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Weis condition worse than believed

The medical condition that is keeping Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis from attending the early weeks of training camp may be worse than was previously believed. While the team acknowledged on July 17 that Weis would miss the start of training camp due to complications from offseason weight-reduction surgery, the severity of those complications weren't known.

According to a report published by Chris Mortensen on on Wednesday, complications from Weis' June 15 gastric bypass procedure were in fact life threatening.

The report states that Weis spent two weeks in the Massachusetts General Hospital ICU and needed a seven-pint blood transfusion. The most revealing information, according to Mortensen, is that Weis "was administered last rites by a Catholic priest two days after his surgery."

Weis is still experiencing difficulty walking and continues to have physical therapy on a daily basis. Although his current condition is expected to be only temporary, he could be confined to a golf cart for up to three months.

While the surgery is one that was only supposed to keep Weis in the hospital for one night, he was rushed back shortly after being released because of internal bleeding.

"It was bad," Weis told Mortensen. "Of course I don't remember any of it. But the good part is, I still have my mind. No [brain] damage. Walking is the most frustrating part — that, and getting the energy level I need. Once I get that, I'll be fine. Then it will be no different than a coach with a broken leg.

Head Coach Bill Belichick will hold his first training camp press conference on Friday at noon, where he is expected to address the Weis situation and its furthering effects on training camp. Video of the press conference will be available at 1 p.m. on

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