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A Journey Through The Hall: A Living Exhibit

At 88 years of age, George Boyajian is one of the most fascinating exhibits at The Hall. One of the organizations longest tenured employees, Boyajian is in his 25th year with the Patriots.


George Boyajian

This week in "A Journey Through The Hall at Patriot Place Presented by Raytheon," Gameday takes a look at George Boyajian, one of the Patriots' longest tenured employees.

Weaving through Super Bowl trophies and a replica of Tom Brady's locker, the study and dedication to Patriots history and tradition at The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon becomes lifelike through interactive presentations and testaments to the team's success.

One of the most fascinating exhibits, however, is also the most real.

Meet George.

At 88 years of age, George Boyajian is one of the most fascinating exhibits at The Hall. One of the organizations longest tenured employees, Boyajian is in his 25th year with the Patriots.

Through four owners and eight coaches, his Patriots journey began in concessions, when former general manager Patrick Sullivan, son of former owner Billy Sullivan, personally hired him. From concessions he moved into the catering department where he was responsible for the insatiable task of feeding the organization.

"I can remember Charlie Weis saying, 'give me more jelly doughnuts,'" Boyajian recalls. "[I'd say], 'Charlie, they're no good for you. For Christ sake quit it.'"

Boyajian now wanders The Hall greeting visitors with a smile and the energy of a teenager on a sugar rush.

"This is fun for me," Boyajian said, his eyes exuberantly glowing through rimmed glasses. "I enjoy telling them the story about the Patriots. Half the visitors here don't even know where and when football started."

"Do you?" he asked.


"Boston in 1862," he said, his voice lifting. "In a cow pasture, which is now the Boston Common. Once a year they have to put cows on that common to maintain its status as a cow pasture."

Boyajian has always been a patriot, serving as a submariner during World War II at the age of 20. Stationed in the Pacific, the Chelsea native worked in the submarine's propulsion room.

"I'm a submariner so I know all about being part of a team. It's not T.E.I.A.M., its T.E.A.M.," Boyajian excitedly said donning his World War II veteran hat. "That gave me the inspiration to be a part of the team here. Whether its here at the Hall, or out there taking care of the concessions end, it's teamwork. If five people pull the same direction you can move Mother Earth. If you pull the opposite direction you could tear it apart. No two ways about it."

Battling health issues, burying his wife and son, and surviving World War II, Boyajian is his own personal exhibit. An exhilarating tale of loss, adventure, and triumph, he is a walking testament to human perseverance.

"He's an exhibit by himself," said Bryan Morry, Executive Director of The Hall at Patriot Place. "We're very grateful to have an individual like George who has seen it all and can share his vast experience with our guests. The energy and passion he embodies, in addition to his tireless work ethic makes him the ultimate teammate. He understands the organizational expectations here and he is a pleasure to work with."

A celebrity around Gillette Stadium, mentioning his name is sure to result in a story.

"Robert Kraft and I are hugging buddies," Boyajian said with a smile. "Robert doesn't want me to leave. I've tried, but Robert says, 'Don't let him go anywhere. We won't let him go.'"

Thankfully, Boyajian doesn't want to.

"If I went and sat at home I'd be dead in a month," he said. "You get stale. I'm here using my mind and my body. I'm going to keep going until the good Lord says come home."

The Hall's oldest exhibit carries the Patriots history with him. Literally: tilting to the left, Boyajian lifts his hand showing off the Patriots Super Bowl XXXVI ring that engulfs his finger, compliments of Mr. Kraft.

To Boyajian though, he is just another proud member of the T.E.A.M.

To learn more about The Hall or purchase tickets, visit

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