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Dexter Reid Conf. Call Transcript - 4/25/04

I’m very excited to play in that type of defense. I’m looking forward to coming out there and doing what the coaches ask me to do.



Q: What kind of defenses do you play at North Carolina?

DR:: We played a little bit of everything. I was able to play everything from two-deep to three-deep to four-deep to quarter or quarter-half to any variation.

Q: You were pretty active in the tackling department. Did you play a lot of run support?

DR:: It was a lack of experience and depth up front. I'm not going to downgrade the guys in front of me, but we had a lot of inexperience up front.

Q: With your speed it is surprising that you never returned punts or kicks?

DR:: I did it in high school. We had a couple of guys who were burners. I never really got into all that.

Q: Were you always on defense or did you play offense in high school?

DR:: I played quarterback on offense in high school.

Q: When did you move to safety?

DR:: I played both ways in high school. I only got recruited by one school for quarterback

Q: Which school?


Q: Were you highly recruited as a safety?

DR:: I was highly recruited as a corner.

Q: Was it a sleepless night for you or did you expect to wait until the second day to go?

DR:: I really didn't have any expectations. I prepared and I did everything I could control and I was excited. I did everything I could do over my career that I could possibly control. It was not in my hands any more, so I was just waiting.

Q: Did you get in watch any of the Patriots in the playoffs last year?

DR:: I watched all of the Patriots games in the playoffs last year.

Q: What did you think of their coverages and schemes?

DR:: It is similar to my style of football.

Q: There is a guy here who I guess you are similar to in terms of production. Rodney Harrison has made a lot of tackles in his career. Do you have anybody that you emulate or pattern your game after?

DR:: I try to take bits and pieces from guys that I admired coming up at the cornerback and safety position.

Q: For example?

DR:: I love Ronnie Lott. I was a Ronnie Lott fan coming up. I love Steve Atwater. I look at them as a tactician and do what they do and bring to the game away from just the tackling and make the plays.

Q: When did you get the call from the Patriots?

DR:: Five minutes ago.

Q: What was your reaction when you get a call from the Super Bowl champions?

DR:: It was crazy. I didn't even really want to watch it today. I watched all through yesterday to see … the guys were following it. It is long.

Q: Are you excited to play in this defense?

DR:: I'm very excited to play in that type of defense. I'm looking forward to coming out there and doing what the coaches ask me to do

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