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Deion Branch Conference Call Transcript

Patriots wide receiver Deion Branch addresses the New York media during his conference call on Wednesday, November 9, 2011.

On the Jets using a lot of different defensive backs and coverages...
It's always challenging playing against those guys. I think Coach Ryan does a great job of trying to confuse the quarterback and trying to cause us confusion with what they're doing as far as defensive schemes and all. I don't think there's another team in the league that has as much depth as the Jets as far as the secondary.

On how those personnel groups and coverages affect him as a player...
The thing is, we know the depth and we know exactly who they have on the roster and what guys may be available for the game. As far as what it does to us, that stuff varies during the course of the game. It's all about adjusting to whatever they're throwing at us. I think so far we've been doing a pretty good job at it, but at the same time they've been doing a good job of mixing a lot of different looks and causing a little confusion here and there for us as well. Like I said, mainly that stuff varies during the course of the game.

On if Chad Ochocinco is coming along in the offense...
That's another thing that is determined week to week and how much the coaches want to get any guy in the offense the ball. It's not just Chad, it may, 'Hey, we're going to target (Rob) Gronkowski a lot, we'll target Aaron (Hernandez) here a lot.' It varies from game to game, according to whatever the gameplan is and we try to go out there and execute the gameplan. Last week the opportunity was there and the coaches wanted to get Chad involved. I think a couple times we wished we could have had a couple plays where they could have hit each other and Tom (Brady) could have hit Chad. They just have to get on the same page when the opportunity presents itself.

On Tom Brady having an unusually high number of interceptions...
I think that's something that you'll probably have to ask Tom because I'm not the one that is throwing the ball and everything. I will say this, with that being said, a few of those picks have been a lot of batted balls up in the air by defensive linemen, things like that, coming off guys helmets. I wouldn't just sit there and say the defense is doing this and doing that. I think most of the time, well not most of the time, but some of the time there were a couple batted balls and guys were in the right place to make the plays. That's not taking it away from any of the guys that we played in the past.

On if he is surprised at how good Rob Gronkowski has been...
No, we see it every day in practice, and I know it's not the same as a game, but I've been playing long enough where I've seen a bunch of tight ends. And this guy is a special kid, and the crazy part about it, he's only in his second year. The sky is the limit with this kid. His work ethic is very high, the coaches demand a lot from him. In this offense, we demand a lot from him. We demand a lot from Aaron, and Tom demands a lot from all of us. So with that being said, this kid is going to be a special player in the NFL.

On if this game feels different than the late season game last year since it's earlier and on the road...
I think most of the thing is that we know we're going into a hostile environment Sunday night. I know the Jets fans are going to be there and be loud and doing what they're supposed to do to support their whole team. And I think it's our job to go out there and match their intensity the entire game. But I think overall, this game is what it is each and every time that we play the Jets. It's always a big game. I think the most important thing right now is we're all battling for that top position in our division, let alone talking about the conference and all that stuff. In order to get somewhere you have to win your division first. And here's an opportunity for us to grasp control of it, to go out and take care of business. I think from there it's all about finishing the rest of the season. But this game is very important for both of the teams.

On if any doubt is starting to creep into the locker room...
No doubts around here, and that's me being honest. We see in the film what we're doing wrong. (PHONE CALL CUT OFF) Like I said earlier, everything is still the same. Guys are still very enthusiastic about coming in, getting the gameplan for this week and getting out to practice and seeing what (is the) gameplan for this game to play the Jets. As far as the two losses, we looked at the film once we came in. We can see the mistakes that we made during the course of the game. Very coachable, and that's why I do know and understand why the coaches are not all down on us. We're all mad about the losses, but at the same time there are very coachable mistakes that were made during the course of the games, and hopefully we'll try to go out and eliminate those things so we don't go down that road again.

On if there is a blueprint on film for opponents to beat them and if they see common threads in the losses...
You look at it, and it's basically the regular course of basic football. Not converting on third downs, not scoring touchdowns in the red area, penalties. Those are things, we're killing ourselves mainly. When we look at the film with all the penalties that we're getting, not converting on third down. You can look at that, not converting on third down and not scoring in the red area as part of sometimes it may be a good defensive play and then sometimes us not executing or running our actual assignment, doing exactly what we're supposed to be doing. Whether it be blocking, running the ball or running a route. So those are the things that are very coachable. Those mistakes that we're making as far as the penalties, those are the things we really have to straighten out, the mental errors and things of that nature.

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