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Ask PFW: a smorgasboard of questions

PFW answers your questions as it does each and every week.

Do the Minute Men who fire a volley when the Patriots score have an official name? Are they an official regiment of some brigade or anything? Thanks.
Saco, Maine

They go by "The New England Militia"
Bryan Morry

Do you think the news of Weis and Crennel possibly moving on will create distractions within the team that may have a negative effect for the Patriots in the playoffs?
Bill Villone
Retsof, N.Y.

Bill, I certainly think that when your two top assistants aren't 100 percent focused on the game at hand, that it can be distracting. They are trying to prepare for the biggest games of their lives while also trying to take care of themselves and their possible future. I don't like the process. I think the league should make all teams wait until the end of the playoffs to begin interviewing coaches.
Bryan Morry

Does the Patriots franchise keep statistics on the percentage of Patriots fans that are female? If so, what is their estimate, and how was the figure derived? I'm curious because the selection of Patriots apparel made specifically for women (i.e., the "NFL for Her" line) is seriously lacking, both at the Patriots ProShop and other stores that carry NFL apparel. And how do the players feel about the only "ladies' jersey" being that of #12? (Personally I'd like to wear the ones for Seymour and Bruschi). Aren't the other players missing out on potential revenue from the sale of such jerseys?
Boston, Mass.

I asked our retail director and he said, "I believe the NFL stats on fan percentage breakdown is 54/46 male/female. In Gillette Stadium's case, we have around 80/20 male/female attendance at home games. And regarding ladies apparel selection, it has taken vendors a while to increase the volume of items manufactured for not only the Pats but all teams. The selection has improved each year and will continue now that the sales of ladies apparel has increased dramatically. The best selection at the Patriots ProShop is at the beginning of the season (August) when inventory is generally at the highest levels. Lastly, Vinatieri was also offered along with Brady in ladies jerseys. Bruschi will be added along with the two players above for the 2004 season." I hope that helps.
Bryan Morry

Two questions. Why is the NFL so quick to pick the Pro Bowl teams before the regular season comes to an end? Certainly there are some players that have incredible games at the end that may make people vote differently. And why does the NFL allow coaches to be flying all over the country interviewing for head coaching positions when they should be focusing on their playoff games instead?
Mystic, Conn.

Those are good questions. I think they should wait until the end of the season to vote for the Pro Bowl or at least before the last game rather than with two games to go. It would be difficult to wait until the end of the season because the players leave town a day after their season ends. But I believe they do it for timing purposes. I don't think they want Pro Bowl talk interspersed with playoff talk. It's like Major League Baseball declaring that no major announcements be made during the World Series. It's a good time for public relations purposes. It hypes the players with a couple of weeks to go and preempts any playoff talk that takes over thereafter. As far as the coaches go, they do not fly all over the country during their teams' playoff preparation. Teams who want to interview coaches who are still involved in the playoffs have a mandated window of opportunity when that interview can take place and the teams must fly to the coach rather than vice versa.
Bryan Morry

Do you think it's about time the NFL took example from NFL Europe and made it 4 points for a field goal that is kicked from over 50 yards. It would make things even more exciting.
Andy Morgan
Newport, South Wales
United Kingdom

I don't watch much NFL Europe action and never really thought about adapting that rule, but I must say, it intrigues me. I'm sure the league would have to do research to determine how many games over the years would have been affected by that rule to determine whether or not it is worthwhile. It would be an interesting strategical situation for coaches. There are a number of rules that I think are bad rules – defensive pass interference being a spot foul for one – and I would work to change those first if I had to prioritize, but I could live with that change. Perhaps you wouldn't see as many coaches punt from inside 50 yards.
Bryan Morry

Gerry Salvati
Medford, Mass.

No. He can't go to another team. He has a contract through 2006 and after all the contract stuff that happened with him, Parcells and even Jon Gruden, who essentially was traded to the Bucs, the league would prevent a move I think. He could retire, but I don't anticipate that happening.
Bryan Morry

Dennis Kearney
Hyde Park, Mass.

Drew Bledsoe, Sam Gash and Lawyer Milloy were on the roster this season while tight end Rod Trafford was on the practice squad. Trafford was never actually on the Patriots official roster, however, because he was released during training camp and never made the team.
Bryan Morry

I was just wondering if Michael Bishop, Andy Katzenmoyer and Robert Edwards have any chance to come back in to the NFL or are their careers most likely over?
Seekonk, Mass.

Big Kat is back in Ohio and retired because of his neck injury. He won't be back. Robert Edwards could turn up in somebody's training camp this summer and I definitely would not be surprised. He could still find himself a role somewhere. Michael Bishop is a long shot since I don't believe he's been a regular starter in Canada. But maybe someday it clicks for him and he turns into the next Jeff Garcia. He has a terrific arm.
Bryan Morry

Is there any single source or at least just a couple to find out where Pats players will be available for autographs? Seems I always hear about something the day before the event and am not able to make it. Go Pats!
Bob Hunnefield
Manchester, N.H.

The players generally handle any autograph sessions on a personal basis. Those are not team-organized. The team is involved in charitable appearances by the players at which they generally sign autographs. Upcoming events and appearances of the like are published biweekly during the season in Patriots Football Weekly.
Bryan Morry

What is the penalty if one of the sideline players tackles an opponent who is racing for the end zone? (This must be an irresistable impulse)
Don from Worcester
Arlington, Va.

A touchdown would be awarded if the official determines that the tackle prevented a touchdown. That would qualify in the rulebook as a "palpably unfair act" and the official would have the discretion to rule it a score. He could also disqualify the player or coach or award yardage at his discretion.
Bryan Morry

I'm a long time Patriots fan. A couple weeks ago when the Pats played Buffalo I was in Lawrence General Hospital recovering from an inflamed pancreas. I was crushed that I had to miss the Pats vs. Buffalo game but the pain was too intense. When I am home I record every game and watch them over and over. I was wondering if there is any way I can obtain a copy of the Buffalo game since I was unable to watch it. I greatly appreciate any help you can give.
Jim Shay
Methuen, Mass.

Sorry Jim, the Patriots do not have copies of the game available for distribution. That would be illegal since the team does not own the rights to the game telecast. The league owns those rights and does offer games for re-sale. My advice would be to ask any fellow Patriots fans and see if you can get a copy. Perhaps someone who reads this will be able to supply you with a copy. Good luck and I hope you feel OK.
Bryan Morry

This season is Damien Woody's final season under contract with the Pats. Do you know if the team is close to a contract extension with "Big Wood"? Or is he now expendable with the exceptional play of rookie Dan Koppen? Also, if the Pats can't come to terms with Big Wood, do you think they would use the "franchise tag" on him? Thanks!
Bill Conant
Chelmsford, Mass.

The team has negotiated with Woody, but I believe the two sides are not close to an agreement. I think Woody will hit free agency on March 1 and play elsewhere next season. I think he's looking to be paid as one of the top five centers in football, which he might get from someone, but I'm not sure the Patriots want to commit that cash when they have a center who maybe isn't as good as Woody yet, but started all season as a rookie and will still develop. I think Woody is a good team guy who moved to guard without a public complaint. I think there is a difference in opinion on Woody's value. I think he is worth top 10 center money, but until he learns to shotgun snap, he wouldn't get top five from me – although I don't know how much the difference would be.
Bryan Morry

Are you the same Paul Perillo that coached my JV baseball team at Wellesley High in 1997.
Rich Kertzman
Wellesley, Mass.

It is that Paul. Ohmygod. Paul is a good baseball guy. My boss calls him a baseball elitist. He was a crafty lefty junk baller for the now defunct Boston University baseball team in the early 90s before leading the Wellesley JV club in his only managerial stint to date. He actually was my team captain when I was a young impressionable freshman at BU. In five years, Paul won more games than any JV coach in Wellesley history (OK I made that last part up). After playing with Paul, I can only imagine how many times he got tossed out of the game as a manager.
Bryan Morry

How come in the patriots Pro Shop, Antowain Smith's jersey is on sale but no other player on the Patriots is? Tebucky Jones is also but that's because he's not on the team, so why would Smith's jersey be on sale if he is still on the team?
Steven Velez
Coral Springs, Fla.

Antowain's jersey is overstocked. It has nothing to do with roster status. Our Pro Shop people are quite smart, but they don't get involved in personnel decisions. All kidding aside, I asked about this and it's a simple matter of overstock so they made it a sale item.
Bryan Morry

Do you think Corey Dillon has a chance to be in New England next year as their running back?
Stephen Towne
Nashville, Tenn.

No. I don't think the Patriots will pursue Dillon unless he comes at some bargain price that would reduce their risk level. That way if Dillon didn't fit in, they could release him without any damaging salary cap ramifications. I doubt Dillon will be looking for a contract like that.
Bryan Morry

Pats 2004 schedule??
Hank Steele
Brighton, Mass.

Home games: Bills, Jets, Dolphins, Ravens, Bengals, 49ers, Seahawks, Colts. Away games: Bills, Jets, Dolphins, Browns, Steelers, Cardinals, Rams, Chiefs. Dates are yet to be determined.
Bryan Morry

I'll refrain from calling my question stupid since everyone else does but I was wondering with the amount of national contests from websites and cell phone companies and radio stations etc., how many people at the Super Bowl this year will actually PAY for tickets? Any guess or type of statistic on that?
Lawton, Okla.

The ticket distribution is as follows. Each team playing receives 17.5 percent of the tickets. The host team receives 5 percent, the other 29 teams share 34.8 percent and the league gets 25.2 percent. How they are distributed from there, I'm not sure. Certainly there are a number of complimentary tickets distributed through corporate sponsors, but the league holds a random drawing to sell tickets and if the Patriots are in the Super Bowl, they also hold a drawing for season ticket holders to purchase a certain amount of their allotment. According to, here is the information on entering the NFL's random drawing for next year's game. It is no longer possible to request tickets through the league for the upcoming Super Bowl.
The only method the NFL has to distribute tickets to the public is through a random drawing. The primary means of distribution is through each NFL team. There is no other means for the general public to purchase tickets. The NFL does not sell tickets to travel or ticket agents.
Entries for the random drawing are accepted between Feb. 1 and June 1 of the year preceding the game in question. All ticket requests must be sent via certified or registered mail. Requests for tickets to Super Bowl XXXIX, to be played Feb. 6, 2005 in Jacksonville, will be accepted beginning Feb. 1, 2004.
Requests should be sent to:

Super Bowl Random Drawing
PO Box 16400
Mascoutah, IL 62224-6400

Please note that only one request per address is accepted. All duplicate requests will be disregarded.
Bryan Morry

Was there ever a player for the Patriots named (or who went by) Jimmy Collins?
Denver, Colo.

No. According to the Patriots all-time roster, the only Collins to play for New England are Todd Collins and Tony Collins. That's not to say a player named Jimmy Collins was never on the training camp roster, but if a player doesn't make the team or never appears on the final 53-man roster, then he is not considered to have played for the team.
Bryan Morry

With most of us looking toward the playoffs, I am wondering what happens after the season. Will these questions be left unanswered until next season. Like will the patriots keep Wilson at safety or will they use a draft pick or go to free agency? Where will Mike Cloud be next year? (Was this a scouting year for him). Who will start for the TE postion? Will David Givens get the starting position at WR like he seems to have right now? One other question who's draft picks do the Patriots have for the upcoming draft?
Jason Liberty
Sanford, Maine

Well Jason, If Ty Law and Tyrone Poole are both back next year, and both are under contract, then I think Wilson will stay at safety. If one of those two leaves because of a contract issue or a retirement, then Wilson will move to corner and the Patriots will pursue a safety. Mike Cloud has a one-year deal, but I could definitely see the Patriots re-signing him and letting him spend an offseason in their program to give him a long and better look during training camp next summer. As far as starters go, it doesn't really matter who starts. The Patriots use all those guys interchangeably. Daniel Graham and Christian Fauria should both be back and both will play. The same goes for Givens, who if he doesn't start a game, still gets plenty of reps. The Patriots hold Baltimore's first round pick, Miami's second rounder and the Saints fourth round selection. So New England holds two first round picks, two second round picks and two fourth round picks with one pick in the third, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds. Don't expect it to stay that way come draft weekend.
Bryan Morry

I was wondering why they call the rankings going into playoffs "seeds". I've asked numerous people and no one has been able to supply a reasonable answer.
Orlando, Fla.

There is a dictionary definition of the word "seed" with that usage as it pertains to a ranking for a sports tournament. I looked it up the word on to see if there was a usage for that purpose.
Bryan Morry

Just a general rules question. If a quarterback throws an interception during an attempted two-point conversion, does it count toward his stats?
Warren, N.J.

No. It simply counts as a failed conversion attempt.
Bryan Morry

Is the field surface at the Patriots Gillette stadium heated?
Mike Munns
Springfield, Mass.

There is a heating system under the field, but its purpose is to work in conjunction with a special tarp to warm the soil to allow grass growth later in the season when colder temperatures would not allow for it. The purpose is not to keep snow off the field or anything like that.
Bryan Morry

Does having the Revs play at Gillette contribute to the poor field conditions that developed.
Steve Alexander
Haverhill, Mass.

Between the Revs, the Patriots and the concerts and events held at the stadium, the field is definitely taxed. All of those things combined led to the field conditions that developed over the latter half of the football season.
Bryan Morry

While all these other folks think that their questions are all stupid, I am going to say that this is a darn good question. What do you think the possibilities of bringing back the retro uniforms with the throwbacks on them is? I know there was a game last season that we wore them I think it might have been the Tennessee game, but I am not sure. I would love to see those uniforms make a comeback.
Aaron Small
Ellsworth, Maine

Those uniforms will not be making a comeback other than on special occasions like a throwback weekend. They wore them on Thanksgiving in Detroit in 2002, but the Flying Elvis head is here to stay for the foreseeable future.
Bryan Morry

What ever happened to Rosevelt Colvin, I know he got a hip injury, but I didn't think it would take an entire season, including playoffs to heal up. The whole team is healthy but him. Will we see him next year??
Charlestown, N.H.

Colvin fractured his hip and was placed on injured reserve, which means he can't play again this season, including the postseason. But that injury takes several months to recover from. He just recently began walking without crutches. I believe he will try to come back in time for training camp next summer. I'm no doctor, but I think a fractured hip is a pretty serious injury, especially for a football player who gets hit all the time.
Bryan Morry

The rules call for 7 men on the line of scrimmage at all times, so in days gone by, if you had two WRs and a tight end, one of them had to be a "back". They were called flankers and lined up behind the line of scrimmage. Is this still enforced - it looks to me, at least on TV, that all WRs line up on the LOS even if you are sending 5 of them, and there is really no distinction between a "split end" and a "flanker" any more. Have the rules changed?
Jim Swist
Arlington, Mass.

Jim, I know that the rules currently state that AT LEAST seven players have to be on the line of scrimmage. Rule 7, Section 2, Article 1 states "The offensive team must have: seven or more players on its line at the snap. All players not on the line, other than the snap receiver under center, must be at least 1 yard behind it at snap."
Bryan Morry

I don't mean to be negative after such a huge win but there is something I cannot understand. Daniel Graham drops more passes than my baby sister when I use to throw the ball to her. It's not a once in a while thing. It's a constant. Three drops in the Titans game. Throw in a fumble and this guy is hurting the team big time. Whereas Christian Fauria seems to never drop a pass. Why in the world does Charlie continue to keep Graham in the offense and keep going to him. I could understand if he had no alternative but in light of the reliable play of Fauria, I simply cannot understand the thinking. Someone once told me the definition of insanity was to keep doing the same thing and expecting to get different results. Do you have any idea why Charlie keeps going to Graham instead of Fauria. Is there something I am not seeing here.
Mobile, Ala.

It's been frustrating at times to see Graham, who is loaded with ability, drop catchable passes. But he also has come up with some big catches during the season. The Patriots need Graham to use his speed and athleticism to get down the field from the tight end spot. He can create coverage mismatches and has made some big plays this year. But you are right too. He certainly hasn't caught the ball consistently and I'm sure nobody is more frustrated than he is. When he is open, Brady has to go to him and hope he holds on. If you can't trust him he shouldn't play. I don't think the coaching staff has lost faith in him. Maybe that makes them insane as you say. He's been such a tease at times, but then he drops those passes that make you scream. I know where you are coming from, but I think they need his playmaking ability on the field. Fauria definitely has better hands, but is not nearly as fast and therefore doesn't create the mismatch down the deep seam that Graham does. Obviously it doesn't do any good if he drops the ball. I just wrote a story last week in PFW about Graham's rise in production from year 1 to year 2 and then he goes out and drops that pass down on the 4 and fumbles. I wouldn't call that pass thrown behind him a drop, however. He needs to step up and if he has lost his confidence, he needs to sit on the bench or be used as a blocker. I just don't think the coaches have lost all faith him in yet. I haven't either. Maybe I'm insane.
Bryan Morry

At the Gillette Stadium what are the blue painted lines supposed to be on both sides of the 50 yard line? We have been trying to figure it out all night while watching the Patriots vs. Titans game. Thanks!
Spooner, Wis.

It's amazing how many people asked this question this week. The blue design on the field is the stadium logo – the lighthouse and bridge that stand tall in back of the north end zone at Gillette Stadium. They are parts of the stadium that give it a New England touch.
Bryan Morry

Could you clarify how players and coaches are compensated for playing in playoff games? I believe the players get an equal and set amount based on the playoff game and whether they win or lose, but do the coaches also get the same compensation?
Bill Destefano

Coaches are salaried employees that get paid throughout the year. If the team wins the Super Bowl, it is allotted so many shares. The players all receive a full share and the rest (I don't know how many) are distributed at the team's discretion. For coaches, they may have something in their contract that stipulates what exactly they would receive in relation to how far the team goes in the playoffs. But players only get paid during the season. So in the playoffs, they are playing for bigger pieces of the pie each week because that is all they earn. Each player on the 2002 Super Bowl champion team received $63,000 while the losing team players received $35,000. The players that played in the conference championship games received $35,000 each. The players in the divisional round received $17,000 each. The Wild Card round winners received $17,000 each and the losers received $12,500 each.
Bryan Morry

Timothy Holick
Middleboro, Mass.

Carmina Burana by Carl Orff
Bryan Morry

During the Eagles-Packers game, McNabb did a quarterback sneak for a first down but would have come up short if an Eagle player hadn't gotten in back of the pile and pushed it forward. This was clearly shown and commented on in the replay. This used to be illegal many years ago. Is it now legal to get behind the play and push it forward?
J. Goldfinger
Queens, N.Y.

Rule 12, Section 1, Article 1 states that no offensive player may assist the runner except by individually blocking opponents for him. He can't push the runner. Doing so results in a 10-yard penalty. I didn't see the play in question, but you can't push the runner forward.
Bryan Morry

This is the best Patriots team I ever seen in my 17 years being here on earth and I want to know will Rosevelt Colvin come back next season and will we sign Ty Law back and keep him on the team?
Justin Monteiro
Fall River, Mass.

Assuming Colvin fully recovers from his fractured hip, he will play next season. I am not privy to his health status. Law is under contract and despite his escalating salary cap figure, I think he will be back next season.
Bryan Morry

Why was Willie McGinest added to the pro bowl besides his outstanding playing abilties and his Big Heart?
Jason Tolman
Frankfort, Ill.

McGinest was a first alternate in the voting and when Baltimore's Peter Boulware decided his injury would prevent him from playing in the game, McGinest, as the first alternate, was added to the AFC roster.
Bryan Morry

New England is now at 15-2 on the season. An incredible feat. In the history of the NFL, how many other 15-2 teams at this point going into the AFC or NFC Championship went on to the Super Bowl and how many of those 15-2 teams at this point lost in the AFC/NFC championship. If you know please answer my questions. Thanks And Go Patriots!!
Wayne German
WilkesBarre, Pa.

OK, the league went to a 16-game schedule in 1978 so I will go from there since no one before that could have been 15-2 entering championship weekend.
In 1978, the Steelers went 14-2 and won their first playoff game to go 15-2. They then won the AFC Championship and the Super Bowl to finish 17-2.
In 1983, the Redskins were also 15-2 entering the NFC Championship, which they won before losing to the Raiders in Super Bowl XVIII.
In 1984, the Dolphins were 15-2 entering the conference championship and won before losing to San Francisco in Super Bowl XIX. The 49ers, however, were 16-1 entering the NFC Championship before going on to win it all that year.
In 1985, the Bears repeated San Francisco's feat by winning the Super Bowl (over the Patriots) with an 18-1 record.
In 1986, The Giants were 15-2 heading into the conference championship and went on to win Super Bowl XXI.
In 1989, the 49ers were 15-2 at this point and won Super Bowl XXIV.
In 1990, the 15-2 49ers lost to the Giants in the NFC Championship Game. The Giants went on to beat Buffalo in the Super Bowl.
In 1991, Washington was 15-2 and won Super Bowl XXVI.
In 1992, the 15-2 49ers lost in the NFC Championship to Dallas, who went on to win the Super Bowl over Buffalo.
In 1998, the 16-1 Vikings lost in the NFC Championship game to the 15-2 Falcons. That same year, Denver was 15-2 when it won the AFC Championship. It went on to defeat Atlanta in Super Bowl XXXIII.
In 1999, the 15-2 Jaguars lost the AFC Championship Game to Tennessee, who went on to lose to the Rams in Super Bowl XXXIV.
In 2001, the 15-2 Rams won the NFC Championship, but lost in Super Bowl XXXVI to your New England Patriots.
So of teams that entered the conference championship with a 15-2 or better record, seven went on to win the Super Bowl, four won the conference but lost in the Super Bowl and four lost the conference championship.
Bryan Morry

How does the salary cap function? Is it determined as a percentage of franchise income or is it a fixed sum as quoted by the NFL? Either way, what is the figure for the Patriots salary budget? Thanks.
Nick Blackbourn
Sussex, England

The cap is 64 percent of the league's defined gross revenues. For 2004, that number will be around $78.1 million. That revenue includes a lot of sources, but most notably, the selling of the broadcast rights to NFL games.
Bryan Morry

When was the last time that both No. 1 seeds from each conference faced each other in the Super Bowl? I think it has been a while now? How often does that happen?
Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Since the league went to the current six seed format in1990, it has happened just twice – 1991 and 1993.
Bryan Morry

Was it me or was Ty Law not involved in any plays against the Titans? Was he hurt or did the Titans just avoid him the whole game?
Dave Case
Huntington Station, NY

Ty played. They just didn't throw at him. He did not have a tackle.
Bryan Morry

In the Panthers-Rams game, the Panthers fumbled on the Rams 6-yard line. The ball was batted around for a while, and then recovered for a touchdown. Whatever happened to the "Dave Casper" rule, and why was Carolina permitted to fumble forward (albeit unintentionally) for a touchdown?
Washington D.C.

The special rules regarding advancing a fumble only apply to fourth down and the last two minutes of a game. If a fourth down fumble occurs, only the fumbling player may advance the fumble. If his teammate recovers the fumble, the ball is returned to the spot of the fumble. The same would be true in the last two minutes. At other times, a fumble can be advanced by a teammate as was the case in the Panthers-Rams game. If an official determines that a forward fumble was intentional, he can rule it an illegal forward pass.
Bryan Morry

I hate to harp on the "no respect" thing again, but consider the following: 1) The media has spent more time since this weekend's playoff games talking about Brett Favre (who blew his team's chance in an amateurish mistake) or even the ever-gimpy Steve McNair, than our steady-as-she-goes Tom Brady, who led yet another game-winning drive in the fourth this week. 2) One of the Titans players had the audacity to say, "that team is not that good" after his team's second loss to the Pats this season, as if the Pats had somehow lucked into their NFL-best record this year. 3) A TV announcer during the Indy-KC game said of the Colts "there's no team that has done better at winning games under a 7-point margin this year," apparently forgetting how many close games the Pats won, including the victory over Indy. 4) I could go on...Were the Pats so bad in the early history of the franchise that they cannot be seen for what they are even decades later? Or is the phenomenon of ill-respect more due to their non-superstar style of play? Sorry for the long-winded question.

Goffstown, N.H.

John, I think it's a little of both. The Patriots were never a strong franchise until the last 10 years or so. But their lack of perceived star power makes them too "boring" for people to talk about. They are not considered a glamour team. If they win this week, you may start to see that change for the foreseeable future.
Bryan Morry

After Bethel Johnson's touchdown catch Saturday night, he was talking on the phone on the sideline. Since Weis is on the sideline, who was he talking to?
Travis Simpson
Waltham, Vt.

His mom. Seriously, I imagine he was talking to his position coach, Brian Daboll, who sits in the coach's booth. I can't guarantee it, but that's my best guess.
Bryan Morry

How are the coaches for the Pro Bowl determined? Is there any reason that Belichick would not be the head coach of the AFC?
Mike S.
Nashua, N.H.

The coaching staffs that lose in the conference championship games coach the Pro Bowl teams. So if you are a Patriots fan, you are rooting for Tony Dungy to coach the AFC team. Belichick would only be the coach if the Patriots lose to the Colts.
Bryan Morry

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