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Fourth teen arrested in McDougle shooting

MIAMI (Aug. 3, 2005) -- Police arrested a fourth teenager in the shooting of Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Jerome McDougle.

Charles Edward James, 17, was being held at the Miami-Dade Juvenile Detention Center.

McDougle, 27, was shot after three armed robbers approached him while he was sitting in his silver Mercedes coupe in southwest Miami. McDougle, who played at the University of Miami, was visiting relatives in South Florida.

Over the weekend police arrested Birmmengham Guirand, 19, Lance Grant, 17, and Leonard Jenkins, 15. All were charged with robbery and attempted felony murder, police said.

Police said they believe they have apprehended all suspects involved in the incident.

McDougle was discharged from Jackon Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center on Aug. 2 and is expected to be back in training within six weeks.

He had been scheduled to be at the Eagles' training camp on Aug. 1, the reporting day for veterans.

Police said McDougle was shot after the robbers, with their faces covered, demanded that he hand over his property. One of them then shot him in the stomach, and he was robbed of a $20,000 watch that has not been recovered.

McDougle opened the door and tried to get out of his car, but another robber fired two shots, which police said missed him and hit the inside of the door. The robbers then fled on foot.

McDougle was a first-round draft pick in 2003, but has been plagued with injuries in Philadelphia. In two seasons, he had 18 tackles in 19 games, including two sacks.

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