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Chad Henne Conference Call Transcript

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne addresses the media during his conference call on Wednesday, December 19, 2012.

Scott Chandler

Q:What have you seen out of the Patriots defense on tape?

CH:Well, obviously they're a very disciplined defense; they're in the right spots. The [Aqib] Talib addition outside at corner definitely helps them out. I think it's still a man coverage team. Guys up front, the front four, they're stout and pressure guys and we're going to have to handle them and be on time as a passing offense.

Q:You have some familiarity with the Patriots defense from your Miami days. How different does it look from the last defense that you recall during your time with the Dolphins?

CH:Well, I mean, it looks similar. There're obviously new guys in those spots, but for the most part, they kind of switched over to a 4-3 from last year, same thing, and have been switching up a little bit on the defensive fronts, moving around a little bit. But overall, it's a lot of the same scheme. I think the pressure's down a little bit, but you always have to be aware of pressure with [Bill] Belichick because in the past he's always brought a lot of pressure against me.

Q:You have three overtime games on the road and won at Indianapolis but at home you have five double-digit losses. What has been the difference at home?

CH:I don't think there's any ingredient why it's been like that. Obviously, we need to play better at home, but there's really nothing that… We've just kind of hurt ourselves a lot of times. We're in the games and whether it be penalties or not converting on third downs, we hurt ourselves and give the opponent an opportunity.

Q:What is the motivation level at for the team right now? You are 2-12 with two games left in the season.

CH:This group's been very resilient all year. I really think our guys are going to be in it to win it until the end and play hard each and every game. Obviously we have a great opponent coming in. We can prove to the National Football League and show a lot of respect if we could come out and win this game. I think the guys are up for it and we're really looking forward to this test.

Q:What type of impact has Aqib Talib had on this Patriots defense that you have seen?

CH:He's done a great job. He's been travelling a lot with the number one receiver in each game. He's making plays. He's had a couple picks. I think he returned one against Indianapolis. I thought he played pretty well last week and I think overall the defense has revolved around man coverage and winning those one-on-one matchups and Talib adds that attribute to them.

Q:What would the return of Maurice Jones-Drew to the offense mean to you?

CH:Obviously it would be a plus. But our guys who have stepped in – Montell [Owens] and [Richard] Murphy, I think have done a really good job stepping in, but obviously you can't replace a Pro Bowl guy like that. We've had a lot of injuries that have gone on this season but guys have stepped up and done a great job for us.

Q:Your Head Coach Mike Mularkey spent a day in the hospital last week. Has that had any impact on the team at all?

CH:No, not at all. It was just one day on a Monday and he was right back into work on Tuesday, so we got to see him and it didn't really affect us.

Q:You played against Paul Posluszny when he was with Buffalo and now he is your teammate. He seems like a true professional. Can you speak about him?

CH:Yeah, he is one of those guys that obviously takes care of his body, studies the film, wants to get better each and every day, practices well and I think last week he had 19 tackles, which is pretty impressive for the National Football League. He just has a knack for finding the ball and being around the ball.

Q:It seems that on offense you have some pieces at receiver and tight end. Can you address those areas for us?

CH:Yeah, I think we've improved in the last couple weeks at receiver with Justin Blackmon stepping up in a bunch of games. He's just kind of been that guy all around. Marcedes Lewis, I think the more you get him involved, the better our offense is, kind of creating more plays. We're trying to get all three of those guys the ball and spread them around. But the most important thing about the passing game is that we have to run the ball and if we lack running the ball, it's tough to just go out there every down and throw it.

Q:What have you tried to bring to the team over the last several weeks since taking over as the starting quarterback?

CH:Just leadership. I think offensively I saw earlier in this year and throughout the year they needed leadership and someone to look towards and I've been trying to do the best I can. Prep them on film work and kind of explain to them what I see on film and relaying why we're running the plays that we're running against each coverage and just helping out as much as I can. Just kind of a new energy and enthusiasm with the guys because I'm kind of one of the people that doesn't get down and always is up and just play one play at a time.

Q:It was announced yesterday that the stadium is going to have a couple of extra sections without tarps this weekend due to high ticket demand. As a player, is there any more motivation or anything of that nature in playing the Patriots, one of the top teams in the AFC?

CH:Obviously, New England travels well so I'm sure a bunch of their fans will be down here for the holiday. For us in Jacksonville, we just want to give our fans a win at home, make them feel good at the holidays. They come out each and every game. It's not a sold out crowd, but we have a lot of people in the stands who still believe in us and we just want to give back to them as much as we can.

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