patriot? I want to be a Patriot.' That's basically what it was. You definitely want to know where you are going to be. When I'm done playing, I want to be looked at as one of the best ever to play the game. That's what I'm shooting for. People say, 'You can always go back to safety.' I know that, but I have a few more good ones at corner. I'll go back to safety on my time. I'm not going to be forced back there. Sometimes you have to move on. This is a business. I understand that more than a lot of other guys. Teams move on and players have to learn to move on, whether we want to or not.a

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