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Willie McGinest conference call transcript

Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest addresses the Jacksonville media during his conference call.

(on his perception about the Jaguars not getting any respect)

"That's actually funny to me because (the Jaguars) are a team that's 12-4 that beat almost everybody. I'm not sure where that comes from, but if there was any team that was counted out to not to do anything or was not to make the playoffs, I think it was us. Maybe they (the Jaguars) are using that as a motivation factor or to get guys revved up to go but if anybody deserves to be in the playoffs Jacksonville definitely is one of the teams that deserve to be in the playoffs."

(on why he felt the Patriots may have been counted out this year)

"What does that have to do this year though? Our midseason record was like 4-4. I mean nobody gave us a chance. We lost to Indy; we lost to some other teams. And if you listened to the commentators or anything during the middle of the season, nobody even said we would make the playoffs, but if we happen to get lucky enough to get in, then we would probably lose in the first round. So we weren't running around talking about disrespect. We understand it's a tough season and a tough division. The AFC is full of a lot of good teams and some of the teams that didn't make the playoffs probably could easily go over in the other division and win it. You know the Kansas City's and the San Diego's and teams like that. So were in a competitive conference. A lot of good teams didn't make it and I think we're all fortunate to get in. All of that doesn't even matter now. What our record was in the past as far as Super Bowls or playoffs in the past does not get you victories in the present. (Bill) Belichick made an important comment this morning that I think hit home. He said, 'if you live in the past, you die in the present.'"

(on what he thinks turned this season around to make the playoffs)

"I just think we are preparing harder, we are practicing. We are just playing good football. There is no excuse why (we were losing). There are some of the same guys out there now. We just weren't playing good football. We turned it around. We practiced harder, we played harder, we prepared harder. We stopped doing some of the things defensively. We stopped giving up so many big plays. We got better against the run. We were able to get off the field more on third down and I think that gave our offense more opportunities to stay on the field and score more points. If our offense is playing well, you don't expect them to go out and score 30 points a game. We have to do our part."

(on where the defensive stretch of allowing 10 points in three games ranks)

"I think it was pretty good. It was really good actually. Anytime you can do that, it's impressive and force teams to be one-dimensional. But you have to give credit to our offense too. They score a lot of points and get up on teams and force them to pass the ball and not be able to run it. A lot of that has to do with them as well."

(on what kind of identity the Jaguars have)

"They're tough, physical team. They're a big team. It all starts with their head coach. He played in the league; he coached some real physical, disciplined teams. He was a good player himself and it just spreads all the way down. They've got a lot of good players on that team and they have an attitude about themselves and they are confident, physical and can do a lot of different things. They have guys that will run through walls for him."

(on whether he knew he and Del Rio wore the same number at USC)

"Yeah, a lot of guys wore that number. Junior Seau too."

(on whether the Jaguars performance will be similar to the 49ers or Texans games)

"You can't compare what happens from one game to another. If you watch the Notre Dame game yesterday against Ohio State they dropped a lot of passes and did things that were uncharacteristic of them during that game. You can't judge a team off of one performance. When No. 9 (David Garrard) has been in the game, he's been fairly accurate. He's been making big plays, he's hitting receivers. When No. 7 (Byron Leftwich) is in the game, he's done the same thing. Those guys are a double weapon. They can beat you with their feet, they can throw the ball, and they have a huge arm. They have big, strong, physical receivers. They have speed that can get down the field, they can get open and block. They do a lot of different things. They have a running back that can take the ball anywhere. We are facing an explosive team, a physical team and we have a lot of respect for them and we know that when they come here that they will be ready to play a hard-fought game for 60 minutes. I say that because nine of the games that they were behind in they came back to win, which just lets you know that they are a mentally tough team, that can come back and won't quit, they are going to play a full 60 minutes. "

(on whether he thinks the Patriots will be playing against Leftwich)

"I don't know. We are preparing just to play both. If he's in there, we will be ready for him, If he's not, we will be ready for Garrard."

(on if preparing for two quarterbacks complicates things)

"It's the NFL. You have to be ready for anything. It's the playoffs and they may change up a lot of different things. You have to prepare for all stops. You have to do whatever it takes to win. So you don't ever know what's happening or what's coming. So you have to be ready for pretty much anything."

(on his thoughts on whether playoff experience is valuable)

"I think it means nothing. If that were true then teams that have been in the playoffs would be in the playoffs and the Super Bowl every year. I think it's a whole new season. It's a new game, it's a new season. Everybody starting from scratch. None of that stuff matters. Stats don't matter, the past doesn't matter. We're just preparing to work hard and prepare hard and get ready for the game."

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