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Draft Prospect Notes: Running Backs

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Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
Daniel Thomas Kansas State 6-0 230 4.63
Notes:[Andy Hart] Patience borders on slow to hole. Speed? Fumbles? Quick feet and good athlete. Good burst. Too high. [Erik Scalavino] Great size; shifty; not elite speed, but not bad, either; tough inside runner; OK hands. [Paul Perillo] Good size with angular build; Runs too upright; Quick feet; Gets to edge; Finds opening despite so-so speed; Fumbles too much.
Mikel Leshoure Illinois 6-0 227 4.56
Notes:[Andy Hart] Good size/speed combo. Keeps feet moving and fall forward. Stops in backfield too much. Deliberate cuts.. [Erik Scalavino] Solid frame; ran a lot of draws, inside handoffs; bounces outside well; questionable hands. [Paul Perillo] Good size/speed; Tough runner with good shake; Runs a bit upright; Nice vision and stiff arm; Solid.
Mark Ingram Alabama 5-9 215 4.62
Notes:[Andy Hart] Good burst at LOS. Bounces off hits. Slippery if not pretty. [Erik Scalavino] Solid overall; tough to bring down; tends to clog up inside; Wildcat, but only as a run option. [Paul Perillo] Good power/speed combo; Tough and physical; Won't make many tacklers miss; Knee a concern?
Jordan Todman UConn 5-9 203 4.43
Notes:[Andy Hart] Patient with vision. Good burst and big play ability. Very productive in bad offense. Upright. [Erik Scalavino] Speedy; cuts well; good burst; practical but decisive. [Paul Perillo] Fast and can get wide; Runs tougher than size; Very quick feet; Good vision/change of direction; A bit upright at times.
Ryan Williams Virginia Tech 5-9 212 4.59
Notes:[Andy Hart] Good burst but slows on cuts. Not elite speed or quickness. [Erik Scalavino] Runs hard; first tackler usually doesn't get him; moves well in traffic; good speed. [Paul Perillo] Quick and strong; Good speed but not overly elusive; Workhorse type; Not fancy but effective.
Player School Ht. Wt. 40
Taiwan Jones Eastern Washington 6-0 194 4.33
Notes:[Andy Hart] Breaks tackles and never stops moving. Great vision and feel, with cuts at full speed.. [Erik Scalavino] Always keeps his feet moving; quick and shifty; doesn't always tuck the ball away properly; great potential. [Paul Perillo] Shifty and quick; squirts through small holes; Breaks tackles; Shows toughness; Excellent open field runner; Interesting.
DeMarco Murray Oklahoma 6-0 213 4.37
Notes:[Andy Hart] Doesn't play to 40. VG receiver. Versatile and productive. Not great in open field. Solid all around. [Erik Scalavino] Reads screens well; slasher with some power; good "football speed." [Paul Perillo] Excellent receiver; Always moves forward; Nice spin and leg drive; Breaks tackles; Versatile.
Shane Vereen California 5-10 210 4.49
Notes:[Andy Hart] Versatile, good receiver. Decent power and burst. Keeps feet moving. [Erik Scalavino] Good receiver; tosses, draws his forte; best when he gets outside. [Paul Perillo] Another versatile back with great hands; Tough, quick and compact; Gets to daylight and runs well in open field; Won't break many tackles.
Roy Helu Nebraska 5-11 219 4.4
Notes:[Andy Hart] Breakaway speed. Cuts full speed. Breaks arm tackles and lowers shoulder. Not good pass pro. [Erik Scalavino] Nice moves; deceptive speed; tough to bring down. [Paul Perillo] Good speed, feet; Hits hole quick; Another upright runner; Great speed in open field.
Derrick Locke Kentucky 5-8 188 4.37
Notes:[Andy Hart] Great speed and confidence in it. Playmaker. Breaks arm tackles. Quick cuts. [Erik Scalavino] Decent receiver; shifty inside on short yardage; good field/ball awareness; runs hard for his size. [Paul Perillo] Small, good patience and great speed; Good hands; Makes people miss; Big-time playmaker would be mid-round steal.
Jacquizz Rodgers Oregon State 5-6 196 4.59
Notes:[Andy Hart] Avoids big hits. Keeps feet moving. Good vision. Good slide and jump cuts. Has a little power. [Erik Scalavino] Perfect change-of-pace back; not afraid to battle inside; decent hands. [Paul Perillo] Quick, elusive third-down back; Good vision, hands, toughness; Reminds me of Dexter McCluster.
Kendall Hunter Oklahoma State 5-7 199 4.5
Notes:[Andy Hart] Not elite speed for size. Keeps feet well. Deceptive power. Good vision. [Erik Scalavino] Jones-Drew-like, but not as fast; ran mostly inside from spread formations. [Paul Perillo] Compact third-down type; Quick and tough, but not as fast as you'd think; Elusive in open field; Shows good vision.
Noel Devine West Virginia 5-7 179 4.34
Notes:[Andy Hart] Explosive and elusive. Video game in open field. Patience hiding behind line. Not a polished receiver. [Erik Scalavino] Think Kevin Faulk, only faster and lighter. [Paul Perillo] Small, fast, home-run hitter; Patient behind blockers; Tough to handle in open field.
Stevan Ridley LSU 5-11 225 4.65
Notes:[Andy Hart] Good burst through line. Lacks elite speed. Heavy legs, but keeps them moving. Ball wrong hand. [Erik Scalavino] Tough, mostly inside runner; more suited as a complement than a feature back. [Paul Perillo] Thick, compact, goal-line runner with nice power. Could be short-yardage specialist; Keeps pile moving.
Jamie Harper Clemson 5-11 233 4.53
Notes:[Andy Hart] Thick, stiff, upright. Decent cuts and vision. Versatile. Patrick Pass?. [Erik Scalavino] Moves well for his size; OK hands. [Paul Perillo] Thick and stiff but shows good agility and quickness; Strong legs; Used effectively as a receiver and showed great hands; Versatile.
Delone Carter Syracuse 5-9 222 4.54
Notes:[Andy Hart] Not real quick. One-cut guy. Can pitter patter at times. Good power, build. [Erik Scalavino] Stocky, bowling ball-like runner; keeps his feet moving after contact. [Paul Perillo] Good feet; Takes on tacklers with good pad level; Lacks quickness but moves the pile; Powerful and finds seams.
Allen Bradford USC 5-11 242 4.53
Notes:[Andy Hart] Quick feet for big guy. Nice line burst. Runs upright. Patient with good power. Sammy Morris?. [Erik Scalavino] Patient runner; deceptively quick, shifty; has some power, too; decent hands. [Paul Perillo] Decent speed with thick legs; Runs straight up; Definite power guy; Not shifty; Good hands; Hits hole.
Bilal Powell Louisville 5-10 207 4.52
Notes:[Andy Hart] Slow cuts, moves. Bull runner. Runs ugly, wasted motion. Not great speed. [Erik Scalavino] Gets a lot of tough yards after initial contact; runs with authority on every carry; doesn't hesitate; carries ball like Tiki Barber. [Paul Perillo] Runs tougher than size would indicate; Takes on tacklers; Squirts through holes; Not great speed or quickness.
John Clay Wisconsin 6-1 248 4.67
No footage available
Dion Lewis Pittsburgh 5-7 195 4.52
Notes:[Andy Hart] Tiny, but OK power for tiny guy. [Erik Scalavino] 3rd-down back at best. [Paul Perillo] Tiny third-down back; Quick and elusive.
Evan Royster Penn State 6-0 212 4.65
Notes:[Andy Hart] Slows to cut. Heavy legs. Not great burst. [Erik Scalavino] Insert Comments. [Paul Perillo] Not flashy but hits hole reasonbly well; Looks like a plodder.
Da'Rel Scott Maryland 5-11 211 4.42
Notes:[Andy Hart] Change of pace guy. Doesn't play to 40. Nothing special. Slows on cuts/contact. [Erik Scalavino] Patient; reads blocks well; good open-field speed; protects the ball. [Paul Perillo] Fast HR-hitter who gets downhill quickly; Bit of a one-trick pony in that he doesn't venture between tackles much.
Anthony Allen Georgia Tech 6-0 230 4.58
No footage available
Darren Evans Virginia Tech 6-0 220 4.56
Notes:[Andy Hart] Not quick. Heavy legs. Stops feet. Upright. No burst or spark. Blah!. [Erik Scalavino] Kind of a plodder, despite 40-time; fairly elusive, though. [Paul Perillo] Good size but doesn't run like it; Doesn't keep legs moving on contact; Bounces wide too much.
Baron Batch Texas Tech 5-9 210 4.51
No footage available
Graig Cooper Miami 5-10 204 4.48
No footage available
Armando Allen Notre Dame 5-9 205 4.52
No footage available
Keith Payne Virginia 6-3 255 4.63
No footage available
John Griffin UMass 5-11 208 4.54
No footage available*


Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
Charles Clay Tulsa 6-3 245 4.67
Notes:[Andy Hart] H-back. Pretty good speed and burst. Good hands. Good athlete.. [Erik Scalavino] Reminiscent of Aaron Hernandez; excellent receiver, but questionable blocker. [Paul Perillo] Good receiver, soft hands; Another H-back type who is too small for FB; Ran a variety of patterns at Tulsa.
Owen Marecic Stanford 6-0 248 4.87
Notes:[Andy Hart] True fullback. Runs through blocks and finishes. Better run blocker than pass pro. [Erik Scalavino] Prototypical blocker with good hands; reliable short-yardage carrier. [Paul Perillo] Good blocker; Physical; Good receiver; Intangibles coming out of his pockets.
Anthony Sherman UConn 5-10 242 4.74
Notes:[Andy Hart] Not a killer blocker. Few catches. Very good HS running back. Pretty versatile. [Erik Scalavino] Punishing blocker, good receiver; nice speed for the position. [Paul Perillo] Solid blocker and battering ram type; Special teams ability.
Stanley Havili USC 6-0 227 4.64
Notes:[Andy Hart] Good receiver. Pretty quick as runner but lacks speed. Willing blocker. [Erik Scalavino] Solid hands and blocking ability. [Paul Perillo] Good hands; Good all-around skills; Not fast but receiving ability gives him H-back potential.
Henry Hynoski Pittsburgh 6-0 257 5.06
Notes:[Andy Hart] True fullback. Not real fluid. Tree stump. Not as powerful as his size would suggest. High on blocks. [Erik Scalavino] Dependable blocker, OK receiver, lumbering runner. [Paul Perillo] Good lead blocker; Hammerin' Hank; Decent hands; Not a great athlete.
Player School Ht. Wt. 40
Shaun Chapas Georgia 6-2 247 4.87
Notes:[Andy Hart] Insert Comments. [Erik Scalavino] Serviceable; nothing elite. [Paul Perillo] Soft hands; Decent blocker; Not great size but has a nose for goal line.
Preston Dial Alabama 6-3 238 4.83
No footage available
Robert Hughes Notre Dame 5-11 245 4.72
No footage available
Bubba Bartlett Carroll (MT) 6-1 245 4.78
No footage available
Brett Morse Iowa 6-2 238 4.87
No footage available
Vince Pascoe Fresno State 6-1 245
No footage available
James McCluskey Boston College 6-2 252 4.78
No footage available
Everette Benjamin Central Conn. St. 6-1 228 4.78*
No footage available*

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