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Eugene Wilson Press Transcript

S EUGENE WILSON(On developing a hitting mentality after move to safety)“I think I always had it, but I just didn’t have the opportunities coming from the corner to make plays like that, to get a running start to hit people like that.


(On developing a hitting mentality after move to safety)
"I think I always had it, but I just didn't have the opportunities coming from the corner to make plays like that, to get a running start to hit people like that. Being back at safety, I'm able to read things and anticipate what is going to happen, which gives me a better jump on the ball."

(on if Rodney Harrison gave him hitting tips)
"I didn't get any tips about hitting people like that from him, but seeing him hit people makes you want to go out and hit guys like that. I guess you could say he got me amped up for it."

*(on if communication was difficult after switching to safety) *
"At the beginning it was a change because at corner I wasn't really giving out calls. I was receiving them from the safeties. Then I got moved to safety, so now I'm giving the calls as opposed to receiving them. It was a change that I had to get used to, but after a couple games or so, I was feeling comfortable with what I was doing and what I was saying, so it came out pretty good."

*(on how he stays focused) *
"Yesterday I laid around all day. I was tired from the first couple days. The first couple days you enjoy the scenery and kick back. I think today is the day we start buckling down like a regular season week. Today is going to be our day to start focusing in."

*(on his transition to safety) *
"It was unexpected. I didn't expect to fit in as well as I have. I got moved back there and I figured I would give it the best shot that I could. I've been making plays and I feel comfortable back there. I think it was a pretty good move."

(on having confidence)
"I've had confidence ever since I was a kid. I always figured when I'm out there I'm going to give my best, and if I make a mistake, I don't let that bother me. I think that may be a problem that some people have, when they make a mistake they get down on themselves. I usually don't let one mistake bother me."

(on what fans can expect on Sunday)
"It is going to be a hard hitting game. There will be a lot of exciting plays. It will be rowdy."

*(on his impact as a rookie) *
"Coming in as a rookie I was looking forward to playing corner. The thought of safety never crossed my mind. It happened, and I took it for what it was and tried to make the best of the situation. I feel like it turned out pretty well. I made plays that I wasn't used to making, especially hitting people like I have, and it all turned out good."

(on when he was told he was moving to safety)

"They told me the day after the Buffalo game, my first game. At first I thought it was a joke, but they said, 'No, we're serious. We're thinking of moving you for real.' I said, "Alright, as long as I'm going to be able to get out there and help us win.' We started working on me playing safety and getting my drops down right away. I felt comfortable after a couple days of practice."

(on if he is big enough to last at safety)
"I must be big enough if I've been back there all season. I think I've done a pretty good job. I think I fit in well."

(on if the Patriots success on defense is the scheme or the players)
"Coach Belichick and our defensive coordinator, Romeo (Crennel), get together and formulate a great game plan. Actually the whole defensive staff does a great job. We are the ones who go out and execute it, but it all starts with them. They've been coming up with great game plans all year and we've been going out there and executing them."

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