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All rookies set as veterans arrive

The last healthy rookie has been cleared to practice with the team, which opens its full training camp Thursday afternoon.

Cornerback Leonard Myers was allowed to re-take the conditioning test Wednesday, and he passed. Myers and running back Robert Edwards were the only healthy players who failed the test on Monday. The conditioning exam consists of twenty 60-yard sprints that must be completed in a specified time, with ony 30 seconds between sprints.

Edwards passed Tuesday, as did first-round pick Richard Seymour. Seymour was not in Monday because his contract was not finalized yet. The veterans will run the conditioning test Thursday morning before the team holds its first full practice at 3:30 p.m.

Four players have not been able to participate in the conditioning run because of injury problems. Defensive ends Willie McGinest (back) and Brandon Mitchell (leg) and tight ends Jabari Holloway (hamstring) and Arther Love (groin) will take the test when they are deemed healthy.

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