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Behind the Scenes with... Logan Mankins

The Patriots selected Fresno State offensive lineman Logan Mankins in the first round (32nd overall) of the 2005 NFL Draft. In his rookie season with the Patriots, Mankins started all 16 regular season games at left guard.


The Patriots selected Fresno State offensive lineman Logan Mankins in the first round (32nd overall) of the 2005 NFL Draft. The 6-foot-4-inch, 307-pounder has moved to left guard with New England after manning the tackle position for three seasons with the Bulldogs. Mankins was named First-Team All-Western Athletic Conference as a senior after registering a team-high and program-record 82 knockdown blocks last season. The California native did not allow a sack or a pressure in 2004 and produced 16 touchdown-resulting blocks for an offense that averaged more than 400 yards per game. In his rookie season with the Patriots, Mankins started all 16 regular season games at left guard.

Mankins sat down with us to look at his life both on and off the football field.


What is your favorite type of food? I would say Mexican food. There really are no good Mexican restaurants out here. There are some good places in California.

What is your favorite movie? The Cowboys with John Wayne.

What was your favorite subject in school growing up? P.E. class.

What is your favorite vehicle that you have ever owned? My new F-350 truck that I bought a few months ago. It's big, has four-wheel drive and has lots of power.

What was your favorite hobby as a kid? I did a lot of hunting. I also did team roping.

Who was your favorite wrestler growing up? Hulk Hogan. I think he was everyone's favorite wrestler.

What is your favorite material possession? That's a tough one. Probably my belt buckle from the biggest roping event that I won. They give it out to the first place team. I won it when I was 16 years old.


If you could play another professional sport, what would it be? I would have said baseball, but now I'm going with golf. I'm starting to learn about the game a little more.With golf, you can walk around the course and never worry about getting hit.

What is one thing you wish you were better at? Running. I wish I could run faster and longer.

What has been the biggest transition to living in New England? It's the cost of living.Where I come from in California it is not that expensive. I have been looking at a lot of houses here and it's out of control.

What is the most extravagant thing you have ever purchased? Probably my truck. Pretty soon I will buy a house and then that will be the most expensive thing.

What is something that annoys you? There is not too much. I would say people getting into other people's business.

If I turned on the CD player in your truck right now, what would I hear? Either Hank Williams Jr. or Alabama.

What is the toughest thing about you that your wife has to put up with? That I'm hardheaded. I like to do everything my way.

You grew up on a 10,000-acre cattle ranch. Have you seen it all? Yeah. I have been out there thousands of times. It's nice to be out there, but I'm usually busy working cows.

Have you ever seen the movie City Slickers? Does that movie give a bad rap to cowboys? Not really. I think that movie is more for comedy. I don't think too many people who haven't been on a ranch would understand what is going on out there.

You play backgammon with fellow rookie Matt Cassel.Who is the better player? That is me easily. He wins every now and then though.


What is the toughest thing about the NFL that most people wouldn't know? How time consuming everything is. I wasn't ready for the amount of time we spend over here. It is a regular 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. job.We are here all day long.

In your mind,what makes a great teammate? Someone you can count on and you can ask for advice. It goes both ways ... they can ask the same of you.

You played tackle at Fresno State, but have seen most of your time with the Patriots at guard. What is the biggest adjustment that you have had to make? Going up against bigger guys that are lined up right on top of you. They get on you quick instead of being out in space as a tackle going against a smaller, faster guy. That is the main adjustment now.

You won the "Bad Dog" award last season at Fresno State.Coach Pat Hill doesn't give out many of those awards. Were you honored to receive it? I think my senior year he gave out only three of them the entire season. I was lucky enough to win one of those.


More important to an outfit: a solid belt buckle or a good pair of cowboy boots? The belt buckle. You can't wear one that you bought. You have to wear one that you won.

Relax at home or out on the town? I would rather stay home.

Read the book or see the movie? See the movie.

Use the phone or drop an e-mail? I'm not much of a computer guy. Use the phone.

Better place to vacation: A week in the Rocky Mountains or a week on the beach in Cancun? I have never been, but I would love to go to the Rocky Mountains.

Cook a meal or call for delivery? Cook. My wife and I like to think we can cook. She is definitely a good cook.


If you could set up one of your teammates on the MTV show Punk'd,who would you pick? Matt Cassel. It would be hilarious to see him on there. He would fall for it for sure.

If you had a free one-way plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go? Probably Alaska. There is some good hunting there.

If you could spend one day with any person throughout history,who would it be? My great grandfather, who was a big cattle rancher in California. He died when I was little, so I never got to meet him. I have heard many stories about him from lots of people.

If you were trapped in the Amazon jungle, which teammate would you most like to see by your side to help you get out? Tom Ashworth. He is from Colorado and the country too. He has a ranch. I would rather have someone from the country with me than a city guy.

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