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Andre Carter Conference Call Transcript

Patriots defensive end Andre Carter addresses the Washington media during his conference call on Wednesday, December 7, 2011.

On if he anticipated this type of success when he signed with New England:
"You know what, I'm a man of faith. God works in mysterious ways. In all, I was just blessed to have the opportunity to play another season and play a few more downs and, in general, just play for a great organization."

On being back in a four-man front:
"It's fun, man. This is something I've done for a long period of time. Just for Coach [Bill] Belichick and the Patriots organization to take the chance on me to go out there and just try my best to be productive or just to try my best to play a great game with great teammates..."

On if he had offers from teams other than the Patriots this past offseason:
"I had offers from New York. I took a trip to New York [to meet with the Giants] and unfortunately, we had to shake hands and part ways because it didn't work out. I ended up getting a call from the Patriots, so I was very blessed."

On if he is playing better than ever:
"I hope so. I'm just my own worst critic. Every game I analyze and look at what I can do to get better, what techniques and fundamentals can I do to improve my game. That's just how I look at it. I take it one game at a time and just play hard. If things flow with you, great. If not, you just go back to the drawing board."

On if he compares Belichick to Redskins Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan:
"Yeah, I do. I mean, they're two coaches that are definitely hard-nosed. They pay attention to detail. They're definitely goal-oriented as far as what needs to be done. In each game, they know the players. They're just fundamentally sound. That's some similarities that they share."

On what he did to register 4.5 sacks against the New York Jets:
"Just playing hard like every other game. You would ask other players or other [defensive] ends that just get on a roll on those particular nights that are so productive, it's a blessed performance and I'll definitely remember that game."

On if he was surprised that he will not be facing Redskins tackle Trent Williams:
"It's unfortunate that it ended up the way it did. I wish the best for him because he's a heck of a player and when we did pass rush, we had some good battles. Hopefully this will subside and just be a speed bump in the road, but he'll bounce back and be ready to go next year."

On if he has faced Redskins tackle Sean Locklear in the past:
"I think I did, but maybe once. I was trying to remember. If I recall, I think he played more right [tackle] than the left. I don't think we played against each other that much."

On if there is a different mindset playing defense on a team with a prolific offense:
"I think the mindset, in general, whether you're successful or unsuccessful on offense, defense, [and] special teams, is to go out there and execute and play hard. Definitely the game can change or the game situation can change when you're playing ahead or behind, but in general, whatever the score is, you've just got to go out there and play your best game, play by play. And that's just something I'd just stake my pride off of when I was a Redskin, when I was a 49er and now as I am a Patriot."

On if the defense can afford to gamble more when supported by a strong offense:
"I don't think it's necessarily 'gamble.' I just think in regards to rushing the passer, you're just in sync with the rest of the linemen and you communicate. In general, you constantly communicate when you're on the sideline."

On what he has learned about Patriots quarterback Tom Brady since the Patriots defeated the Redskins in 2007:
"I'll tell you what, one thing about Tom Brady, man, he can definitely move the ball very effectively. He's just definitely a great professional quarterback to have. He studies the game. He definitely tries to control the tempo and that's something he did in '07 and that's something he continues to do now."

On drama during his time in Washington:
"It was never easy. It's definitely never easy. The thing is to be optimistic, that's something I always learned being there and being in any tough situations. Nothing in life is ever perfect. Being there in Washington, I played with some great men. Definitely, London Fletcher is on top of the board. Phillip Daniels, Renaldo Wynn. As far as coaches, 'Go Crazy' Gregg Williams. Joe Gibbs brought me in from day one. It was a lot of good memories despite the tough times."

On the culture change between Washington and New England:
"No matter what organization you're playing for, there's always a sense of history. Now, granted, this organization has not always been successful as far as winning, but as a whole, in general, to almost any other team, there's always a tradition and there's always a little bit of history that each organization has. So there's always some similarity and that's something that you always remember."

On the similarities between Belichick's and Shanahan's rules for player conduct:
"It's the same. To some degree, it's really simple. Do your job. Come to work on time. Work hard. Study your film. Know your plays. Go home, rest up, and do it all over again. Those are pretty much the simple answers to stay out of trouble. That's pretty much it."

On Shanahan and the Redskins' progress:
"I think he's headed in the right direction. Unfortunately, winning doesn't come overnight. I'm a firm believer that they do have the right group of guys, a great level of character to turn this thing around. Unfortunately it's going to take a little bit of time, but overall, as far as his fundamentals, I think the guys in particular in the Redskins organization, they understand that. So, it's coming along. It's unfortunate, but I know good things are coming their way."

On if the Patriots defense needs to improve before the playoffs:
"We're not really focused on playoff time. I think what's most important is how we're going to play on Sunday... We've just got to get ready for Sunday just like any other week, take the time and preparation to put on the best performance. One day a week. Everybody's watching. That's what's important now."

On the current struggles by the Patriots defense:
"I know it's bottom of the heap, but you know, it's on us as players to possibly get better and know what we can do right and try to rectify the situations that haven't been very successful for us. But overall, we do have a great group of men here that love this game. We just go out there and try to have fun."

On if he can tell offensive lines that haven't been together very long:
"Oh, yeah, of course. Sometimes guys or players just are not in sync in regards to making calls or understanding how each man works, kind of like playing defensive line, especially when there's a new guy or group of men that is just kind of coming in. It takes time to jell. Once everything starts flowing, then things can get a little bit easier in regard to the running game and passing game."

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