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Ask PFW: Plenty of Ty talk

Recent comments from Patriots All-Pro cornerback Ty Law have created quite a reaction with the readers of Ask PFW.

If you could forward this to Mr.Ty "I'm the best corner ever" Law: I think you need to hear something my father taught me. Take pride in what you do and do it to the best of your ability. He also said you don't have to shout to be heard. You say it's not about the money but you want more so everyone will say "he's the best, look at all the money he is making". You say you will take less money to play somewhere else but then you say I would be a fool to take less. You are sounding like the biggest liar I ever heard. You say you don't need the money because you have enough, then play the game you love and be thankful you can. Because there are people out there like me who can't walk or do the simplest things in life and enjoy them. So stop being a j[erk] and go play and have fun at it, that is the reward. You DON'T HAVE TO SHOUT to prove to other people you are good, they have seen it just like I have.
Daniel Wilkinson
Oakland Park, Fla.

It seems as though Ty Law is turning himself into a major problem. I have greatly enjoyed watching him throughout his career but if he is going to be a distraction, don't you think we should get rid of him. What about the Eagles' two UFA CB's? And what about the draft? Thanks and keep up the good work.
Steve Selvaggio
Delta Junction, Ala.

Since Ty Law has now closed the door on Patriot Nation, I think that it's time to let him go on his merry way. How about a trade for John Lynch? I'm sure that something could be worked out with Tampa Bay. Ty goes to the NFC and we get a Quality player with a great work ethic and sound knowledge of the game.
John McDavitt, Jr.
East Brookfield, Mass.

Hello PFW. Just wondering what your thoughts were on the recent comments made by Ty Law. He keeps saying its not about the money, but with comments like "A mans gotta eat" I mean come on, "A mans gotta eat!!!" After a 27 million dollar offer sounds pretty greedy to me, I mean come on that's 27 time more than the common man will make in a life time. I say, where's your loyalty Ty, to a team (Team is a group of people) that got you two championships. It's not just about Ty Law. Cut him loose!
Belchertown, Mass.

According to ESPN, Ty Law said to the Boston Globe things like, "I don't care about the money," but then he later said "I wouldn't take a pay cut and I can't see myself in a Patriots uniform next year." Also, according to ESPN Insider, the Patriots are heavy contestants in the John Lynch sweepstakes. Do you see this idea making sense...The Patriots trade Law, this year, for a 1st or 2nd round pick in this years draft but only if they sign Lynch. Then they move Wilson back to CB. I know it may sound crazy and I know Law has said he wants to leave N.E. after they won a Super Bowl before but do you think its possible he can be out the door?

Mark P.
West Springfield, Mass.

I'm curious to know about the salary cap implications of Ty Law's offer to buy out of his contract. If it occurred, would the money he gave back be reduced from the salary cap hit that the team would take if they released or traded him?
Jerusalem, Israel

What is with Ty Law? I thought he was a team leader but now he is really looking immature with this "I want out of New England Deal". I have been a big fan of his since the Patriots brought him into the NFL. You would think 2 Super Bowl rings would mean more than a boat full of money to some people...
Jason Tolman
Frankfort, Illinois

This recent tirade by Ty Law is absolutely pathetic. He signed this deal and now wants out because he is being disrespected? Was he being disrespected when the Patriots and Mr. Kraft made him the highest paid corner? I respect his play on the field, but now he is all about the money and as far as I am concerned he should be a man keep his mouth quiet and do his job for the price he agreed to in his contract and have a little respect for the fans that are responsible for his paycheck. I am very disappointed in his comments.
North Oxford, Mass.

Has Ty Law forgotten the "Team" concept that the Patriots have been praised for? Can he really become the highest paid cornerback with a salary that would be cap friendly? Just because Champ got the money from Denver doesn't mean he will live up to it... I thought the whole idea was to win championships. I'm just a regular working stiff and to hear him make comments like "we all just gotta eat" it makes me wonder how many millions does one man need? Also since we have two 1st round picks, are there any potential shutdown corners available?
Andy Goldsmith
Webster, Fla.

What the &#$(#@% is Ty Law's problem!??!!?
*Jeremy Hill
Babson (Mass.) College

What's this I hear about Ty Law NOT WANTING to be a Patriot? Am I going crazy? This is one of the most depressing things any Pats fan could take! What is going on? Please, say it ain't so!
Will Perez
Richmond, Va.

I have a question concerning Ty law. He is the best CB in the league and the patriots are trying to save money by offering him a contract that is crazy. The real question I have is who are the patriots trying to save there money for? Ty law is the heart and soul of our defense and we should at least try a little harder before offering him a contract of 26 million over a four-year period.
Evan Mezansky
Lynn, Mass.

Is it me, or does it seem that the New England Patriots have no money at all. I see every other team paying good money for players and we cant afford to keep two of our best players, and now I have to read that Ty Law doesn't want to play for the team ever again. I mean can't we pay these guys the money they are worth? I hope we're not about to have another 2002 season.
Mike Kowalczyk
Burlington, N.C.

Hey, I heard yesterday that the Pats are letting Ty Law go, and it had something to do with Law being unhappy with all of the contract offers the Pats gave to him. Please tell me if this is true or not! Losing Ty Law would be a tremendous blow to the team.
Duxbury, Mass.

I have just one simple question. What the H[eck] is going on over there with Ty Law? I don't understand why it's so difficult to give the man what he deserves. He's done so much to help this team win, especially in both Super Bowls. Lets not make this a Nomar/Manny thing and have to mend bridges later, which looks like already happened. I think Ty is the best corner in the league, not worth 98 million like Payton, but he should be paid what he's worth.
Holyoke, Mass.

Why won't the Patriots give Ty Law the money he deserves?
Dan Flores
Mission, Texas

I decided that since Ask PFW has been absolutely bombarded with emails about Ty Law over the last week or so that I would post a large sampling of them to show the wide variety of opinions that exist in the debate over what should be done with the All-Pro corner. It is somewhat amazing that fans seem to have all the differing opinions covered in this debate. Many are so angered by Law's recent comments that they simple don't want him in New England any longer. Others take the opposite side, believing the team should just hand Law the money he is looking for in a contract extension that would make him, once again, the highest paid corner in all of football.

I must admit, my opinion lies somewhere in the middle. I think Law is an excellent player, probably the team's defensive MVP a year ago, playing the best football of his career. But Law has been very well rewarded for his contributions over the last five seasons as part of a seven-year, $49 million contract that included a $14 million signing bonus. He has been more than respected. And at age 30, I am not looking to commit to that kind of contract again if I am the Patriots. I don't think the offer the team made was that far off from fair. Just because Law seems to think that he can play another six or seven seasons at the level he is playing right now doesn't mean it is going to happen. I expect athletes to have unlimited egos, confidence in their abilities and a never-say-die attitude, but Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli have the future of an entire franchise to think about.

So I say let Law play out the final two years of his contract. Yes, I would love to ease the cap number a bit, but if that isn't possible I am happy to have a Pro Bowl corner for two more seasons and start to prepare now for a future without him. Releasing or trading Law now would not only incur more than a $5 million dead money cap hit, but the team would also have to spend money to replace one of its best defensive players. I understand Law may be upset right now. I can even buy the fact that he may feel disrespected. But get over it, Ty. You are under contract and hold very little leverage. Be the professional that you have been for the first decade of your career and continue to cash your very large paychecks in front of Patriots fans that truly appreciate what you have done. And when your career in New England is over, whether that be after this season or not, walk away knowing you were a huge player in the first two Super Bowl titles in franchise history, but realize also that you were paid at a level commensurate with those contributions. And I would wish you good luck in finding another blockbuster contract with a $20+ million signing bonus with another franchise.
Andy Hart

What doe AFCS and AFCW stand for?
Bob Heidcamp
Plymouth, Mass.

Andy's Face Creates Smiles? Or how about, Andy's Face Catches Women? Or maybe, Andy Frantically Chases Women? Just kidding, Bob. Really, I assume you are referring to those designations on the NFL schedule for the upcoming seasons through 2009. Each team's schedule is set except for two games a year that are left for contests with teams in other divisions that finished in the same spot in the previous year's standings. So the AFCS would be the AFC South. The AFCW would be the AFC West and so on.
Andy Hart

Are Chris Perry from Michigan or Cedric Cobbs from Arkansas being considered as draft picks for the Pats?
Newhall, Calif.

I would assume so, but if I really knew all I wouldn't be answering questions in an online mailbag. Belichick and Pioli are searching out all possible options at running back. Perry is a proven producer who seems to be projected as a late first/second round pick. Cobb is less well known, but would be another option for the Patriots in the middle rounds. In the end I will be absolutely shocked if New England doesn't send the name of a running back to the podium at least once at some point on draft weekend.
Andy Hart

Hey guys, I love reading the PFW questions every week. Keep up the good work. My original reaction to the punter change is Miller doesn't seem like much of an upgrade, how does he compare salary wise to Walter and also does he have holder experience. Two and a half net yard difference doesn't seem like a lot but I definitely won't miss the knots in my stomach when Walter is kicking at a crucial point in the game wondering if another shank is on the way.
Double D
Simi Valley, Calif.

Double D? … Something I come across only in my dreams! But on to your question. I think Josh Miller will be a rather noticeable upgrade from Walter. You are right about the shank fear. We all had it every time Walter kicked. Miller finished seventh in the AFC in average (41.9) and sixth in net average (36.0). He also has good experience punting in the elements from his nine years in Pittsburgh and can hold for PATs and field goals. Sounds like a strong upgrade to me. Walter helped win (or maybe I should say didn't cost you) two Super Bowls, but it was clearly time for a change.
Andy Hart

Around the same time that Woody signed with Detroit, there were rumors printed in the Detroit Free Press that the Pats and Lions were going to trade the 6th pick for the 21st and 32nd pick. Nothing seemed to materialize on the draft pick rumor. The Pats also did not want Woody to go to the Dolphins. My questions is, could the Pats and Lions have worked the deal for the draft picks that was contingent on the Lions signing Woody? Hence the largest signing bonus ever for an interior lineman.
Scott Durepo
Beverly, Mass.

I guess that type of scenario could have happened, but probably only in the conspiracy theory world of PFW editor Fred Kirsch. Trade rumors, especially those involving teams like the Patriots with multiple first-round draft picks, happen all the time leading up to the draft. If you remember there were rumors of the Patriots trading up into the Lions' spot in last year's draft as well. So until those rumors somehow become more legitimized, I would take them for what they are and I don't think they had anything to do with the Woody signing.
Andy Hart

Who did Ted Washington sign with?
Wiscasset, Maine

Big Ted signed with the Oakland Raiders, reportedly a four-year $14 million contract.
Andy Hart

What is Tom Brady's contract status? How many years is he signed for and how much is he scheduled to make? Do you think he'll be upset that he did not get a big contract like Peyton Manning?
Worcester, Mass.

Typical, women always want to know about a guy's money. How about us nice guys who just happen to be a little lacking in the finances. We need some love too. Just kidding, Stefanie. I am sure you are worried about Brady's contract as to how he fits into your favorite team's future. Brady is in the midst of a contract extension he signed just prior to the 2002 season runs through 2006. He has salaries of $5.5, $5.5 and $6 million over each of the next three seasons. As to how that compares to Peyton Manning's, it clearly pales in comparison to a deal that included a $34.5 million bonus and totals nearly $100 million. But you have to remember that when Brady signed his deal he was coming off his first season as a starter and would have had two more seasons before he could have become a free agent under NFL rules. So the Patriots showed some faith by giving a guy with less than a year of playing experience a healthy contract extension when they didn't have to and Brady received a certain degree of insurance and stability that in hindsight may have left him slightly underpaid. But don't feel too bad for Brady, I don't think there is any question that the two-time Super Bowl MVP will be up for a pretty sizeable new contract, including an impressive bonus, in the coming years.
Andy Hart

Last season, I heard a lot about how David Patten and how he was better than ever. Before his injury he still even had 9 receptions for 146 yards. I really enjoyed watching Patten play and I was wondering if I can expect to see him back and as a contributor. Can you also tell me his progress on his injury?
Greg K.
Weston, Conn.

As of right now Patten is a member of the Patriots, and that is exactly how his agent put it. He has been recovering well from his season-ending knee surgery and seems to be on track to be ready for camp. But how exactly he fits into New England's future at receiver is anyone's guess. With the emergence of David Givens, a solid second season from Deion Branch, the explosive abilities of Bethel Johnson and the always-reliable Troy Brown, the Patriots receiving corps is pretty deep. Patten will clearly have to show he still has the skills that saw him set new career highs with 51 and 61 catches in his first two seasons in New England if he is going to continue to be a contributor on Charlie Weis' offense.
Andy Hart

Super Bowl XXXVI (or 36 for those of you that can't do Roman numerals) showed the world that superior coaching beats superior playing talent. This past season proved that theory, and XXXVIII (38) was a coaching duel for the ages, and would probably be forever remembered as so were it not for Ms. Jackson. My long winded question to you is: with the value of coaching rising, could the league throw into the salary cap mix coaching staff (maybe head, OC, DC) pay as part of cap limits, so as to prevent teams from buying an all-star staff to win their championships much like it does with player talent?
Matt Camp
Washington, D.C.

Matt, you bring up an interesting thought. Many believe that the Patriots have the breast (a nod to your Jackson reference), I mean best, coaching staff in the NFL and that is a big reason for the team's recent success. As we have seen in recent years, owners like Dan Snyder are clearly not afraid to throw around the big dollars to try to secure big-name coaches in an attempt to improve. But in the end I still believe that it is the players that win the games on the field. You can't have the best coaches and no talent. But you also can't win on talent alone. It's all about balance. But I think it would take a lot for the coaches to give up the right to make unlimited funds. I also think the owners do a decent job of creating their own salary ceiling. If you have noticed, $5 million has been the height of coaching contracts for a number of seasons now. I don't think owners are willing to risk much more than that on a guy that they could be firing in two seasons and be on the hook for the final years at big money for a guy who no longer works for them.
Andy Hart

When do the 2004 schedules get released?
Curt Westgate
Coventry, R.I.

You Rhode Islanders really do live in your own little world, don't you? For the millionth time, the NFL will release the schedule later this spring. As soon as it is released it will be posted right here on
Andy Hart

Is there a possibility that the patriots would be able to draft Maurice Clarett?
AJ Shekar
Shrewsbury, Mass.

Of course there is a possibility, but the question is whether they would want to. Clarett put up impressive numbers for one season at Ohio State. Since then he has done nothing on the field and little off the field to improve his reputation or value. I don't really think he is a Belichick/Pioli type player, but I have been wrong before. We will find out on April 24 and 25.
Andy Hart

Will the 3 games to glory DVD be available at the pro shop in April. I do not like to put my credit card number on the internet.
Paul Carvalho
Taunton, Mass.

The plan right now is to have the DVD available before the draft in the Pro Shop, hopefully around April 20. I understand your fear of putting your credit card the internet, but be warned that the copies in the Pro Shop will likely fly off the shelves at an alarming rate. Good luck and enjoy the DVD when you get it.
Andy Hart

I heard a rumor that Dan Klecko was inactivated just prior to the Super Bowl. I noticed he wasn't in at fullback on that play that Seymour did the honors, and I was wondering if you can tell if it is true? And if so, why? Thanks
Dave Katz
Levittown, N.Y.

Klecko was in fact inactive for the Super Bowl, a fate he also suffered in three regular season games and one other postseason game. Seymour did work as the short-yardage fullback in the Super Bowl, a job he also filled at times during the regular season along with Klecko. As a young player with a number of skills and no set role, Klecko will continue to be a game plan/day of game decision until he can increase his value to the team. To be fair though, the rookie also dealt with a hand injury during the middle of the season that limited some of his opportunities.
Andy Hart

Is Troy Brown retiring this year?
Charlton, Mass.

Andrew, where did you hear that? Brown is still a solid contributor in New England and while there has been some talk that he will be asked to rework his contract a bit to lower his salary and cap number he still has a little gas left in the tank. He may no longer have the chance to catch 100 passes, but Brown is a reliable target that any quarterback would love to have when the game is on the line.
Andy Hart

I am originally from Brockton, MA and moved down to NJ because of my wife so all the news I receive is about the loser J-E-T-S. I was wondering if the Pats would ever trade both their 1st frond picks to San Diego for a shot at L. Tomlinson. This is a classy guy who does everything from the backfield. It seems like he would fit into the Pats offense perfectly both running & catching out of the backfield. San Diego seems like a team who needs to re-build and may entertain 2 first round picks to infuse some quality youth into their organization. If not when is "LT" a free agent?
The Mick
Brick, N.J.

Mick from Brick, LT is sick. But he would surely cost a lot more than picks. After rushing for 1,600+ yards and catching 100 passes, a feat no player has ever accomplished, LT has established himself as one of the true premier backs in football. The Chargers would be crazy to part with him and I don't think you could pry him away from a franchise that is trying to rebuild. That said, I share your admiration of LT and can only dream of seeing a back of his talent in the Patriots red, white and blue.
Andy Hart.

Why are the biggest signings this year for the Pats Kevin Faulk and a punter. I know this team needs a punter after last season. Come on now, there were better Rbs than Kevin out there what is going on?
Waldorf, Md.

I have a question for you, Mike. What running back would you have signed? I personally don't think there was a running back on the free agent market that was worth throwing money at. Granted, Clinton Portis changed addresses but that was via trade. As a fan I am not looking for a mediocre back that will give my team a couple of decent years like Antowain Smith did. I want a franchise player, the kind you generally only get by hitting the lottery in the draft. I have seen mediocre. I dream of elite.
Andy Hart

OK guys, now that Washington is gone, Seymour is gone, and the rumors about Law aren't looking good what should we expect from the big "D" from last yr? And what about the running game something needs to be done, why haven't the Pats ever gone out and picked up f/a like Staley?
Joe Jacques
Portland, Maine

Before you scare the heck out of Patriots Nation, Seymour is clearly not going anywhere. And I don't think Law is going anywhere this year either. Step back off the ledge, enjoy the two Super Bowls in three years and enjoy a team that has built a solid foundation that should allow it to be more than competitive for the foreseeable future. And as far as the Staley question, please see my previous answer. He is just a guy. I dream big.
Andy Hart

This is the Maryland version of the "Mike Cloud questions" Do you think Brooks Barnard will be invited to try out again for the punting position. The former Terp did a good job considering that it was his first NFL start and the game was in bad conditions. The desire not to change Vinatieri's holder as his snappers went down was the real reason Walter came back! He'll definitely have a new holder this year anyway. I'm really glad that the humor came back! As Robert Plant said "Does anybody remember laughter?"
Brendon Bowers
Bethesda, Md.

Speaking of laughter, your question must be a joke. Barnard is a member of the Chicago Bears organization. And even if he was available, he clearly didn't overly impress those in New England in his one week of employment last December. Sorry Turtle boy.
Andy Hart

Comment-Glad the humor is back, pffft to those who can't appreciate humor (even poor humor!).Question-I'm not about to rant and rave about how Tom Brady got robbed of the MVP since Manning/McNair put up some gaudy numbers. My question is this, is it just me or does it seem that the Weis/Belichick offensive system holds Brady back from putting up those same type numbers. Granted, I'm not complaining at all, 2 out o' 3 aint all bad. But it seems that situationally Brady can make all the throws and rack up big yardage when needed. I'm just wondering if I am alone in thinking that Brady is good enough to be MVP if he were in a more aggressive offensive system? Keep up the good work. (Can't wait to see what BB and Pioli have in store for this years draft!)

Jay Miller
Clearwater, Minn.

Do I think Brady could put up bigger numbers in a more open system with Marvin Harrison and Edgerrin James? Yes. But do I believe he is hurt by the system he is in? No. Brady is a great game manager, makes incredible decisions, throws very accurate short passes and gives his receivers a chance to make plays. I think all those strengths are highlighted under Weis. Brady might put up greater numbers in another system, but I don't think he would win more or be any more well thought of as a quarterback. And I don't think the system will prevent him from winning the MVP, heck he was a realistic candidate a year ago.
Andy Hart

Never having played American football (it isnt played much here, strangely!!!) I was wondering what training schedule do players have? During the regular season, with only a week between games, do they train often, and during the off season what does training camp consist of and when does it begin? Do offense, defense and special teams train together, is there much stamina work, what do QB's do? Is there many tactical sessions where plays are drawn out and discussed? Does the offense know the defense playbook? With Seymour and Vrabel helping out offense I'm sure the defense knows the offense playbook. Most of the coverage here is just the games (I'm lucky just to get that!) so I dont really see behind the scenes of American Football. Here's to SB XXXIX and Lombardi number 3!
Wexford, Ireland

Mark, glad you have interest in the Patriots and American football. This might get me in trouble, but I believe it is the best sport in the world. Generally the players work out four days a week in the offseason. During the year they have practice/meetings five days a week, with one day off and one game day. Training camp is a grueling four-week period before the start of each regular season where the players practice at least once a day and basically focus on football throughout the daylight hours. That is when the team evaluates the players that will make the roster and lays the foundation for everything it will do schematically throughout the season. The players actually spend much more time studying, in meetings and watching film than they do practicing (which is generally just 2-3 hours a day). And finally, no the players do not necessarily learn the playbook for the other side of the ball. Offense spends enough time learning the offense and defense spends enough time learning the defense. Guys like Vrabel and Seymour just learn the specific roles that they are going to be asked to perform on the other side of the ball and nothing more. Hope I cleared up some of your questions and keep them coming, but I have one for you. Will you have a chance to get to any NFL Europe games this spring?
Andy Hart

How does NE have their schedule made so far in advance when other teams' schedules are made year by year?
Damien Morgan
Fayetteville, N.C.

Save for two record-based games in each season the entire NFL schedule, not including dates and times, is set through 2009 and is available in the schedule section on
Andy Hart

Any chance that Mike Cloud will be a Patriot next year?
Riverview, Fla.

I guess I couldn't make it through without at least one Mike Cloud question. Yes, there is a chance he could be a Patriot in 2004. He is currently a free agent, but New England has the right of first refusal on any offer that the five-year veteran might get from another team, although the team will not receive compensation if it allows Cloud to sign elsewhere. I don't know if the team can allow him to get away though. If it did, what would fans ask about in Ask PFW? We would have nothing to write about.

Hi I'm new to this. I've been a Pats fan for as long as I can remember, but on to the question. What do you think about Warren Sapp? Could he play nose tackle and would that be a good fit forthe Patriots?

Rew, Pa.

Chris, welcome to the forum. It's always good to have new blood. I don't think Sapp would be a good fit. He is an aggressive, shoot-the-gap type playmaker, not the blocker-eating, two-gap type of player that Ted Washington was for the Patriots. Sapp is also a bigmouth and a locker room cancer waiting to happen. In the right system and under the right coach I think he is a very good player. I just don't think he would fit in New England.
Andy Hart.

I emailed last week telling you about Junior Siavii but I don't think we should consider him anymore because he has been charged with assault and apparently failed some classes and couldn't play in some games. But I do think that since Ted Washington is gone we should draft Ahmad Childress from Alabama he is 6'6 331 pounds. He is strong and quick too.
Chris Sherry
Wayne, Neb.

Phew, that was a close one, you almost messed up the Patriots whole draft. Make sure you do all your homework next time before you tell us who to pick. But now it is set in stone – from your keyboard to the podium on draft weekend – Ahmad Childress.
Andy Hart

Could you name the 42 players that started for the Pats this year?
North Andover, Mass.

Bobby Hamilton, Richard Seymour, Jarvis Green, Ted Washington, Ty Warren, Rick Lyle, Dan Klecko, Tedy Bruschi, Roman Phifer, Mike Vrabel, Willie McGinest, Matt Chatham, Rosevelt Colvin, Ted Johnson, Tyrone Poole, Ty Law, Asante Samuel, Rodney Harrison, Eugene Wilson, Antwan Harris, Joe Andruzzi, Matt Light, Dan Koppen, Damien Woody, Tom Ashworth, Adrian Klemm, Mike Compton, Russ Hochstein, Troy Brown, Deion Branch, David Patten, Bethel Johnson, David Givens, Tom Brady, Kevin Faulk, Antowain Smith, Mike Cloud, Fred McCrary, Larry Centers, Patrick Pass, Christian Fauria and Daniel Graham all stated games last season.
Andy Hart

Just a few observations -every week I read the questions from around the globe. In doing so - It seems many "Patriot Fans" doubt the brilliant wisdom of Bill & Scott. Yes, I will agree it's tough to see good names come and go - I had my doubts when they cut Milloy - However - I think all of us armchair "Director of Player Personnel" were proven wrong. (See headline titled: Two Rings in Three Years)In all seriousness we have SEVEN picks in the first four rounds. I'm confident that our team will be ready and loaded for the next run. Thoughts?

Todd Huelsman
Las Vegas, Nev.

Relax Todd, if you read as many of these emails as I have you would know that more people than not completely bow to the feet of Belichick and Pioli. You are part of a large contingent that believes the pair can do no wrong.
Andy Hart

With the singing of Kevin Faulk, it looks like Billy may finally give Faulk the chance to become the feature back for the Patriots. Is Faulk an "every down" player? Or is he still going to be in the "change up" role that he has excelled in for the recent years? Wasn't he a question mark because of turnovers?
Jason Thornton
Corinth, Texas

I don't think Billy (as you put it) is done yet—see draft weekend. I also don't believe that Faulk will have a greater role than his somewhat expanded role of 2003. He is a very big part of this offense, but will continue to be used as a change-of-pace/third-down type back. And as far as the turnovers go, he used to have a problem in that area but is much more dependable now. If you remember correctly his notable fumble last season against the Dolphins came on a play where as ESPN would put it, "He got jacked up!!!!"
Andy Hart

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