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Falcons Postgame Quotes

Atlanta Falcons players comment on their 26-10 loss to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, September 27, 2009.

Tony Gonzalez, Tight End
(On the double coverage)

"They did the same thing they always do to me, 'bracket coverage.' Every time I play against him (Coach Belichick), it seems like I am going to get bracketed. It was expected and obviously it is not a good thing for me, although it gets everyone else open. We were able to make plays down the field and guys were getting open. I have been around a long time and for me it is somewhat a sign of respect. I feel that if I get single coverage I am going to make them pay for it eventually. It is the same thing they have always done the last couple of times I have played against them. You have to give them credit for it."

(On Matt Ryan's success)

"I think it is his poise and his work ethic that are probably the biggest reasons. I keep saying it all along that he has got the great arm and is the prototype (Quarterback) -- 6-foot-5; but I think the real thing that is going to separate him in the long run is his wanting to go out there and be the best. On a scale of one to 10, I would say he is a ten as far as his work ethic is concerned. He is a special player and is on his way"

John Abraham, Defensive End
(What did the Patriots do that made it hard to get to Brady? )

"They played well, they ran the ball a little more than we expected, they have three good backs, so they ran more play action at us, which made it hard and took us off our blocks. I've got to stay up on my blocks and put more pressure on them."

Erik Coleman, Safety
(How do you try to figure out what a QB like Brady is going to do)

"Brady is one of the smartest QBs out there and when they get a lead and can run the ball a bit it makes it hard. I think they basically out-executed us today and we're going to have to look at the film and get better."

Mike Peterson, Linebacker
(On Fred Taylor)

"I knew coming into the game he still had it. The same thing I've been telling him, I still have it. I knew it was going to be a battle. I think he got the best of it today."

(On the Chris Baker touchdown)

"The back went to the flat, it is my responsibility to take him all the way. It was a great play by them."

(On Tom Brady)

"You have to win. So you have to tip your hat at him and say it was the old Tom Brady. They were the best team today and hopefully we get a crack at them in the playoffs."

Brian Williams, Defensive Back(On the game)

"It was a little frustrating. They did a good job, they were the better team today and got the win."

(On Randy Moss)

"I think he got a little more involved then normally. We didn't really give them anything over the top too deep. They won the game, we just have to go back and get to work."

(On the game)

"I'm sure we did some good things out there. We have to go back, watch the films tomorrow and make all the corrections that we need to. We will have to look forward to a better season, there is still a long way to go."

Brian Finneran, Wide Receiver
(On team performance in 2nd half)

"We made some mistakes. The fumble and penalties cost us. After the penalty on Jenkins, the momentum shifted. We had an offside after that and before you knew it we were punting the ball. They're a great team and I wish we played a little better."

(On the Patriots defense)

"Everybody in this league can play, it's just a matter of how hard you want to play. They played hard today and were able to shut some of our stuff down. They're missing some of their veteran players, but they still have a lot of good football players on that team."

Michael Jenkins, Wide Receiver
(On his interference penalty)

"It was a tough call. It was just two guys fighting for the ball and the ref felt I pushed off. It's one of those plays and you have to live with the call."

(On overall play of offense)

"We hurt ourselves a little bit. A couple of penalties and a turnover here and there, but it just comes down to executing in the red zone and putting up seven instead of three."

(On Patriots defense)

"They wanted to bracket Tony [Gonzales] a little bit and obviously stop Michael [Turner] and the run game. But we were still able to move the ball. They didn't want us to have the ball on offense. We worked hard, but it wasn't enough today."

Thomas Johnson, Defensive Tackle
(On the game)

"I expected it because we have a good pass rush, and I expected that they would keep more guys in [to block] and they did. We just didn't get it done today. We just have to get better and work hard to get better."

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