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Ask PFW: Bye the bye - Pt. II

If Corey Dillon can still play, why not bring him back? He's had rest and if he can help the team, most Pats fans would surely welcome him back. He always gave the team his best and was an awesome player.
Clarke Curtis

This Dillon infatuation has puzzled me for some time. You say that he always gave the team his best. Do you really think he gave it everything he had last year? I don't. I thought there were times when he ran well and he would then invariably have to leave the field because he was tired. If he had truly given the team his best, he would have been in better shape. I can't see making the move to bring him back at this point. Backup running backs have to be able to do other things like play special teams or come out of the backfield and catch passes. Dillon does neither of those effectively, and I can't imagine what kind of shape he's in now after sitting out the first 10 weeks. No thanks.
Paul Perillo

The danger confronting New England is that once November turns to December and January and the cold and snow attack Foxborough the pass style offense could take a serious hit. Without Sammy Morris, who I think was a very underestimated second running back, concerns over Maroney's ability to remain healthy and Belichick's understandable resistance to bringing back Dillon, isn't their running game a serious worry? Further, am I wrong thinking that the Colts (I know I am jumping ahead here to a supposed rematch, but replace Colts with Steelers if you want) are a better fit for winter football?
Todd Jennings

As I alluded to earlier, I don't think the running game has been as much of a problem so far as many others believe it to be. No one's going to confuse Maroney with LT or Adrian Peterson, but he's been productive when healthy and with all of the passing weapons the Patriots have I don't expect that to disappear. Tom Brady has shown in the past that he can still deliver the ball when the weather turns late in the year. While I don't think he'll be bombing away to Randy Moss and Donte' Stallworth like he has, I also don't expect the passing game to disappear in bad weather. Maroney provides enough balance to keep defenses honest. If he gets injured again, then we might have a problem. As for the Colts being more suited for winter football, I don't see it. Indy is not the kind of team that can line it up and tell you they're running it and still have success with Joseph Addai. They run mostly against nickel and dime defenses with extra DBs prepared to defend their passing game. In the winter winds of Foxborough it's less likely the Patriots would have to employ such a strategy. Again, I'd expect Peyton Manning to be able to throw despite the conditions; just not the way he's been accustomed to. The Steelers style obviously would be more conducive to bad weather with their physical play on both sides of the ball. But playing at home in the playoffs, I like the Patriots chances.
Paul Perillo

Do you think the NFL should employ a review policy on questionable calls like they have on plays?
Chris Jennison

As frustrating as the officiating can be, and believe me I get as frustrated as anyone, I don't think that's a good idea. Penalties are generally judgment calls and replays would still be in the judgment of an official trying to make the call. In other words, if they reviewed the pass interference called against Ellis Hobbs in Indy (as bad as it was), they would have upheld the call because the official ruled that Hobbs made contact with Reggie Wayne before he looked back. That was his judgment. I disagreed with the call, someone else looking might agree. Replays are fine when you're dealing with a black and white issue like in or out of bounds. When you start putting judgment into it, then you have to go with the guys on the field.
Paul Perillo

I didn't think you had the guts or honesty to respond to the fact that the blatant fix by the officials caused the five-point spread not to be covered, "Oh, just be happy they won." Hey, I'm happy because I don't bet on a rigged race (the NFL). You are just apologists for the mob. What a bunch wimps.
Steven Combs

I don't know how much guts it takes to say something is rigged. Actually, I think that's a pretty cowardly way of analyzing a game. If you honestly think it's fixed, then why would you watch? I thought there were some bad calls in the Indy-Pats game two weeks ago, just like I thought there were some bad calls in the Indy-SD game the following week. The difference is I believe the bad calls are commonplace while you believe they were intentional and proof that the league is fixed. So I guess the NFL wanted Indy to win one of those games and to lose the other.
Paul Perillo

I understand the time for giving Randy Moss an extension has passed. Has New England given him one or are they going to take the chance of losing him to another team next season? Randy seems to be a great fit for this organization, I would hate to see the Pats lose him like we did Branch.James McClane

There is no timetable to give Randy Moss an extension. The Patriots are free to do so anytime they feel like it. The only stipulation is that Moss' salary and cap number cannot increase in 2007. So if they were to give Moss an extension now, it would have to include bonuses set to kick in next year. While I have no one telling me anything on this topic, my guess is the sides will meet after the season and get a deal done. It's worked too well for both parties for it to end after just one season.
Paul Perillo

If the communication system between the coach and the quarterback is not functioning, and they must rely on hand signals, is that same communication system disabled from the other team?
Eileen Rinaldi

If the communication between the press box coaches and the sidelines goes for one team, then the other team must stop using theirs as well. The coach-to-quarterback situation is different. There is no such stipulation for that process. In Indy, Tom Brady could not hear offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels through his helmet communication and therefore the Pats had to use hand signals. The Colts did not have to stop using their communication system.
Paul Perillo

Will the Pats be wearing their old uniforms anytime soon? I miss seeing them and with all the other teams sporting there old uniforms I was just hoping the Pats would do it sometime soon.Dave Dunlop

The Patriots alternate jersey has for the past few years has been the silver uniform, which they wore this season at home against Buffalo in September. The throwback uniforms are used in conjunction with anniversary years and the Patriots have tentative plans to wear them in two years as part of their 50th anniversary season.
Paul Perillo

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