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Ask PFW Part II: P.K. or Terrell?

We're wrapping up your questions in this edition of Ask PFW. Where's Deion? P.K.

Where's Deion? I understand he was hurt somewhat and he didn't dress for the first 2 games, but he was dressed for the Packers game, but I couldn't find him on the field. Did he play any snaps that game? What's your thought on Deion's status, do you think we'll see any of him this Thursday?
Judy B.

He hasn't been hurt at all. He dressed for the Saints and Packers game, but was held out for reasons only Bill Belichick apparently knows. I doubt he plays Thursday.

I am in a fantasy football league w/ some guys, My question is...I picked up Andre' Davis as a browns and he has been traded to the Pats. Now is Davis going to be productive, as will he play and be active? Or will he just be someone there. And how does he compare to Deion and Givens?
Dominic Cheselka

I think he is behind both Branch and Givens and possibly Tom Dwight. But keep in mind that he's been here a short time. He should get plenty of action against the Giants, which might help with the evaluations. I think he will make the team and be active. I'd put him in the 30-catch range.

Coach - How is Raymond Ventrone playing? Will he make the team. Saw him play at Villinova. Smart player. Is he making the adjustments to the PRO's from college ball? Thanks.
Charles Cresine Presidnet Surgical Resources, Inc.

Ventrone is a long shot, but caught the eye of his coaches with his special teams play. He could land on the practice squad.

During half time, Scott Pioli reminded viewers that the Pats have their own scouting staff and do not belong to any combine. He seemed to indicate that having their own scouts and evaluation process is the reason they are able to make so many excellent draft choices and Free Agent pick-ups that are NOT amongst the big name players. Are there any other teams that do all of their own scouting and is having their own scouting department a result of Bob Kraft willing to put his money and the Pats healthy revenues to work where other teams can't afford to or won't for whatever reasons? Pioli also indicated that Pete Carroll gives the Pats open access to all of his players. Is this from a friendship he has with BB, Pioli and Kraft or does he and most other college teams give unlimited access to all NFL teams? I would think that too many scouts would be very distracting to college kids. Finally, is it true that the other teams in the NFL are pushing for more "Revenue Sharing" to stop Kraft from putting the Pats revenues to work to get a better product for the NE fans?!
Otis Hill

There are two scouting bureaus – Blesto and National that provide reports on draft prospects to NFL teams. The Patriots do not use that information but choose to gather their own with their own scouts who know exactly what they're looking for. I don't know how many other teams don't subscribe to those services, but an educated guess would be about 5. I'm unfamiliar with Pete Carroll's access rules, but I know of no special bond between Carrol and Belichick or Pioli. I also don't think Robert Kraft pinches pennies when it comes to Pioli's scouting needs.

Is Ben Watson going to start this year at tight end? If not, will he make an impact otherwise?Paul Bleiler

Watson may not be the starter, but that's just a word. He will lead Patriots tight ends in catches assuming he can stay on the field.

Hey I have been watching this guy P.K. Sam play since his freshman year at Florida State and I think he will contribute a lot to the patriots team but with the depth at wide receiver this year do you think he will even make the team?
Greg Watts

He'll have a tough go. If you take Branch, Givens, Dwight and Brown. That leaves Terrell, Sam and Davis for one or two spots. Neither Sam nor Terrell plays special teams, which won't help their cause. It could come down to one of the other and Sam might have an edge because of his age and potential value moving forward.

Let me start my saying that I think you guys at PFW do a great job. I know I asked you guys this question last year and you guys did a great job in answering it, but I feel the need to have you guys post the answer again. After seeing that John Madden has been nominated for the HOF it bothers me greatly that Gino Cappelletti has not yet been considered. Is Gino EVER going to get into the HOF? Please r-post where ALL Patriots fans can write so that Patriot Nation can get a well deserving player into the HOF. Gino is only 1 of 20 players to have played in the AFL for the 10 years in was in existence. He also led the AFL in scoring 5 times. These are just 2 outstanding stats that Gino has. He is more than deserving to be called to the Hall. Thank You.
Stephan Murphy.

Here is the link to the Hall of Fame web site that will explain how the process works.

I realize this isn't really a Patriots question, so I'll throw an ex-Pats name in there to make it seem worthwhile. When articles are written about players, sometimes it will say something like "Pro-Bowl Wide Receiver Yada Yada", and then another time it will say something like "All Pro Cornerback Ty Law". What exactly is the difference between Pro Bowl and All Pro? Does All Pro just mean the player has made more than 1 Pro Bowl, or are they totally unrelated things?
Matt Breen

Unrelated, but that's a great question. Pro Bowl means the player was selected to the NFL's all-star game in Hawaii in voting conducted by fans, players and coaches. All Pro is selected by the football writers that cover the league. While there is a Pro Bowl team for each conference, All Pro is league-wide. The two are often confused when a media person is referring to a player and might say "All Pro Tom Brady" when he wasn't an All Pro but was a Pro Bowler.

Dear PFW, I want to ask your opinion on Mike Vrabel playing ILB. On the paper he looks bigger and perhaps even faster than Bruschi. He also knows the system. I have HUGE hopes for him to help the team. But what do you think? Second, would you rather have 340lb Kelly or 285lb Klecko as back-up NT? Finally, can Pats trade B. Johnson to a team like Seattle for a 5th round pick. Perhaps they can get the pick back from Davis trade.
Thanks, Ed

OK, in order. I think Vrabel can make the change but it will not be easy. He has the measurables and the brains to make the move, but he's unaccustomed to playing inside where all the junk is and where he has to take on guards. It will be a tough transition. I thought Kelley would be the backup this year and perhaps earn some snaps, but he apparently was not in shape when he reported and the Patriots cut him. Ty Warren will back up Wilfork on the nose with plenty of others able to step in at Warren's end spot.

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