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2003 NFL Draft Fact Sheet

The NFL released information about the draft on April 26 and 27. Also posted are the Patriot’s scheduled plans for extensive coverage of the draft.


68th Annual National Football League Player Selection Meeting


The Theater, Madison Square Garden, New York City


12:00 noon (EDT), Saturday, April 26, 2003 (Rounds 1-3) 11:00 a.m. (EDT), Sunday, April 27, 2003 (Rounds 4-7)


The 2003 NFL draft will consist of seven rounds with a total of 262 picks. Each team is assigned one pick per round based on the reverse order of finish of the 2002 season. In addition, a total of 32 compensatory choices were awarded to 15 clubs. Four teams have two selections in the first round, New England (14th & 19th), New York Jets (13th & 22nd), New Orleans (17th & 18th) and Oakland (31st & 32nd).


Round 1 – 15 minutes will be allotted for each team's selection. Round 2 – 10 minutes per selection. Rounds 3 through 7 – 5 minutes per selection.


ESPN and ESPN2 will televise the draft in its entirety. This will be the 23rd year of draft coverage by ESPN. Once again, ESPN will have a presence in Foxborough on draft weekend and will interview head coach Bill Belichick via video conferencing following the team's first pick. * Saturday, April 26 ESPN Noon – 7 p.m. EDT ESPN2 7 p.m. until the end of the third round** Sunday, April 27 *ESPN 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. EDT ESPN2 3 p.m. until the end of the draft


For all the up to date information on draft day, check out the NFL's Draft Tracker site through links found at The "Draft Tracker" will enable users to analyze the draft as it unfolds and sort selections by player, position, NFL or college team, in addition to other variables. Fans can also follow all the draft's events at either or


Media Headquarters: The media headquarters for the Patriots 2003 NFL draft will be located in press box at Gillette Stadium on Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27. Weekend Schedule

*Saturday, April 26, 2003 * 11:30 a.m. Press box opens (credentials required). 12:00 p.m. Draft begins. 2:15 p.m. Approximate time of the Patriots first pick (14th overall). 3:00 p.m. Approximate time of the Patriots second pick (19th overall). 7:00 p.m. Approximate time of the Patriots third pick (50th overall). 8:20 p.m. Approximate time of the Patriots third pick (75th overall). 9:30 p.m. Approximate conclusion of the third round. *Sunday, April 27, 2003 * 10:30 a.m. Press box opens (credentials required). 11:00 a.m. Draft continues (4th - 7th rounds). 5:30 p.m. Approximate end of the 2003 NFL Draft. Patriots

Patriots Draft Coverage on
Once again,, the official website of the Patriots, will provide extensive draft coverage for the legions of Patriots fans throughout cyberspace. In addition to comprehensive biographical information on each Patriots draft choice, fans will also enjoy live analysis via radio from noon to 6:00 p.m. Saturday and noon to 3:00 Sunday

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