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Ask PFW Part II: the rest of your questions

Here are the rest of the Q&As.

Specifically who - what person or group decides which teams are to receive Compensatory Draft Pick? Does or should the final placement of any team in question have any bearing in this decision? Is there a date when their decision on the Compensatory Draft Picks are announced? Is there a cap on the number of Compensatory Picks may be awarded to any one team? What are the chances that New England will receive two or more Compensatory Picks on Damien Woody, Ted Washington, Bobby Hamilton?
Robert Bumgardner

Compensatory picks should be awarded within the next week or so. They are awarded based on cumulative losses in free agency. So the league, using a formula designed by the Management Council, takes into account free agents lost and gained and calculates compensatory picks, which are awarded starting after the third round (the highest) all the way through the end of the seventh round. The Patriots lost Damien Woody, Ted Washington and Bobby Hamilton last year while signing Keith Traylor and Josh Miller. That might be enough to get a pick at the end of the third or fourth or more than one in the fifth round or later. That's just a guess.

I love the Patriots, and I know Coach Belichick knows exactly what to do. But I've been sad since Joe Andruzzi was signed by the Browns. I think I'd be happy if the Patriots would get Doug Flutie to help Rohan Davie become an even better quarterback. By the way, I am nine years old.
North Attleboro, Mass.

You're nine and you already have better opinions than Paul or Andy. Keep it up.

The fact that B. B. has not named an offensive coordinator has generated a lot of speculation on talk radio and the newspapers that he will be calling the plays himself. Has B.B. at any point this offseason announced his intentions about the play calling in 2005? Also could it be possible that Tom Brady will assume a larger role with calling his own plays on the field given his familiarity with the offense and the way Charlie would react to game situations?
Ricky Davignon

Bill will be calling the plays.

I was wondering if you could tell us what the Patriots are waiting for regarding a long-term deal for David Givens? I know in seasons past he has had trouble staying healthy, but I believe (and could be wrong) he was healthy all last season. Far be it from me to question, or second-guess BB but I would think Givens is worth much more than the medium tender. Just my opinion. GO PATS!
Jared Mendoza

Jared, I believe the Patriots would tell you that it takes two sides to make a deal. I don't know what the offers have been, but I think the sides have been too far apart to get a deal done right now. The medium tender was to force a team to give up a first round pick as compensation for signing David away from the Pats. I think after next season, with four years and three really playing and contributing, both parties will have a better idea of what David's long-term value is and might be able to reach a middle ground then. If not, David will test free agency and get the best deal he can, either here or somewhere else. Let's hope it's here.

I've got two questions: 1st - what does Exclusive Rights Free Agents means? I understand that safety Gus Scott is included there and since the comments you've posted about him, he could be a strong contributor to our defense. 2nd question - We swapped 5th round picks with Arizona from the Duane Starks trade. What are the pick numbers that each one received? Did we get the higher one or did we surrender it? Thanks for your time.Alex Quezada

An exclusive rights free agent is a player with fewer than three years experience whose contract expires. As long as his team gives him a minimum salary tender, it holds exclusive negotiating rights with the player who then cannot even talk to other teams. Guss Scott signed a one-year deal, which makes him an exclusive rights free agent. He could be a contributor this year, but we haven't seen him play beyond a few practices and a couple of preseason games. He had a strong start to camp last year, which has left everyone intrigued by his potential. Arizona's fifth round pick will be, I believe, ninth in the round while the Patriots pick was 32nd in the round. The numbers of those picks hasn't been determined because compensatory picks have not been announced.

An NFL Blitz article says that Law is willing to play for less money under a contender. Isn't that what the Pats were asking him to do? To give him an extension but for less per yr? What changed Law's mind? Or did he just want out?

I just received about three emails in a row on this. My opinion is that Ty was not going to take a pay cut from the Patriots to stay. I don't think they even discussed an extension this year and just went off last year's discussions when Law said flat out that he would not take a cut. I don't know if his opinion stemmed from the Lawyer Milloy transaction back in 2003, but I just think Law was not going to take less money from the Patriots. Now that he is a free agent and is searching for work while hurt, he has to be willing to take less to get whatever he can before the money dries up. That's my guess. I hope Law wasn't being stubborn with his refusal to take a cut out of principle. That would sort of be biting of his nose to spite his face. Most players that refuse a cut end up taking one anyway when they sign somewhere else. But to each his own. Law was a great Patriot and he had his reasons for making the decisions he did. I, for one, wish him the best. He was fun to cover for the last eight seasons (my tenure, not his). I wonder about some of the advice Law has received on some matters. But that's just me.

What does a quality control coach do? Do they watch and grade film as opposed to coaching position players?
John Heisman

To my knowledge (which may not be much), a quality control coach breaks down several games of an opponent a week ahead of the team's schedule. So while the team is preparing for a Week 2 game, a quality control coach is breaking down tape for the Week 3 opponent to give the staff an early jump when Monday rolls around. I'd bet they do other things as well, such as helping position coaches with certain tasks, sitting in on meetings and giving needed input while also helping out at practice. They don't have much free time. That I can promise you.

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