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Cheers for Our Hero: Sgt. Pamela Murphy!

Congrats to Sgt. Pamela Murphy, our Week 2 Hero!


Congrats to Sgt. Pamela Murphy, our Week 2 Hero! Pamela's husband nominated her with the submission below:

"My wife is currently deployed. Not only is she a Marine, but she has the hardship of being married to one also. She has not only prepared for her deployment but at the same time has had to deal with me being a Marine Corps Drill Instructor. We have 2 wonderful kids that when I am working she raises by herself, due to me being at work from 0400 till 2100 (4:00am to 9:00 pm). With all this on her plate she still makes time to go to school and help me with small things to make life easier on me. She is not only one of the best Marines that I know, but the strongest woman that I have ever met." - James Murphy

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