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Cheers for Our Hero: Robert West!

We chose Third Class Petty Officer Robert West as our Hero of the Week.

Allison D.

We chose Third Class Petty Officer Robert West as our Hero of the Week, based on his wife's submission below:

"Robert has been in the United States Navy for almost five years now. He is a Third Class Petty Officer, and he just pulled out to sea for his third eight month deployment. He has been a Patriots fan for as long as I have known him. He works hard and loves his country more than anyone I know. He has missed almost every Patriots season since he has been in the Navy. Three months after his ship the USS John C. Stennis had returned from a deployment in the Middle East, he was told they had to go back. Robert was truly disappointed to find out this information because he was planning a trip to fly us to Massachusetts to finally see a home game. Although his plans were cut short, Robert didn't let that get him down. He knew what he had to do and made sure he brought all of his fan gear with him. Robert is my hero; he is my favorite Patriot." – Celsi Lola West

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