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Deion Branch Conference Call Transcript

Patriots WR Deion Branch addresses the media during his conference call on Monday, August 29, 2011.

Q: You are yet to catch a pass in a preseason game. Do you expect that to change against the New York Giants on Thursday night?  

DB: My job is to go out there and execute the plays that the coaches call. Definitely as a receiver you want the ball, but we understand and I understand what we're doing as far as working the things that we're trying to do, working the kinks out in our offense. Trust me, I have all the confidence in the world that Tom [Brady] will find me when he needs me, when the coaches make certain play calls for him to come to me with the ball. Right now I'm not stressing over the fact that I haven't caught a ball in preseason.  

Q: How did you feel Tom Brady played the other night in Detroit?  

DB: You'll have to ask Tom that. I'm not there to evaluate Tom. I think it was a so-so game for myself. I can only speak about myself.  [I] made a couple of good plays, a couple of times I got covered on a couple of plays. Overall, it wasn't the best performance by nobody.  

Q: What are some of the things you can do as a wide receiver to take the pressure off Tom Brady?  

DB: Our job is to get off the line of scrimmage and get open as fast as possible and catch the ball and make the plays. As far as Tom [Brady] delivering the ball, we don't have any control over that or who he chooses to throw it to. You know, my job is to make sure I just get out there and catch the ball and make the plays after I get the ball.  

Q: How was your home affected by Hurricane Irene, if at all?  

DB: I'm pretty good. [In] North Attleboro, everything has been pretty cool. I don't know about everybody in the area. My family is just now getting back, so they were stuck in Detroit. That may be the only scare that I really had. Other than that, the wind was blowing pretty good, like they said, like they predicted, high winds. Other than that, it was pretty smooth. Today is a beautiful day. Hopefully we can get out and clean up some of the mess that [Hurricane] Irene caused and left behind.  

Q: How disruptive was it to move work operations away from the stadium?  

DB: We know how to adjust. I think the biggest thing was just coming in and figuring out what the schedule was and adjusting to that. I don't think - it wasn't too hard at all.  

Q: How do you feel your camp is going so far?  

DB: I feel like camp is going pretty good. Are we done? I think overall I feel real good. I think the camp is going real good for myself.  

Q: How do you feel your camp is going so far? Are you clicking with Tom Brady?  

DB: Personally I feel like it is going pretty good, even talking with the coaches.  Me and Tom [Brady] are hitting on pretty much all the cylinders out on the field as well. I think overall, I'm having a pretty good one.  

Q: Is the offense always evolving and the playbook always changing every time you come into a new camp?  

DB: Sometimes, sometimes. It's based off different personnel decisions: who's in the game, who's on the field with the offense at the time of the play call. So it may be some personnel or anything like that, but for the most part once you get the basics down then you have pretty much the offense. Everything changes from game to game.  

Q: How do you explain such a violent swing for the offense from looking so effortless last week and this week you guys really struggled?  

DB: Everything is based off execution. If you don't go out and execute, then that's what happens. You know, [if] you go out and do the things the coaches ask you to do, play-by-play, every play, you'll see a positive output. If you don't go out and execute every play - and another thing, eliminate negative plays - that's another thing that kind of sets your offense back as a whole.  

Q: How difficult is this offense to pick up? How long did it take you and does it depend on the individual?  

DB: I think it's all dependent on the individual. Me returning, it wasn't as hard as me coming in my rookie year. I didn't think the offense was that hard for me my rookie season, just me personally, because we sort of ran some of the things, you know, language may be different, but the play is pretty much going to be the same - routes and all that stuff. But it's just all based on the individual. And then just working with Tom [Brady]. It's a pretty complex offense. I think once you get it, you understand it. Once you take the time to figure out one player's position and then you can go and learn another position and another one.

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