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2007 NFL Draft order

The following is the updated order of the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft, reflecting the results of the 2006 NFL playoffs.

NEW YORK -- Following is the updated order of the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft, reflecting the results of the 2006 NFL playoffs.

Priority of playoff clubs within a tied segment is based on their advancement in the playoffs, but they do not drop out of their tied segment unless they participate in the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts will select 32nd and the runner-up Chicago Bears 31st.

The tie between Cleveland and Tampa Bay for the third and fourth positions will be broken by a coin flip.

Clubs involved in two-club ties will alternate positions from round-to-round. In ties that involve three or more clubs, the club at the top of a tied segment in a given round will move to the bottom of the segment for the next round, while all other clubs in the segment move up one position. This rotation continues throughout the draft.

2006 Draft Order
TeamRecordStrength of Schedule
1Oakland Raiders2-14.555
2Detroit Lions3-13.523
3Cleveland Browns#4-12.535
4Tampa Bay Buccaneers#4-12.535
5Arizona Cardinals5-11.500
6Washington Redskins5-11.512
7Minnesota Vikings6-10.488
8Houston Texans6-10.504
9Miami Dolphins6-10.543
10Atlanta Falcons7-9.457
11San Francisco 49ers7-9.500
12Buffalo Bills7-9.574
13St. Louis Rams8-8.465
14Carolina Panthers8-8.473
15Pittsburgh Steelers8-8.496
16Green Bay Packers8-8.500
17Jacksonville Jaguars8-8.531
18Cincinnati Bengals8-8.535
19Tennessee Titans8-8.570
20New York Giants8-8.520
21Denver Broncos9-7.531
22Dallas Cowboys9-7.457
23Kansas City Chiefs9-7.492
24New England Patriots (from Seattle)9-7.453
25New York Jets10-6.469
26Philadelphia Eagles10-6.477
27New Orleans Saints10-6.461
28New England Patriots12-4.496
29Baltimore Ravens13-3.461
30San Diego Chargers14-2.457
31Chicago Bears13-3.430
32Indianapolis Colts12-4.500
# -- Subject to coin flip

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