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Vince Wilfork Player Journal

06/23/04 My goal: the Super Bowl

Mini camp was different, just being up there with a bunch of veterans and being in the NFL. Things are new for me. I'm using the experience as a learning tool. My teammates are a good group of guys. The defensive line is especially really young. I think we get along real good as a unit and as a team. They love winning, which is something I saw when I got up here and became a New England Patriot. They love to be up here, and they love to win. My goal is to win a Super Bowl. That's on top of my list, everything else is irrelevant because you play the game for it. We play a different type of defense here. We two gap. I wait for the offense to make their move before I make mine. But at Miami we one gapped and we blew a lot of stuff up in the backfield. It's not Miami, but it will work. It is something new for me and my family. I have been in South Florida all my life, and this is the first time I will be living outside the state. You don't have the same atmosphere here like Miami with the beaches, the clubs, and all the good restaurants. But it's a good learning experience.

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