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Adalius Thomas Locker Room Interview - 1/8/2008

New England Patriots linebacker Adalius Thomas addresses the media during his locker room interview on January 8, 2008.

(On what the key is to relaxing in a playoff atmosphere)

Thomas: I don't know a key. You just do your job, whatever it may be. Your job doesn't change just because it's the playoffs.

(On Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew)

Thomas: Both of those guys are fast. Both of those guys can make cuts [and] break a lot of tackles. Both are strong. One of them is just shorter than the other. They run the same plays with those guys in there so both of those guys are very explosive and can take a short run and make it into a long run.

(On Jones-Drew's ability as a blocker in the backfield)

Thomas: It doesn't matter how tall you are. Blocking is about attitude so both of those guys are tough, physical guys.

(On what kind of problems Jacksonville presents)

Thomas: They're a challenge all around, with the two running backs that they have along with the fullback [Greg] Jones, who's a big, physical guy, and the quarterback adds another runner to it. They have big receivers and they have a big, physical offensive line. Our trying to prepare for them is very difficult and so we just really have to study the film and stay on top of it and not just rely on one guy to tackle.

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